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why we hate U.S.A

Hasan ah

Hasan ah


this subject is telling how do i feel as arabic person or muslim Do u love your baby?

We also!

Do u protect him?

We can't

Do you like his smile?؟

We too!

do u like peace?

Every one likes peace

Do u like freedom?

same here

Who is the biggest supporter of Israel?

Who has destroyed Afghanistan, only to find a group of "terrorists!!"?

who is killing Iraqi people to occupy OIL resources?

Why the lives of the people killed in WTC were more precious then the thousands of civilians killed in Afghanistan?

Why Oil is more Precious than Iraqi Blood?

Why the citizen of Palestine has no right no live in peace and liberty?

Americans call themselves the most "EDUCATED" and "DEVELOPED" nation

Is this education and development???

Americans the most "PEACE" loving people on earth

Are they really "PEACE" loving?

Do you blame us if




sorry !!!!note : being an american it doesn't mean being amurder .coz there is not any perfect country in that world.
note: i don't , we don't hate americans people but we need their helps to stand up against any war that their country wana have ! coz if they didn't ,they will just make more enemys . . . . . :( stop thaaaaat warYell..Cry

09:02 PM Dec 04 2006 |

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Hasan ah

Hasan ah


ascorpio i am eith u and we dont think about the hole nation we talk about bush and his goverment and i know also many friends from america

and thank you for all the people who comments

thank u peace and besos(kisses)

01:53 PM Dec 21 2006 |




Hello AScorpio,  I totally agree with you, you can't choose your motherland but you can choose your president.

We don't hate people, we hate actions, no matter who performs it.

About the nice quotation at the end of your post, Mr Bush ignores it as he ignores many things in this world.


02:21 PM Dec 21 2006 |




I think we all agree that : you cannot put all the people in one basket! generalization is not fair!

I chat with americans and black americans don't think that their country is a great country…..cinde!!!

as I said before, we the people can change things towards the best! drop by drop we will arrive to a river of understanding!

08:17 PM Dec 21 2006 |



Saudi Arabia

hi over there

well let us make the subject why we hate the politics of USA. i think people around the world do not like war. so we can not blam all people because of mistke that taken by polatics.

08:56 PM Dec 21 2006 |




when i see all of these photos,my heart is injured  by them. i like children all over the world.so i like the children who show in these photos.they are a life and so cute.why cann't they lives well like use. why they got a miserable result. because of they are  iraqi.why was USA so merciless to Irapi.why did they use war instead of peace? why cannt they negotiate?.......i hate war. so i hate the country who enkindle the war. if i have power,i must prevent this war happen.i cannt to do anything for you all.i can do one thing for you all is hope you all who died in this war has a good life in another world..bless you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

06:29 AM Dec 22 2006 |




This topic is nice "Why we hate USA"

I think we don’t hate America; we hate the foreign policy that it uses. It tries to use its muscle power when it comes to ruling the world order. I personally think 80 % American people are very nice and are concerned about the world, This is a result of talks that I have had with lots of people, when I use to do telemarketing for a US based company from India. I spoke with lots of people during the time when the Iraq war was going on and I at that time I found out they were also not very happy with the policy that their government was pursuing. But I seriously believe that Mr. George W Bush is the biggest ass hole that the world has ever seen and I mean it for sure.

09:08 AM Dec 22 2006 |



Russian Federation

Then topic's name is wrong.

05:01 PM Dec 22 2006 |




I think the topic should be changed from "WHY WE HATE USA" to "WHY WE HATE USA'S FOREIGN POLICY". I believe this new topic would make for some good responses.

07:37 AM Dec 23 2006 |

Hasan ah

Hasan ah


i know

but i am showing you what is happining here in the arabic street. i mean here the people are very angry from that wars not just iraq also there is palstine and also there is shishan in russia ,there is also what is happining in philipens , kashmair,somailia, and very soon it will be in iran and it is hapinning for the muslims and arabs in europe and america. ans str…...

I am shawing you to explain why there is muslims terorism , why they are attacking america and europe . It is despite them selfs .they are human . they dont wana do that it is heart them also and they are sad not just angry .

01:22 PM Dec 23 2006 |



I hate U.S.A.

01:59 PM Dec 23 2006 |