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September 28, 2009

It's an enjoying time while watching just for laughs by GAGS. The little TVs can always bring us so many laughs, you just can't help laughing.

Every one may be an actor in your life. sometimes you may perform better.

They have all kinds of ideas to make fun of strangers, bringing the audience laughs and bringing the participaters fun.

Imagine that one day you are made jokes of in front of the cameral, won't it be fun. From such vedios, you can see the relaxing moments of our life.

Sometimes we needn't be so serious, just make fun of others or be made fun of by others. Please take it easy and don't mind so much. Don't be angry, it's a way to love our life.

Now I am listening to Vitas, whose voice is so special. I know little about him, but just listen to his songs sometimes.

Just for laughs, when you are not so happy, just watch some vedios like this. I am sure that you will cann't help laughs out. Take care, don't laugh tooo much~~~

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