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beautiful - what it means?




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It is a very common word we use it in our daily life my question to all of you does its meaning is also common?


07:20 AM Jan 07 2008 |

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Otonashi Saya

Saudi Arabia

The word Beautiful is a beatiful word . It is used to describe every lovely thing , but as others say it differs according to one's point of view . I really like to hear this word everwhere especially here …Tongue outLaughing

05:30 PM Feb 08 2008 |




beautiful, it's really a great word, in my opinion, when you see something beautiful, you can feel happy and peaceful. And you want to give more eyes to it and spend more time with it.

03:21 AM Feb 09 2008 |




really thankful to all u shared ur ideas.

my objective is only this we can find our inner beauty which is in our soul and in our heart by reading our own and others comments we can analyze how we like beauty and how we can treat to beautiful things. 

Beautiful is to be appreciated in every manner and every sense.

just we have a need of beautiful vision and thinking.

04:55 AM Feb 09 2008 |