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How To Train Your Dragon

How To Train Your Dragon

Date: May 12 2010

Themes: Friend

Grammar: Present Perfect Tense


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It’s good to have friends from all walks of life. Say you live in a magical world where Vikings fight dragons. You’re a young Viking, and as a rite of passage, you have to slay a dragon. But when you find a dragon, you discover that he’s really nice and decide to make a forbidden friendship.

That’s what happens in the new animated movie How To Train Your Dragon. Listen to Amy and Ella discuss the film and what it says about friendship.


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Amy:  Have you heard of this new movie How To Train Your Dragon, Ella?

Ella:  I have, but I really don’t know much about it. It wasn’t really advertised on TV as much as most of the other movies usually are.

Amy:  It’s sort of a classic story, I guess, of a boy, a Viking teenager in this sort of magical world, who, you know, wants to fight dragons and kill dragons. They’re like the enemy of the Vikings. But he ends up, rather than killing a dragon, he becomes a friend of a dragon.

Ella:  Huh. That’s interesting. So it sounds like it could be kind of, you know, adults could like it too, more than just like kids and magic and dragons.

Amy:  Yeah. I think that there’s definitely supposed to be sort of a moral to it, you know, about tolerance and…

Ella:  Yeah, like making friends with an enemy. ‘Cause usually dragons and people, you don’t ever see them in all the fairy tales, you see like…you know, dragons are the bad guys you have to kill with swords and fire.

Amy:  Yeah. But has that ever happened to you, have you ever, you know, become friends with someone who had been your enemy before?

Ella:  Only because they were my friends before they were my enemy.

Amy:  Yeah, same with me, I’ve become friends with an ex who I, you know, thought I would never become friends with again. But that’s about it.

Ella:  Things work out in strange ways.


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The new movie How To Train Your Dragon is about a dragon hunter who makes friends with a dragon. Amy says the movie has a message about tolerance and being friends with those who could have been your enemies.

Ella says the only time she has been able to make friends with an enemy is when the enemy used to be her friend before they became enemies. Amy says the same is true for her. She is now friends with an ex who she thought would be her enemy forever.

Have you ever made an unlikely friend? How did it happen?



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hamod ramdan

Palestinian Territory, Occupied

i have watch this movie .. really i love it

it’s intersting story and a new relation ship

02:22 AM Dec 15 2011 |




Oh~I like it!

It's worth watching!

12:56 AM Aug 16 2010 |




Yeah I did,but I ended up undoing because I hate falsity!

I don't know…When I take away someone from me it means that this person isn't meant to be my friend,I'm very connected to the power of people so when I feel a "bad energy" I'm automaticaly take away from me that person…

So It's difficult I being a friend of a "enemy"...

12:00 AM Jun 16 2010 |


Saudi Arabia

It's interesting Cool

09:31 AM May 26 2010 |



why cant i see the film!!!!!!!!

02:22 AM May 17 2010 |




Haven't seen it yet. I'd really like do it in the near future

02:49 PM May 16 2010 |



yeah, I like this very much


07:38 AM May 16 2010 |



hi !


05:01 PM May 15 2010 |

williamcordSuper Member!


i watched this movie last month, and i liked, it´s a good story and helps children to be more tolerant and accept others as they are. i recommend.

09:28 PM May 13 2010 |





I like this move, although the plot is simple and sort of old. The main characters – the little and the dragon – are very cute. Execpt for tolerance, you also can find a massage about listening and understanding of someone you love.  

04:00 PM May 13 2010 |



i have not seen movie but i think i will like it. i have watched many movies of dragon, superman, gurillas before and read many stories before in the past . i like those story as well so i will sure watch it soon.<!-Session data-><!-Session data->

11:36 AM May 13 2010 |




i like this movie



11:11 AM May 13 2010 |




enemy is very sharp word for me . i born in peace year and grown up in peace decade so i don't really about enemy emotion. i guess. i never think i have an enemy or who is my enemy . whatever tolerence is much better than prejudice.

03:26 AM May 13 2010 |





10:43 PM May 12 2010 |

Otonashi Saya

Saudi Arabia

wonderful, I liked it :)

08:59 PM May 12 2010 |




Hmm,I know some men who are peaceful – they prefer rather use their intelligence than arms… but of course maybe it`s something against human nature:D

I don`t like violent – it`s easy to hurt somebody but not easy to help sb..

So I like dragons:D ( Can I say that in Poland we use dragons just because I had ten years ago a bike called Dragon?:))

07:17 PM May 12 2010 |



Gorgon: Are u sure?? NOO WAY!!! :D

BTW.: The movie was good, though the ending was a bit too much. I mean that peace would never come. Read some fantasy, like Lord of the Rings, or Dragonlance, to experiance the way it goes.

Peace? There's no such thing. At least not in this world. And it wouldn't be nice.

Man needs the conflicts,  the tragedies and to hurt each other.

Without theese, there won't be harmony, people's souls would die from emptyness.

But putting aside philosophy: man's nature just not peaceful…

And you can't escape from that truth. :P

06:51 PM May 12 2010 |




Now a brief message for all those fans of H. Potter: in Romania we do not train dragons. :))

Nice lesson!

06:17 PM May 12 2010 |



I have  been in disagred with my mate during a sort of time,I have thougt  that  disagred would continue for long time

03:14 PM May 12 2010 |



I don't remeber being a friend of an enemy. I only remeber of, you know, be in the same place with this person but don't care about him. Sometimes you don't need to forgive someone, just ignore that person like he or she isn't there…

03:05 PM May 12 2010 |

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