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November 19, 2007

              NO SECRET AGAINEmbarassed
    It was last Monday when I lost my secret,in the electrical engineering break ,Y and I was talking with eachother limitlessly ,by accident,the F in front of us referred that i had wanted to launch a takeaway,at that time Y added something to me  about that,I felt a little cold when i heard that.
   Oh,I remembered ,it was the notebook lost last term that sold my secrets that were kept from anyone,my god,everything was late.So I asked Y what else did u know?he told me with a naughty smile,"you had loved a girl named what ,what li,and u have missed her day and night,and--"   "shut up"I said ,"who told u?"
    To my disappointment,"everybody knew that but they all kept it back from u"
    "No,i will kill u off to silence that"I argued.
    "Oh,my  god,you are unkind,i am the last to know that,but i am the first to tell u"
    "I will kill u,Y"
    "NO,come on,everyone G will kill me ,help,help--"he was so cunning that i had to realese him and went out with a red face with others.
     Can u imagine that someone wore nothing in public,can u imagin the feeling of him or her,yes ,that is my feeling too.Deperate!shamefu!
    And very cold.


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