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why we hate U.S.A

Hasan ah

Hasan ah


this subject is telling how do i feel as arabic person or muslim Do u love your baby?

We also!

Do u protect him?

We can't

Do you like his smile?؟

We too!

do u like peace?

Every one likes peace

Do u like freedom?

same here

Who is the biggest supporter of Israel?

Who has destroyed Afghanistan, only to find a group of "terrorists!!"?

who is killing Iraqi people to occupy OIL resources?

Why the lives of the people killed in WTC were more precious then the thousands of civilians killed in Afghanistan?

Why Oil is more Precious than Iraqi Blood?

Why the citizen of Palestine has no right no live in peace and liberty?

Americans call themselves the most "EDUCATED" and "DEVELOPED" nation

Is this education and development???

Americans the most "PEACE" loving people on earth

Are they really "PEACE" loving?

Do you blame us if




sorry !!!!note : being an american it doesn't mean being amurder .coz there is not any perfect country in that world.
note: i don't , we don't hate americans people but we need their helps to stand up against any war that their country wana have ! coz if they didn't ,they will just make more enemys . . . . . :( stop thaaaaat warYell..Cry

09:02 PM Dec 04 2006 |

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today, i read your commands about <why we hate american", i was profounded by what you had said. It's very classic. i voted for you.

03:11 AM Jan 15 2008 |



United Kingdom

How nice of a Turk to point that out for us…

I'm sure the Armenians, Greeks and Kurds weren't real people anyway….   But its ok for the 'murderous' Americans to stuff your pockets full I'm sure.

12:44 PM Jan 17 2008 |



United Kingdom


 an ignorant gongfei supporter

12:45 PM Jan 17 2008 |



Serbia and Montenegro

I don't hate usa people..I hate usa politics..and politics atall…..

usa makes war…it burns the fire between nations and than comes to rule….hehe..like peacemakers…hell right.they come so they can make money…what are they doing in Kosovo..well..weapon and drug traffic…what else? what is America else but a drug and weapon market?!

just look..they support separatistic force of Kosovo..and it's basicly the part of the army that they call terorristic in Iraq….

I don't get into who's terrorist and who is not..and who is right, Serbs, Albanians..or who ever….just American's politicians want to rule the world…..and everything comes about money….. making America wealthier..yes, they spend a lot of money on that missions..but than they must make more weapon..so their industry works more and make even more money, right?

And, again..I don't have anything against ordinary people in America…people has nothing to do with bad politics..I like people, no matter wich country they come from… and muslims, which my country has this little argues..well… if you're a friend to a muslim…they can be best friends ever…it's a nation that respects a friendship more than any nation in a world…. and friendship and love are the things that should matter in this poor lives or ours…not politics and money…not historical matters..we can't live in history…we must build future…..

but it's sad that..even if someone says he doesn't care for the money..he would give her best friend away just for few green pieces of paper…. that's sad product of usa.. greed…

10:15 AM Mar 10 2008 |




indeed i,m agree with you but realy we don,t hate the amrican people but we hate these peiople who are looking for about their own profit .


10:34 AM Mar 10 2008 |




God bless America! Hm….?

09:44 PM Mar 20 2008 |

Hasan ah

Hasan ah


GOD bless all the good ppl

10:21 PM Mar 20 2008 |

Hasan ah

Hasan ah


i am asking u ppl about ur opinion about this :

bosh think that iraq war is avictory for him ! and he is the winner ?!

I say that is maybe truth he won when he destroyed the trust and peace between the shi'a and sunna there and he won when he made many countrys inside on country , but the world lost , the arabic world lost ,the middle east lost alot .and they are still suffering there .if he was apeace maker as he say then why are the losers are much more than the winners ??


10:26 PM Mar 20 2008 |



 ....... hemmm … i think all this problem … about U.S and all the max country for the money and power … many country from the biggest to smallest don't think about u and me theiy thinks about the power … the controller … u hear the news … the playing of gold .. of oil … of found .. their is a big system in this world.. the shadow system play with us .. with our feeling .. with our dreaming and thinking … so please open ur eyes to the moster of the world


12:26 AM Mar 21 2008 |



Viet Nam

When i think abt some countries like:Iraq,Iran or Afghanistan.I always think abt war,blood,tears,pitiful innocent children,people who living in danger n fear.

Peace n freedom on the earth?!!!

10:44 AM Mar 23 2008 |