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September 29, 2010

Well, I won't forget, at least.

Not because I have something special to talk about it (actually I don't have anything in mind :D) but because I think I made a mistake and now my blog will be called "My Blog" (as you can see) 'cause I forgot to change the name! LOL

But it's okay... actually I always wanted to have a blog with this name! (Who am I tryin' to fool? I suck!)


Soooo, as I already written above, I have nothing special to talk about it. Maybe I should go to bed, cause I'm getting sleepy and I have to wake up early tomorrow.

Oh, I almost forgot: if you want to practice/study/talk in English, add me! We can help each other and have fun! 

That's all, folks! Laughing


Ps: if you've noticed some mistakes, let me know, okay? I'm really trying to learn, so maybe you can help me!





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View all entries from My Blog >

01:55 AM Sep 30 2010

xiaoyan liu

haha..u are really funny person...

i like ur pic..is that u...made a funny tiger face