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Time Off Before College

Time Off Before College

Date: Mar 14 2008

Themes: School, Time


1. Learn Vocabulary - Learn some new vocabulary before you start the lesson.

2. Read and Prepare - Read the introduction and prepare to hear the audio.

Finishing high school is a crossroads of sorts. You can go straight into your career, or you can keep going to school.

But just because you picked one plan doesn’t mean you can’t change your mind. People leave school to go work all the time. And after working for a few years, a lot of people go back to school.

Neither Marni nor Devan finished college right after school and Devan’s a little nervous about it. But since Marni is a few years older, she can give Devan advice about it.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Devan:  So I just started college after taking three years off after high school.

Marni:  Oh yeah?

Devan:  I’m feeling completely out of practice. I’m a little overwhelmed because all of the other kids that are my age are already seniors and they’re graduating this year, and I’m just a freshman and I feel kind of at a disadvantage.

Marni:  Really? Well, I don’t know. I kind of did the same thing. I started college right after high school and I did a year and it was just too much, and I took some time off and went back. I actually felt like I appreciated my education more because I was ready for it and, you know…

Devan:  That’s interesting. That’s a good point. I think that’s why I didn’t go after high school is because I wasn’t ready. I needed a break.

Marni:  Exactly.

Devan:  Did it take you a while to remember how to format papers and stuff like that?

Marni:  Yeah, and I was an English major so I had to do a lot of that. But you catch on quickly and you just kind of power through and…Are you taking a lot of credits? Because if you overload yourself, you know, right away, it can be overwhelming.

Devan:  I’m trying to take it slow and ease back into it. But I’m excited. Hopefully my outside experience will help me.



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After three years of not going to school, Devan just started college. She says it’s a little strange since the other students her age are about to graduate and she’s just starting out.

Marni went to college for one year, but then left to work for a while. When she came back, she didn’t feel weird about it like Devan. She was glad to back and felt like she could finally appreciate her education. She admits that it took her a little while to remember how to write papers properly, but she also says it wasn’t too hard to get back into it.

Which do you think is best? To go to college as soon as possible and be the same age as the other people there, or to work for a little while and then go back to school?



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Maintaing the both of the things makes us some what difficult. whatever we are doing in certain age we have to justify for that so that we can get good results always. while  going for college if time is there we just need to accomplish good knowledge about the course related things and succeed for good results. So in my opinion always do the things with perfection if we sail in both the boats we will not succed in both.

10:17 AM Mar 21 2014 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Well, from my point of view starting collage without taking break after high school is better. In this case,those students who start their tertiary education right away after they finish high school‏ ‏invest on a better job in future, in which they would be remunerated more in comparison with the other group. On top of that, after finding job they can carry on working in their positions non-stop, they concentrate on their jobs peceptibly further so that it helps them make progress easier. On the other hand, those students who go for job as soon as they graduate from high school surpass the first group finantially, which is why this factor makes many recently graduated students from high school gravitate toward finding job prior to studying at collage.‏ ‏Apart from above-mentioned reasons,‏ ‏everybody’s preference or reason(s) from choosing either option could be different.

08:39 AM Oct 13 2013 |




I think people have a different opinions. Sometimes young people feel that needs break and went one year  take off and went back. Every experience u have u might help in your life. I working and studying some time and it is hard but  I have own destiny  

05:09 PM Dec 29 2008 |




everyone sometimes needs break

04:43 PM Dec 29 2008 |

Otonashi Saya

Saudi Arabia

  • It is better to go to college as soon as possible but it is not a problem to complete your studying after work , because the most important thing is to study and learn new things ,age does not really matter ( according to my opinion)

06:06 PM Mar 19 2008 |




i’m completely agree with chreecici’s opinion.
That’s very good point.

11:22 AM Mar 19 2008 |




i have same trouble,
I’m feeling completely out of practice. I’m a little overwhelmed because all of the other kids that are my age are already seniors and they’re graduating this year, and I’m just a freshman and I feel kind of at a disadvantage.

03:00 AM Mar 19 2008 |




everyone need take a little brake but not to long

04:19 PM Mar 18 2008 |


Saudi Arabia

I dont thing that we have to take aTime Off Before College.If you do that ,you can't move on in your life,your life well be in mess….it well take you very very hard work if you do that..

04:09 PM Mar 18 2008 |



Hi :)

Try to use your local "classmate-find" website ;) like "classmates.com" in the USA or "nasza-klasa.pl" in my country.

about main subject…

I think that people shouldn't take time off before they finish high school. After that – it's OK :) 

01:29 PM Mar 18 2008 |



Central African Republic

i think you shouldn't miss a day after finishing your high school to go to a college or at the university because your life will become better and more exciting and the feeling to be a student at the university is incredible and unbelivable. Much more exciting time in your life but you should feel it by yourself….......

09:45 AM Mar 18 2008 |


Hong Kong

It all depends

09:10 AM Mar 18 2008 |



Saudi Arabia

I hope to write to me.

Am I right?

08:25 AM Mar 18 2008 |




It is very difficult for my life as i have no money for learn high school.Hence i was doing part time job with my high school. i have  completed my high school and start college that time i have full experience for my job. Today i have compeleted Master Degree with my job.Hence depend on you, how to learn & work.

10:26 AM Mar 17 2008 |




I think it depend on culture and family situation

both of them are good if we think for benefit

some student want to have time off bcs he/she doesn't find out what their need

then time off before will be advantage

some who can continue immediately after hight school, is good also bcs they can continue their study without any problem

I was continue my study immediately after high school too and after graduate in Bachelor then I work for 6 years and continue my master degree

I found what subject I shall learn after my work of 6 years too


07:56 AM Mar 17 2008 |




I think is better to continue the study after high school,and I also think that is not a shame  to combacke to study after taken break.Because there  is no age to continue study.Smile

06:47 PM Mar 16 2008 |




One is never too old to learn ;)

02:36 PM Mar 16 2008 |




Well i think that persuing studies after completing high school
is better as in our mind studying is still going consistently.

02:29 PM Mar 16 2008 |


Viet Nam

at the moment I have not any idea what. but I think that A person has a own life . in viet nam after finishing college a lot of students can not have a job and they have to work past time to live . that is a actually sorry

02:19 PM Mar 16 2008 |

thao lam

Viet Nam

01:28 PM Mar 16 2008 |

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