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December 1, 2010

As that fabulous AC/DC song says: I'm back in black!

After a month without visint Ebaby, due to my entrance exams and stuff, I'm finally back! Now I have to catch up on my English studies and previous Ebaby lessons. But I'll get there!

Thank friends for being patience and not delete me! I didn't have time to answer your last messages, but I'll do it now! 


Well, Let´s go to the heart of the matter!

Yesterday, November 31st... I went to my first rock concert! MAAAAAAN, it was RLY AMAZING! I have no words to describe it! It was just... WOOOW! To stand up there, watching your favorite band performing the most incredible concert you've seen it in your life... it's PRICELESS!!!

Maybe you're wondering what band I'm talkin' about, well... it couldn't be other but RAMMSTEIN! The HOTTEST band in the WORLD, literally 'cause they always use pyrotechnic effects during the concert! It's their trademark!

The band is out of this world! Rly! They're amazing, such talented guys! Their music is powerful, intense!

I do advise you to take a look at Rammstein's videos on youtube. You won't be sorry, I bet!

So, well... I think I'm going to keep on talking about this next post, not about the band (maybe some comments) but about a first concert in one's life! Actually, I'm going to give some tips, so... if you're planning to go to a concert as well, you should read it!

Well, that's all 4 today, fellas! 

Going to bed now!


Good be back again! :)

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03:32 PM Dec 02 2010


I totally agree! Rammstein is EPIC! \m/

08:46 AM Dec 02 2010

Marshall Islands

Rammstein owns its reputation to the simplicity of their songs.