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~~believe in beautiful dreams~~

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August 9, 2012

Hello people!

Well I must say that after the rain there's always sunshine!

Yes I must agree with this! Why?

Well two days ago i had a..I don't know really how to say it but I was in a 'depression day'or something like that. But I think many people have worst day in life. Everyone is sometimes sad. Sadness is part of our life without sadness our life will be to much colourful ;-)

However, if I'm sad I think about sad things and about harmful memories but my previous note was commented by wonderful people! When I read their comment I thought: 'They right, why I want deleted something from my life? Why I think my life is hard? I'm stupid because people have REALLY BIG problems and I complained because I choose bad person in my life which set my pain? It's really something unsual? It's really something I should complain? Well now I know the ansewer is NO. It's something normal in life. Many people feel the same, many people is in the same position how I.

Life is hard nobody say it'll easy. YES my commentators have right cltr+alt+del isn't a solution. Now I know what I expect from life. I know that I need my friends. I know how important is for me my family. I know that they always give my support! My bad memories helped me made this discover, because if I hadn't had that experience I wouldn't realized how many I have in life.

Sometimes we need a power! Sometimes we need know how other people see our 'problems' and then we realize that life is beautiful. We should live life to the full! Yes bad memories can help us in the future because is very likely to happen that we don't make the second time the same mistake!

I would like to say something about rain. Next time I'm going to walk into the rain! Really I need it! :-) Thanku you! I wish everyone to remember wonderful memory but if you in difficult situation then yours bad memories help you ;-)

Greeting ^^

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