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My Favorite Love Songs

My Favorite Love Songs

Date: Apr 17 2001


1. Learn Vocabulary - Learn some new vocabulary before you start the lesson.

2. Read and Prepare - Read the introduction and prepare to hear the audio.

Love is the subject of an incredible number of songs. Since the beginning of time, people have felt the need to express their feelings about love in song. Because there are so many of them, I think it’s impossible to say which love songs are the best. Loving a love song has a lot to do with when you’re listening to it, and how you’re feeling at that time. So, I’m not saying these are the best love songs ever written. I’m just saying that I really like these songs right now.


1. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.

Patty Griffin/One Big Love
One Big Love is a light, happy song about how good it feels to be in love. When I listen to it, it makes me think about a hot and sunny day at the beach, or a picnic at a beautiful park. The song makes me want to go out and have fun, and that’s a great feeling to have.
Dido/Thank You
Thank You is a little bit heavier than One Big Love. Dido sings about how difficult life can be, but when she sees the one she loves, everything is OK. She says£º
Even if my house falls down now,
I wouldn’t have a clue
because you’re near me
and I want to thank you
for giving me the best day of my life
That’s powerful. Everyone should be lucky enough to be so in love that nothing else matters.
Ben Folds Five/Mess
Mess is much different than the previous two songs. Rather than celebrating love, Ben Folds sings of the pain and suffering he is enduring because of the mess he has made. He ruined a relationship with a girl he loved and now he has to deal with the sadness and regret. He sings:
But I don’t believe in love
And I can’t be changed
All alone as I’ve learned to be
In this mess
I have made the same mistakes
Over and over again
Fiona Apple/Shadowboxer
Shadowboxer became one of my favorite songs the first time I heard it. Fiona’s voice is one of the most amazing on the planet and her ability to write intelligently about love and pain is unique and amazing, especially considering that she wrote Shadowboxer when she was only 18.
In Shadowboxer, Fiona sings about a boy who uses love against her. He makes her think that he loves her, and as soon as she falls for him, he hurts her…


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I hope you like these songs about love. Each one is different, and beautiful in its own way. Like I said before, there are millions of wonderful love songs – and I’m sure you have your own favorites. Let us know about them at the MUSIC MIX Message Board.
Have a great week.
- Migs



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Strongly recommended—

<love song>


01:51 PM Jun 27 2009 |


United Arab Emirates

Love means that you have to be trusted in your realation with your belove.

07:58 AM Mar 28 2009 |




I like the song named Cry On My Shoulder best. When I hear it, I feel so much sentiment to stream in me. Yeah, love is a certain feeling that when we tough it, miracle things will happen. But these days it's difficult to have a real love. Things can quickly change. 

05:36 AM Mar 21 2009 |



Saudi Arabia

LOVE not even the subject of song but

LOVE means in reality four letters "and in arabic two letters (حب) is a combination of the advanteges os ALL World.




10:15 AM Feb 21 2009 |

oujaa essaid


it's very nice to be in love but it's hard when someone who you love leave you this is what happen with me yestrday

so when i read your cement i feel not happy not because of your coment but of this hard time i spent whitout love

07:39 PM Feb 07 2009 |



My favourite love songs are Everything I do I do it for you by Bryan Adams Mandy by Westlife and Say I Isn´t So by Gareth Gates.

12:05 PM Feb 07 2009 |




love in my heart

02:13 AM Feb 02 2009 |




Love of a Lifetime by Firehouse 

it was so meaningful song.. every people in the world want to have a lifetime love, that will last forever.. and also i like this song because this is our team song of my firsl love..

01:19 PM Dec 19 2008 |




LOVE IS EVERY WHERE,                                                       LOVE IS EVERYTHING,
LOVE IS MIRACLE,                                                          LOVE IS BEST THING IN THE WORLD

08:45 PM Dec 03 2008 |




Love is the whole world

01:40 PM Nov 22 2008 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Love is whole of feeling about anything.
It's pure and good, I think it's trusty feeling in world.

03:53 PM Jun 16 2008 |





09:07 AM Jun 01 2008 |




I really like the song " I'd rather" by Luther Vandross… Th e message is  so touching, you know, when you fall in-love with some kinna feeling… I want to be with you in times of ups and down… I remember the lines there… I'D RATHER HAVE BAD TIMES WITH YOU, THAN GOOD TIMES WITH SOMEONE ELSE…. you should listen to it, i'm sure you 'll like it …

06:05 AM Apr 28 2008 |

tauch punleu


waiting for your love, becues of you, one love, like rose,

02:26 PM Apr 06 2008 |

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