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March 8, 2010

I was kind of freaked outFoot in mouth this afternoon when I saw the trailer of remember me starring Robert Pattinson. I was absolutely surprised to see it on our local tv channel. I don't like the movie much, although yes I want to see ROb doing movies outside twilight saga. He is my idol but only next to Kristen Stewart, I love this girl so much more than anybody else in the world of hollywood. She's not that sexy or super girly type of girl, sort of tomboyish but I like it.

Remember me will be realesed this friday March 12 in the Philippines, we're lucky to see it the same date in the US. I'm not sure though if I can watch it, hope I can but certainly not on its opening day. I am more excited to see the "the runaways" starring Kristen Stewart. I want to see her like a rock star, playing guitar and singing. The costumes though were so fucking weird, their style was way back in 1970s but it doesn't matter if you love the actress, right? Kstew is a badass and I'm her fucking fan who will follow her ass all the time, in a good way of courseInnocent

The "remember me" was already confirmed but the "the runaways" isn't yet. It is hopeless that we will have the runaways, obviously because Kristen is less famous than Robert in the Philippines. That is the first possible reason, they are wondering if people will love the movie and keep on coming back in the cinema. I think hounding their fucking asses doesn't help at all, so I will just sitting over here while waiting for the news about the runaways are being release. Honestly, I can't wait for the movie to comes out, I'm kind of freaking bitch when the movie is hitting the theaters. I can't wait for it's DVD to comes out before I could watch it, Oh God, I can't wait that long. I have to have the movie as soon as posible before I'm going to die without any illnessCry

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