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hit the lottery

hit the lottery

Date: Dec 28 2006


1. Quote - Listen to the quote and guess what the slang means.

“Listen… we hit the lottery by growing up here, by being born here.”

Brad Pitt talking about how he feels about being born in America.


1. Definition - Study the definition.

be very lucky; be fortunate

2. Use - Learn how the slang is used.

Brad Pitt means that people who are born in the US are very lucky.

The lottery is a game people play in which they buy tickets for a few dollars, but if the number on their ticket is selected, they can win millions of dollars. When someone wins the lottery, we can say they hit the lottery.

Because someone who wins the lottery is considered to be extremely lucky, the expression is used to express that sentiment.

If you get into the college of your choice AND they offer you a full scholarship, you hit the lottery!

If you write one song and it ends up being performed by Beck, you hit the lottery.

If the girl you like tells you she likes you too… on your birthday… you hit the lottery.


1. Examples - Hear some example sentences.

“When I found out about this job, I hit the lottery. It was exactly what I was looking for and the pay is great.”

“Sally really hit the lottery when she married Chad. Not only is he handsome, he’s very romantic and he’s a great father.”

“Jimmy hit the lottery being born into the Rockefeller family. He’ll never have to worry about money.”


1. Winners - See who guessed the slang definition correctly.

what he means is that they were lucky to be born in America.
by neerja
by vnraji@yahoo.com
dalonso To feel lucky or proud about something.
by dalonso
We got lucky. When you hit the lottery you are extremely lucky because the odds for winning is very long. I don't know the exact percentage for winning but I know it's a long shot. So if you hit the lottery, you're extremely lucky.
by darla-tran
Anastasiya we are lucky that...
by Anastasiya
we were lucky to have been born here
by raindrop.
"hit the lottery" means "to acheave great success", "to hit the jackpot", "to be lucky in smtn"
by Olichka
lxlylme being lucky
by lxlylme
To be very lucky: "Listen... we were very lucky by growing here, by being born here."
by LucasMo
it is a luck thing.
by christy.zuo
YOu have such a great lucky in something.
by graciela.melo
he means he is lucky as he was born in america
by ebrugs
He win. He is very happy that he growinfg up and born in the right place
by svetla1976
smog lucky
by smog
he said that they are very luck who born in USA
by childofwind
it means you are lucky.
by teaonly
talitapb to have luck
by talitapb
We have been lucky; we had the luck of growing up here, of being born here.
by niki_m
To be lucky.
by yonfifi
that means brad pitt meet good lucy,god bless him.
by tigergo1688
Kia That means that it's a great chance being born in America.
by Kia
osatoga He means that they are very lucky. That's the best thing could ever happen.
by osatoga
to be lucky, to catch to fortune
by glazki
云淡风轻 be lucky He feels happy and lucky that he was born and grew up in American
by 云淡风轻
chennai TO BE LUCKY
by chennai
JazzThing you strike it lucky if you are born in America
by JazzThing
Hit the lottery in here means it's a great lucky or great benefit
by helenhorse
Win the lottery without taking part in it.or put it back of head successfully
by soroushbaran
are lucky.
by owen nguyen
acacia being lucky.
by acacia
To be in luck,by chance.
by Hugh Marr
joecn lucky, like a winner
by joecn
Hit the lottery! means = Winning the lottery winning a money winning award or achieve some thing having big value
by Everwelwisher
unexpectedly get something really really good
by wicky
amado been lucky,has a lot of chance's
by amado
ElBeam "Hit the lottery" means to be lucky. In Russian we say this "get a happy ticket"
by ElBeam
mahdi1365 to have a greait chance
by mahdi1365

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