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why we hate U.S.A

Hasan ah

Hasan ah


this subject is telling how do i feel as arabic person or muslim Do u love your baby?

We also!

Do u protect him?

We can't

Do you like his smile?؟

We too!

do u like peace?

Every one likes peace

Do u like freedom?

same here

Who is the biggest supporter of Israel?

Who has destroyed Afghanistan, only to find a group of "terrorists!!"?

who is killing Iraqi people to occupy OIL resources?

Why the lives of the people killed in WTC were more precious then the thousands of civilians killed in Afghanistan?

Why Oil is more Precious than Iraqi Blood?

Why the citizen of Palestine has no right no live in peace and liberty?

Americans call themselves the most "EDUCATED" and "DEVELOPED" nation

Is this education and development???

Americans the most "PEACE" loving people on earth

Are they really "PEACE" loving?

Do you blame us if




sorry !!!!note : being an american it doesn't mean being amurder .coz there is not any perfect country in that world.
note: i don't , we don't hate americans people but we need their helps to stand up against any war that their country wana have ! coz if they didn't ,they will just make more enemys . . . . . :( stop thaaaaat warYell..Cry

09:02 PM Dec 04 2006 |

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Hasan ah

Hasan ah


please replay and dont just comehere and get out speek loud

09:07 PM Dec 04 2006 |




i dont have what to say…..what words can bring lifes to ppl?.....end paint?....i dont know such words…...i can just join to ur company and i will add my friends to jump here ….u know…good thinks start from small works

09:21 PM Dec 04 2006 |

Hasan ah

Hasan ah


thank you soo much that you just read it and i want to say some thing befor people  think me wrong, that we dont hate the good american people which want the peace for the world. and thank you again .

09:31 PM Dec 04 2006 |




I really understand your feelings, I do subscribe to your point of view Hasan.

I don't agree with the  American policy neither.

Beata, you are right, we should start by small works. I try to teach my kids for peace. That's why education is so important, that's why information is essential. Politics is the art of not saying the truth.

Feelings of strong aversion does not solve the problem, violence will never solve the problem and it will only generate more violence. Blood for blood will never  change the situation. Death can't rule this world. Life is sacred.


MTV censured the following publicity :

2.863 died in Twin Towers, 40 millions infected by AIDS in the world.  The world against terrorism. It should do the same against AIDS.

2.863 died in Twin Towers, 824 millions malnourished in the world. The world against terrorism. It should do the same against FAMINE.

2.863 died in Twin Towers, 630 millions of poor people in the world. The world against terrorism. It should do the same against POVERTY.

10:28 PM Dec 04 2006 |



ı can say that. america and israel kill people and because of ideals of israel :( this is total bad.

01:12 AM Dec 05 2006 |

Hasan ah

Hasan ah


thank you bigmama and sqn for you opinions and hope to see more truthfull persons like you here.

10:05 AM Dec 05 2006 |




I think every thing is obvious , every thing happens is out of control and by force we became cann't tell the truth , if we  stood against their opinions they call us terrorists if we defend of our countries call us terrorists, what  we have to do to please from us ? any way we will leave this to the world to see what's going on , and believe me what be hidden is more horror than this picture above .



02:57 PM Dec 09 2006 |


United States

you all cant hate americans just becuz the president is an ass! and I probably bet you this election bush is out you cant judge americans on the way bush is acting.

05:57 PM Dec 14 2006 |




We talk about policy. I understand  we are talking about policy. We should use the word "government ". There will be a chance for a change ?

06:20 PM Dec 14 2006 |




I don't like bush,because he want to change the world,and control the world,he force other countries accept american's thought.if americanwan want to peace they must stop violence and adjust his policy.

01:53 AM Dec 15 2006 |