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Movie Madness!

What is your favorite American TV series? let's talk about it..........

the closer

United States

Like lots of others, I have been watching quite a few American TV series such as Prison Break, Smallville(all seasons), Heroes, 24(2 seasons), Lost(first season)...
My favorite is Dexter. still desperately waiting for the next episode.
at meanwhile, I am going to start watching another one called One Tree Hill. I have read some reviews. This is a TV drama talks about basketball and love with pretty high rating. Hopefully, it is not a teen ONLY show because I am OLD
so, what is your favorite? Let’s seek it on


07:05 AM Nov 01 2008 |

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(whispering) let's better seek it on www.thepiratebay.org 

or on irc.tveps.netWink (I haven't told you that Sealed)

08:15 AM Nov 01 2008 |




which the web is the best to  watch film ?

01:39 PM Nov 01 2008 |



my favorate series are gossip girl and grey' anatomy

03:47 PM Nov 05 2008 |



I like "Grey´s Anatomy", I don´t know why if I hate romantic and dramatic movies, but Meredith is so touching!!! I love her, and Cristina Yang too!!!

03:57 PM Nov 05 2008 |




I like very much "Scrubs", "How i met your mother", "malcom" and "Buffy". What do you think about these series?

04:04 PM Nov 06 2008 |

Dani J.

Dani J.



Dawnson's creek.

dark angel


desperate housewives….etc

06:17 AM Nov 07 2008 |




i like comedy series like according to jim and friends and some drama gilmor girls. dispert house wife

if u whant to talk about anime bleach is very good u should see it (its japaness but wonderful)

05:31 PM Nov 07 2008 |



Hey ! My favorite series is One tree hill !! You had a good idea! YES you must watch this series ! It's really interesting ! There are 6 seasons . Actually I've watched 5 seasons . This series is very great! The actors are beautiful and very talented!! My favorite actor is Bethany Joy Galleoti . ( She is HALEY JAMES in one tree hill ) . I agree oth isn't only for teenagers! This series is amazing 'cause you can imagine yourself in their situations . I really love it and I give you a advice : Goooo !! Watch it !! You'll be happy =D !

Have a good night/day ^^ Bye =)  

07:42 PM Nov 07 2008 |




I love series like ER, Gilmore Girls, Beautiful People, Scrubs. But most of all I love Grey's anatomy as the bast, and of courrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrse ONE TREE HILL

 i love it so much I have watched 3 episodes and it is great. So watch it all you will be content while waiting for Dexter.

By the way what aboout is Dexter is it Drama ,comedy ,or….............???


11:11 PM Nov 08 2008 |

overlord kai


Prison Breaker!that is a very good series!many people like it!and somebody tell me, heros is goodbut i have no time to watch itwhen i have free timei will watch it

04:26 AM Nov 11 2008 |