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What does "backlash" mean?

Vocabulary Word: backlash

1. Definition (n.) criticism or negative reaction

Examples There has been a lot of backlash against Donald Trump for his political comments.

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It’s time to criticism Gun Law by rising our voice and standing against this rediculic government bussines . I mean USA Government .
It would be backlash to review old Gun Law that have established by Congress many many long time ago .
But time is running out to stop it and make good decision that would be American safe for people who need it .

04:48 AM Dec 04 2015 |



United States

I highly recommend ” Backlash- The undeclared war against American women”

Faludi is at her best in this brilliantly written, very witty, intelectually stimulating and funny book.

A couple of excerpts:

Women are unhappy precisely because they are free. Women are enslaved by their own liberation. They have grabbed at the gold ring of independence, only to miss the one ring that really matters. They have gained control of their fertility, only to destroy it. They have pursued their own professional dreams—and lost out on the greatest female adventure. The women’s movement, as we are told time and again, has proved women’s own worst enemy.


If American women are so equal, why do they represent two-thirds of all poor adults? Why are nearly 75 percent of full-time working women making less than $20,000 a year, nearly double the male rate? Why are they still far more likely than men to live in poor housing and receive no health insurance, and twice as likely to draw no pension? Why does the average working woman’s salary still lag as far behind the average man’s as it did twenty years ago? Why does the average female college graduate today earn less than a man with no more than a high school diploma just as she did in the ‘50s)—and why does the average female high school graduate today earn less than a male high school dropout? Why do American women, in fact, face one of the worstgender-based pay gap in the developed world?

05:31 PM Jun 23 2013 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Dictatorship in the community, produces a huge backlash against governor.

04:18 AM Apr 15 2013 |




My parents would beat me up for hiding bad marks.

02:39 AM Apr 15 2013 |


johnSuper Member!

United States

I got some backlash from parents for not going to school.

02:16 AM Apr 15 2013 |




Take it easy if somebody backlashing on you.

01:02 AM Apr 15 2013 |

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