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Viet Nam

December 21, 2010

Xmas is comming . Guessing that everybody is so excited for this Xmas . We wish for a nice Xmas night with lots of fun , happiness . Another New Year is approaching , too . It's about time to say goodbye to the Old Year , so many thoughts come in my mind . What I haven't done has to be left till next year . Everything is not alright but it's okay . I could accept it .

Hanoi is in winter , cold and rainy but we Hanoians love this kind of weather . Warmness comes from smile , laughters , sweet words from friends and lover .This Xmas is expected to be more interesting ,  warmer .

What I wanna say now is


TO EVERYONE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

08:34 AM Dec 24 2010



Hey All…How are you doin…???
for your Holy Festival...
from Whole of Pakistan & from ALL the Muslims...

may YOU ALL celebrate this with happiness…
may YOU ALL enjoy that at your BEST…
may WE ALL be happy…
& may PEACE be upon ALL OF US...

& I greet to ALL OF THE MUSLIMS for the birthday of OUR HOLY PROPHET JESUS CHRIST (May Peace Be Upon Him...)

May WE ALL Could Close Together...
May WE ALL Could Think Neutrally...
May WE ALL Could Try To Stop "THE ONE WAY STREET" against ANYONE...
May WE ALL Could Feel...the Need Of PEACE...LOVE & TOLERANCE...


09:13 AM Dec 23 2010

Viet Nam

Merry Xmas.

A new year will come with many good things!!!

08:38 AM Dec 22 2010



Thank you. ><

November 23, 2010

Looking for something belongs to the past , people could feel tired .Nothing could be found cuz  all gone is not the same with the present . Just wondering how that person is and doing now . Just thinking back to a year ago when everything was so great , so exciting . Receiving a very smooth concern , my heart felt so warm , not like these days , very cold . Coldness comes from not the winter but the loneliness . Something is not necessary to think about , someone is not worthy to be hold . What did I do? It was not the fault of a wrong choice but the selfish I had . Something inside my mind is so ambiguous , hard to call the right name . Is that “ Regret”? , I’m not so sure . Is that Hope to see that person again? I’m wondering what kind of person I were and I am . No matter how  I tried to do better , even think better but it seems so hard for me to be a different one as I was .

Did we really understand each other? Did I make a big mistake ? I really don’t know . Some months next , I will leave for another place where a person is waiting for me . I will have to forget all things of these days .

04:42 AM Nov 24 2010


Viet Nam

I'm glad when u like it ^^

November 7, 2010

We did laughed and joked much . We did have a nice time when we were high school girls . We became best friends from when I couldn't remember . And it's not important to know the time when we started to be best friends , but that we'll be best friend forever .

We  misundertood  lots of time . But then we laughed and forgave each other .

After graduation from high school , we have less time to sit, go shopping or eat together . But whenever I cry or get in trouble , you're the only one who gives me shoulder to cry on . Whenever special holidays come , you're the first one I think of .

You're a gift which God brings me . YOU'RE MY BEST FRIEND.

All I wanna say is " Thanks for being my best friend " .

04:43 AM Nov 24 2010


Viet Nam

^^ , so , be my friend , mate ^^

07:34 PM Nov 23 2010


Viet Nam

I also want to be a your friend, hehe