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stuck with me

stuck with me

Date: May 20 2004


1. Quote - Listen to the quote and guess what the slang means.

“I’d just thank the people out there who have been with my up-and-down career and supported me and stuck with me all these years. I mean, they’re my boss. That’s what keeps me working.”
- Johnny Depp, actor, talking about his fans.


1. Definition - Study the definition.

supported me no matter what the circumstances; supported me during good times and bad times; was true and faithful to me; never gave up on me; never let me down

2. Use - Learn how the slang is used.

You can use “stuck with me” to describe a situation in which someone has supported you unconditionally. If there’s a person who has been your friend and done his/her best to support you no matter what has happened in your life, then you could say that the person has “stuck with you” through the good times and bad. Hopefully, your parents and friends will always “stick with you.”
The term can also be used to describe a frustrating situation. For example, if you get really angry at your father, you might tell him how much you dislike him. He might say something like, “I’m sorry you’re so mad at me, but the truth is, you’re stuck with me. We’re stuck with each other. We will be father and daughter forever.”


1. Examples - Hear some example sentences.

””I love Karen. She’s one of the most amazing people I’ve ever met. No matter what’s happened in my life, she’s always stuck with me and been totally supportive.”“

””I’ve been through some really difficult things the past three months. My mother died of cancer and my brother has been very sick as well. I’m glad my father and I have such a good relationship. We’re really sticking together during these hard times.”“

””When things are going bad, you can really tell who your true friends are. The people that stick with you during the bad times are the people who will always be there for you.”“

””I know things are going really bad right now, but if you stick with me I’m sure they’ll get better. We just need to have confidence in each other, and we’ll make our lives wonderful again.”“


1. Winners - See who guessed the slang definition correctly.

If someone was “stuck with me”, it means s/he stayed with me in hard time, who stood by my side in bad situation and didn’t leave me alone.
by Pinkie (Hanoi, Vietnam)
i think it means to stay with, not to abandon somebody under whatever circumstance. means to go through thick and thin with somebody.
by melanie (Qingdao, China)
I guss it means Stand with me in both sorrow and joy times. encourage and lead me for the best.
by Ibrahim (Cairo, Egypt)
It seems that _stuck with me_ans be by his side, don´t give up, fight with him.
by Aline (Piracicaba, Brasil)
stuck with me” means to stand by me and support me in hard times.
by Dana (Dubai, UAE)
It’s staying with someone giving support. No matter he/she is in a bad or good situation. Never let her/him down
by Andrea (Antofagasta, Chile)
stuck with me” means believe in me all the way and support me during hard time and can also used to explain remaining faithful and confident about someone.
by poornakumar (Chennai, India)
Stuck with me means to be with me and close to me in good and in bad moments.
by Alma (Tijuana, Mexico)
It means to be with someone even when things are not that good, to keep trusting somebody even in bad days. If you say someone “Stuck with me!” you mean “Don’t leave, don’t abandon me!”
by Márcio (Sao Paulo, Brazil)
Stick up with someone, means stay with, remain committed to. “Stick with me, honey, and we’ll hit it big.”
by Sherry (ShenZhen, China)
stuck with me might mean that you suffered with me in the sense that you took part to my up-and-down’s
by Davide (Genova, Italy)
When somebody always sticks with me, it means he always gives a tolerant attitude to me whatever I have done.
by linda (Xiamen, China)
stay with me and support me these years
by britney (Xuzhou, China)
stuck with me” means “loyal to me”
by josh (Hunan, China)
keep being with no matter what happened, support all the time
by cynthia (Toronto, Canada)
It means giving support and care to someone.
by Lau (Hong Kong, CHINA)
have been always back up someone silently and required no reward.
by Alice (Harbin, China)
To be with me; stay by my side; Accompany.
by Danielle (NN, China)
stay with, stay around
by Galyna (Riev)
trueheartedness with someone…
by Peggy (Kaohsiung, Taiwan)
Stuck with me” in this context means stay with me. Stuck with somebody also means unable to get rid of somebody.
by Orlando Serna (Quimbaya , Colombia)
supported me
by Luisa (Coimbra, Portugal)
stay with and cheer him up
by siriporn (Bangkok, Thailand)
I think that means somebody is supported by other people, the people take the side of him.
by Puff (SZ, China)
be together with sb.; be on sb’s side; support sb.
by sandy
stuck with me” – he means that people encourage him in his work – right?
by z (Beijing, China)
The word “stuck with me” means work with me or struggle with me, I guess.
by Gang (Shenzhen, China)
keep in touch with me
by han (Shanghai, China)
follow me, always make myself things as his things.
by kreece (Weihai, China)
To share something with someone like happiness or sadness.
by Yvonne (Taoyuan, Taiwan)
insist on liking my performance.
by Scott (Nanjing, China)
keeps me working, insist on doing sth
by ziping (gz, China)
support with nuts
by Yong (Hamilton, Canada)

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someone who stuck with me, I will stuck with him/her too,even more!

04:25 AM Dec 08 2007 |



cool banana!

01:53 AM Dec 07 2007 |




stuck with everybody in the ebaby…

02:05 AM Dec 06 2007 |




i think first of all,u need stuck yourself and never give up,nobody will support somebody that he has already abandon himself.

01:09 PM Dec 05 2007 |




stuck with me makes me stuck on you..

05:27 AM Dec 05 2007 |



Hope stick with each other!

10:07 AM Dec 04 2007 |



wanna friends.ahmed-elserafy@hotmail.com

06:31 PM Nov 29 2007 |

Pink Angel

Pink Angel

Saudi Arabia

cool i like it

07:16 AM Nov 26 2007 |




stuck with me when i feel powerless and bitterness

07:42 PM Nov 17 2007 |




stuck with me until the end of the world…

04:21 PM Apr 12 2007 |

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