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Syrian Arab Republic

June 8, 2010

After having presented two "Ten Helpful Tips..." in my "Lessons" section, I'd like to present you the third of this series. But, it's not ten this time. I tried to give practical pieces of advice.

1- Always have an English-English dictionary with you. Using English-your mother tongue dictionary doesn’t mean that you’re learning correct English. When you use an English-English dictionary you can be sure of a word meaning and usage.

2- Try to keep it with you all the time. Download a jar dictionary from the Internet and install it on your cell phone, jar extension works on most cell phones. I recommend Cambridge dictionary of American English. You can download it from any share website like: 4shared, mediafire...etc.

3- Think in English and speak in English. This could be a hard task, but it’s the best way to speak fluently. When you’re on your way home, for instance, walking or on the bus, whenever you see something think about it in English and try to describe it in English.

4- Get stubborn about learning. Be determined and decide to speak English for a whole day, and never reply anyone who would talk to you in your mother tongue. Believe me, I did it and it felt great because I was obliged to speak English whatsoever, no matter what.

5- Install Windows Vista or Windows Seven. Why these two operating systems?! Vista has something great in it
which is “Speech Recognition” feature. This feature allows you to speak to your computer, and it does your demands instead of using the mouse or the keyboard. Guess what? The computer doesn’t understand you unless you use American English as far as pronunciation is concerned. And, this would give you a great chance to practice the correct, standard American accent.

6- Use Google to improve your English. Google is a powerful tool that allows you to access millions of web sites. You can just type few words and get great results. I found the following site of great benefit to learners: www.dailyesl.com.

As a matter of fact, I went through these stages. I spoke to myself, I thought in English on the bus, down the streets and sometimes loudly, I tried to speak English all the time. I would speak English with any man even if they had no idea about English. That was crazy, but that was of perfect benefit; I ended up with a perfect accent and fluency.

Feel free to contact me if you have any question.

Mr. Firass Kaddour

English teacher


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