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December 5, 2007

I like and I dislike (my diary once more)
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2007-08-02 21:10








ImageI like and I dislike
 (My diary once more)

2007-08-02 21:10

Haha, do I have something to make my mother worry about?

Each time, mother lets me wear my shoes, it always spend much time. Certainly, I hope you don't feel bad about it, mom! I wanted to put on my shoes quickly, too. But, do you know what I like and dislike?

Looked at you all putting on slipper to walk back and forth, I wanted to try it, too. Look! mom, pass through this days workout on my slipper, how am I getting on it by myself?

Yes, when just started, put on slipper, I walked step by step, they waste my energy every time, and I felt as if I was falling or slanting sometimes. But, I liked so went on and on.

"Change! Change! The slipper put on is not fitting your feet, you are still so small, my god!My love, you are a lovely baby." mother said that again and again.

Oh! My god! It is very succeed as I have practised it so much day and never give up. Today, I had tried on mother's slipper and her belting sandals! Although I was somewhat slow, it was also considered as the heart to the foot. Haha, mother! You were clapping for me, I was loudly applauded!

Don't say I am too small, mom! I have my favorite, too. What do I like or dislike? What do you have in your mind? Ok, about the thing when I take the sofa cushion off, my real feeling is easy to move, and that might be in my favor ......

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