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Britney's Second Son

Britney's Second Son

Date: Oct 23 2006


1. Learn Vocabulary - Learn some new vocabulary before you start the lesson.

2. Read and Prepare - Read the introduction and prepare to hear the audio.

Britney Spears had another Federline baby last month. Just a year after giving birth to little Preston, the couple welcomes a second son into the world. After her motherhood mishaps with the first baby, all eyes are on the superstar.

Listen to Amanda and Emily talk about the Spears/Federline offspring.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Emily:  Britney had her baby.

Amanda:  I know.

Emily:  Did you read about it?

Amanda:  Um, yeah. It’s this big week for Britney. She had her second baby, her first baby had his first birthday…

Emily:  Didn’t she plan it so they were born on the same day? Or did that not work out?

Amanda:  She tried. She tried. She tried. But then the baby was ready to come out and so they were a couple days apart. But it was also her second year anniversary with the K-Fed.

Emily:  Um, yeah, little Sutton Pierce, is that his name? So same initials as the first one.

Amanda:  Yeah, she likes to do that and she likes to give the first and the middle name but she likes to just use the middle name.

Emily:  Yeah.

Amanda:  So, like, the Sean and the Sutton, it’s just on paper.

Emily:  Wait, does she call her son Preston?

Amanda:  Yes, she calls her first son Preston, and her second son Pierce and because my son’s name is Pierce, I’m having a real hard time sleeping at night. It’s really disturbing that…

Emily:  Because his name is Pierce?

Amanda:  Yeah, my kid has the same name as, uh, baby Federline?

Emily:  I, I like it. I like Pierce a lot. I like Sutton a lot.



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Amanda always has the latest celebrity news. Apparently a lot was happening for Britney the week Sutton Pierce was born.

Emily seems to have some details of her own. For example, she knew that Britney was trying to have her second baby on the birthday of her first-born.

In the United States, a baby generally is given a first name and a middle name, and usually takes the last name of their father. For example, this baby is named Sutton Pierce Federline. Sutton is the first name; Pierce is the middle name; Federline is the last name, the same last name as the father.

Because most people go by their first name, you would expect to call the baby Sutton. But Britney is doing something a little unusual. Amanda explains that Britney calls her children by their middle names. When Amanda says “on paper” she means “official.” She means that their first names are only their first names on their birth certificates. In reality, they are called by their middle names.

Sometimes when people are upset, they can’t sleep. When Amanda says she’s not sleeping well, she’s joking. She is being sarcastic. She is trying to say that she doesn’t like the fact that her son has the same name as Britney’s son.

When Emily says she likes Sutton, she means the name Sutton, not the baby.

How are people named in your country?

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