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September 28, 2009

It's an enjoying time while watching just for laughs by GAGS. The little TVs can always bring us so many laughs, you just can't help laughing.

Every one may be an actor in your life. sometimes you may perform better.

They have all kinds of ideas to make fun of strangers, bringing the audience laughs and bringing the participaters fun.

Imagine that one day you are made jokes of in front of the cameral, won't it be fun. From such vedios, you can see the relaxing moments of our life.

Sometimes we needn't be so serious, just make fun of others or be made fun of by others. Please take it easy and don't mind so much. Don't be angry, it's a way to love our life.

Now I am listening to Vitas, whose voice is so special. I know little about him, but just listen to his songs sometimes.

Just for laughs, when you are not so happy, just watch some vedios like this. I am sure that you will cann't help laughs out. Take care, don't laugh tooo much~~~

September 26, 2009

I love watching films so much.

But i just can't afford the time in the weekday, because I must work hard with my job. So, the weekend is the great time for movies.

I don't go to the cinema often, I prefer the feeling to watch a film alone in my computer, deeply lost in the story in two hours time. You can get many thoughts from a good moive, but sometimes you just watch some film for fun, for enjoying the movie time. I don't remember how I watched films before I got my first computer three years ago. Maybe I only could watch films on the TV, not depending on me but the TV. The situation became different when i got my own computer. I could choose the films I like to watch, I could just stay in the room in front of my computer screen the whole evening, in the weekend.

While at the university, I often didn't go to the free classes due to a good film I got from the internet. Most of the time in the internet, I just searched for new and good films. But it's not so easy to download a film you like. I always spent several weeks in order to download a film, sometimes.

It's a good and lucky thing for some one to get some hobbies. Hobbies are great fortunes to us. We can get enjoyment, knowledge, relaxation, friends and lots of things from a hobby.

So, please cherish your hobbies.

If you don't, or you are not so sure with yours, try to get some or make them clear.

11:31 PM Oct 04 2009


Yeah..you are right larrychen, we have to cherish our hobby...My hobby is my job, with my hobby I can bring home the bacon, with my hobby I can spent my spare time...

But I don't like watching movies, I don't why...

September 23, 2009

It's a long time for me not to write something here. What a pity!

But just I was busy with other stuffs, forgetting English study. Englishbaby has got a new face, it's so wonderful, although I haven't got used to it. I think it's the time to come back, going on with my Eng study. Eng is not only a tool, but more than a hobby. Frankly, in my present work, I don't use Eng often, never speaking but just only in reading some materials.

So, it's not so easy for me to keep learning it in my busy work time. However, I know some day I will use it often, in communicating, in speaking, in writting. Say that, it's the time to get prepared well. You still need keep learning and improving yourself in so may aspects.

I am not a student any longer, not one in the school, but always one student in the society. When I left school, I found there were so many things waiting for me to learn. In the course of working, in the process of adjusting, I also got a lot.

You have to take challenges if you want to get improved all the time.

Always challenge, always improvement. It's not an easy way to grow up, especially when you want to be better and better.

07:09 AM Sep 24 2009



Thank you for your coming to my blog!It is ture that there are many things for us to learn ,and sometime I will feel it is beyond my ability,then my negative feeling comes out.

03:35 PM Sep 23 2009


Syrian Arab Republic

I want to be better and better I want change inside and know more and more larry, as you said life is the school, we should try for learn