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June 7, 2007

HI! Some days ago my brother donlowded a song ("Castaway" by Benassi Bros) ... He's mad for house music... so i thought this one was like all the other songs he loves listenig to... but when i heard it the first time i was relly surprised, because it's fantastic, even if it's house music ( i'm not complaining about huose music, i'm just tellling that theese songs look like all the same). So the second time i listened to it i decided to pay attention to the words... they were incredible... it's like poetry... i'm really fascinated by theese words...             i feel lots of different kinds of emotions when i hear this song... but if you want to aprreciate the song fully you have to hear it... maybe someone will not share my opinion... but a song is always personal...                     so here's the lyrics...  

I’m wandering alone in an open space
Looking around for a human trace
Along the edge of this satellite
Losing the route in this empty sky

I’m prey of the ghosts of this galaxy
Loosing myself in this extasy
No clock is turning to sign the time
Everything’s floating through day and night

No noise is breaking my silent star
I’m on the run, i can go so far
Flying in absence of gravity
Feeling the vibe of eternity

This is the lesson i had to learn
This is the treasure i had to earn
I am the owner of nowhere land
Queen of a castle that’s made of sand

Staring in front of the universe
Maybe someday i’ll meet someone else
I’m sure i’ll do it, but ‘till that day
Here on my star i am just a castaway

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12:20 PM Jun 09 2007


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

can you give me your song?

your friend ,sorena