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Syrian Arab Republic

April 7, 2010

I'd like to share this real, strange story with you guys,
Whenever I get Flue and get very sick, I better understand English!!! And better speak English!! Weird ha?
It happened that I fell sick one day,and strange things began to happen. I turned on my computer and played a romantic song which I didn't completely understand and started listening, and I reached the part that I didn't understand, but I understood it.
Strangely enough, played another song and fully understood it.
One of my friends called me when I was in this situation and I spoke English with him like never before, very fast, fluent and confident.
This weird story is almost repeated every time I get Flue, or whenever I'm so tired.
It could be a general fact that when someone is very tired , hungry or distracted, they can't perform a foreign language perfectly, but the opposite is somewhat true with my case.
Another thing, I dream about myself speaking English!! Well...I can explain this, it's because English has entered my subconsciousness and I'm thinking of it all the time.
Once my brother told me that I'm speaking during sleep..I asked him "what did I say?" He said" How would I know, you were speaking English" LOL!.
But, what is way weird and shocking -to me- is that I dreamt about that I'm speaking to an alien and I uttered a word that I didn't know or heard of in reality??!!!
Yeah, I woke up and immediately checked my dictionary, and oh my God! it existed in English and it's got meaning.

I thought of consulting a linguist or a therapist, but I quit the idea. I thought it could be embarrassing or silly 'cause once I asked one of the university professors about that I get tired after speaking English for a long time while I don't get easily tired when speaking my mother tongue "Arabic" ... I laugh when I remember the situation, he said " you.... sleep well..eat well" LOL..... maybe he saw that I'm skinny so he suggested that reason, food and rest matter.

So, does it happen to you? Do you dream about speaking English or get fluent when sick?
Are you so obsessed with English like me...
Can you provide a scientific explanation?
If you're head over heels, so to speak, with the English language like me, please let me know.
Thank you in advance for sharing


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04:27 PM Apr 07 2010



Hi!! Thanks for sharing your experiences with us!!

 OMG!! That's soo strange! Well I haven't had a flu in quite a long time but I don't

 think I can understand or speak in English  better when I'm sick! :O  And I don't

  think anyone but you does !!! But it's amazing isn't it? You can get a veery 

 useful advantage of being sick! And you speak in English when you're dreaming!!

 OMG I wish I did that! That means English is already part of your subconscious,

 you'll soon be as good as a native speaker or maybe you are already! 

 Oh I'm sorry I didn't introduce myself first, my bad :) My name's Daniela, I'm a 

 Peruvian nikkei (japanese descendent). I love English, just like you do! And I'm 

  only studying English at the moment, preparing for an exam called CAE.

 I hope we can become friends to practise and brush up our English together! 

 Maybe we can share our thoghts and telll eachother about our different cultures

  and lifestyles! :)


 Hope to hear from you soon!