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why we hate U.S.A

Hasan ah

Hasan ah


this subject is telling how do i feel as arabic person or muslim Do u love your baby?

We also!

Do u protect him?

We can't

Do you like his smile?؟

We too!

do u like peace?

Every one likes peace

Do u like freedom?

same here

Who is the biggest supporter of Israel?

Who has destroyed Afghanistan, only to find a group of "terrorists!!"?

who is killing Iraqi people to occupy OIL resources?

Why the lives of the people killed in WTC were more precious then the thousands of civilians killed in Afghanistan?

Why Oil is more Precious than Iraqi Blood?

Why the citizen of Palestine has no right no live in peace and liberty?

Americans call themselves the most "EDUCATED" and "DEVELOPED" nation

Is this education and development???

Americans the most "PEACE" loving people on earth

Are they really "PEACE" loving?

Do you blame us if




sorry !!!!note : being an american it doesn't mean being amurder .coz there is not any perfect country in that world.
note: i don't , we don't hate americans people but we need their helps to stand up against any war that their country wana have ! coz if they didn't ,they will just make more enemys . . . . . :( stop thaaaaat warYell..Cry

09:02 PM Dec 04 2006 |

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if you are iraqi you will know what's meaning is freedom and peace,bush attack iraq.his behavior is invasion.

02:01 AM Dec 15 2006 |



i don't like bush and anyone who break the peace, life is beautiful,

02:43 AM Dec 15 2006 |




in history, it tells that politician make use of racial discrimination, and people are moved.

in wars, chinese killing chinese, japanese killing japanese, and japanese killing chinese, chinese killing japanese.


11:26 AM Dec 19 2006 |




You can't answer terrorism with war, but you can answer war with terrorism.

09:01 PM Dec 19 2006 |




the problem is not Bush or Bin laden or Sharon…...the problem is the unjustice in this world!

give people their rights : to live freely on their own lands on their own property! 

 no peace can be made no stability can be achieved no tolerance can we feel unless people's rights are given back!

that's our role! we the people of all the nations! politicians are corrupted!!!

10:23 PM Dec 19 2006 |




bigmama, fruity, i agreed with both of you.

01:08 AM Dec 20 2006 |



United States

if it makes you feel any better americans are starting to turn on bush! democracts having taken over the senate and the house. and if you don't know what that means, lets just say, its a very good step in the right direction.

as a liberal and an american i was strongly against this war and against bush being elected for a seond term. ( i cried, oh did  i cry) 

04:49 AM Dec 20 2006 |




This topic is turing to another topic. Hm….What is a war? it is a state of open, armed, often prolonged conflict carried on between nations, states, or parties. Mostly, there are some reasons behind the wars, for the parties that enkindle the war, they are trying to get something from the wars, like oil sources, or some influences, or anything else they want to grasp. The authorities always are finding some excuses to convince their ppl to believe the war is a need, is a must, just like Bush has been doing in the past couples of years. I was impressed by season 5 of American TV show "24 HOURS", the President character murdered the ex-president, and sold the nerve gas to the terrorists trying to frame one middle-east country, then the States can get the control of its oil resources. He totally thought he was a patriot, as he was doing this for his people.

No matter you believe it or not, only if there exists the imbalance and inequality in the world, there are risks of wars. Limited natural resources, growing population. It seems we human beings are being challenged by the laws of nature, our ability to compete, survice, survice and reproduce.  Anyhow, at the end of Year 2006, we are praying for a new year with no wars, no violence, and full of love and peace.  To all Ebaby buddies: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

10:19 AM Dec 20 2006 |




I always ask my self: is what happening in the middle east can be described as a WAR? the answer might be "NO"! it is simply an invasion and an occupation either in Iraq or in Palestine! and the obvious reaction to an occupation is RESISTANCE!

the other question is: what is terrorism? why the US has refused a global conference to define TERRORISM?

I don't like wars I don't like the killing of people I don't like the occupation… but it seems like it's the fate of MAN to kill each other we just try to find pretexts to do it!!! God bless you all!

12:34 PM Dec 21 2006 |



Russian Federation

    Well, sorry if I copy someone here – I didn't have time to read all comments. But. Not all americans like this war.. Why when we think about America in Iraq we think about the whole nation? Personally I know some really cool guys in real life, who just hate Bush and HIS POLICY. You can't choose your motherland and it's not your mistake that Bush began the war. I don't remember who said that but it's something like:

   Peace cannot be kept by force. It can only be achieved by understanding.

01:40 PM Dec 21 2006 |