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September 26, 2009

I love watching films so much.

But i just can't afford the time in the weekday, because I must work hard with my job. So, the weekend is the great time for movies.

I don't go to the cinema often, I prefer the feeling to watch a film alone in my computer, deeply lost in the story in two hours time. You can get many thoughts from a good moive, but sometimes you just watch some film for fun, for enjoying the movie time. I don't remember how I watched films before I got my first computer three years ago. Maybe I only could watch films on the TV, not depending on me but the TV. The situation became different when i got my own computer. I could choose the films I like to watch, I could just stay in the room in front of my computer screen the whole evening, in the weekend.

While at the university, I often didn't go to the free classes due to a good film I got from the internet. Most of the time in the internet, I just searched for new and good films. But it's not so easy to download a film you like. I always spent several weeks in order to download a film, sometimes.

It's a good and lucky thing for some one to get some hobbies. Hobbies are great fortunes to us. We can get enjoyment, knowledge, relaxation, friends and lots of things from a hobby.

So, please cherish your hobbies.

If you don't, or you are not so sure with yours, try to get some or make them clear.

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11:31 PM Oct 04 2009


Yeah..you are right larrychen, we have to cherish our hobby...My hobby is my job, with my hobby I can bring home the bacon, with my hobby I can spent my spare time...

But I don't like watching movies, I don't why...