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Where You're From

Where You're From

Date: Jun 04 2021


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Hi Friends!
When getting to know someone, it’s common to talk about where you come from. Your background has a lot to do with who you are, so you can help someone understand you better if you tell them about your hometown and your history. Also, it’s interesting to hear what someone else’s opinions are about the place where you grew up. Often, his/her idea of it will be much different than yours.
Josh and Beth recently compared their upbringings, which were very different. Listen in to their conversation to learn more!


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Beth:  Josh, when was the last time that you, uh, went home to visit your friends and family?

Josh:  Um, trying to remember, I think I was up there… Oh yeah – I was just up there in February for my birthday and for my dad’s birthday.

Beth:  Where are you from again?

Josh:  Oh, I’m from Alaska.

Beth:  Oh, right on. That’s cool. I’ve always wanted to visit Alaska. What’s it like?

Josh:  Well, I mean, I wouldn’t have the same perspective as someone visiting there. It’s a, it’s a great place to visit and I guess for a lot of people it’s a great place to live too. But, I felt really isolated growing up there. I mean, it is beautiful, there’s tons of beauty. But it’s so far away from everything, and when I was a kid, you know, we didn’t have the internet, you know, my town didn’t have a bookstore, a music store. It’s just, like, hard to feel connected to the rest of the world.

Beth:  I can see that. Growing up in New York, I felt very connected to millions of people. I mean, it’s just a, a really, I guess, different experience living in a place where you’re inundated with, uh, media and people and action…

Josh:  Yeah, I mean, I would’ve, I would’ve loved to grow up in New York, you know. We got, like, big blockbuster movies came out six months late in Alaska, ‘cause we only had two screens, you know. It’s just, uh, it’s a… It was a real different way to grow up than a lot of people in the U.S., I think.

Beth:  It seems really peaceful there. I mean, at least that’s my impression of it.

Josh:  Yeah. I mean, it’s quiet. We had a lot of land to ourselves. We didn’t really have neighbors. Um, wildlife and forests, like, all around us, like right at our house. But, but, I don’t know, I couldn’t have a conversation with the wildlife. I want to be around people.

Beth:  It must have been cool, I mean, were there wild animals roaming through your backyard, or…?

Josh:  Literally.

Beth:  Wow.

Josh:  Yeah, I mean, moose or bears. We had a bear visit our house for a couple days once, and that kind of stuff is just constant. It was cool, I guess, I mean, reflecting back on it, but when I was, when I was living there I just wanted to get out.



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Like Beth, many people think Alaska is a beautiful, peaceful and majestic place. Josh doesn’t disagree, but it’s easy to understand why he’s not as enthusiastic about it as Beth is. He spent many years in the cold and lonely state, and he’s happy to be in a big city with lots of things to do. Josh probably has the ideal situation now, because he can live in Portland, but visit Alaska whenever he wants.
Where are you from? Are you able to describe your hometown and your history in detail (in English)? If not, you should find somebody to tell your story to. It’s a great way to practice your English!
Have a great week!



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Hey everybody I’m originally from Canada but now live in Japan :)

02:48 AM Nov 21 2012 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

i’m from Asia in Iran in RashtLaughing

06:52 PM Nov 20 2012 |




Hey All…
I’m from Pakistan…
It’s bordered by Afghanistan… China… India… & Iran…
It’s the sixth most populous country in the world…
& 2nd most populous country in Muslim World after Indonesia…

& I live in Karachi…
It is the largest & most populous city of Pakistan…
It’s also called as ‘City of lights…’
Cuz the one who’s been to Karachi… knows its liveliness…

04:32 AM May 11 2012 |




I am from Zhejiang province,China.

04:53 AM Mar 20 2012 |




I am form Hunan province,China.It’s said that there is the hometown of beauty,Cool

(except me)~

01:49 AM Mar 20 2012 |



I was born and raised in Germany. First in Frankfurt, a big city, I bet some of you have heard of it before. When I was two or so we moved to a little town two hours away from Frankfurt and to be honest I wish we hadn’t. But that’s not what I want to talk about seeing as I have never felt like I belong here, like Germany is my home.

You see, my dad is german but my mum is british and comes from a town called Chesham which is near London. This is the place I consider my home if I have one. When I am there I just get this feeling that I belong and when I am old enough I am going to move to London. This has been my dream since I was old enough to have dreams and one way or the other I know that I am going to fulfill this wish. No matter how hard I have to work for it.

10:23 PM Mar 19 2012 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I am from a great country which borders the Gulf of Oman , Persian Gulf and Caspian sea.Its climate is very varied due to its geographical location and the differences in altitude.Generally speaking there are usually four distinct seasons in all areas.its literal meaning is the land of genteel and great men .my country is evergreat Iran

02:03 PM Mar 04 2012 |

Vina Novalina


Hiya everyone, I am from Indonesia with Jakarta as the capital city, Indonesia is a beautiful country that consist of thousand islands and i live one of them, West Borneo Island. We have 2 seasons only here, dry and rain season, cos Indonesia is tropic county but for sure u can find many awesome spots here, such as in Bali, Raja Ampat, Toraja, Lombok and more^
Anyway i visit this site to improve my english and meet the nice people all around the world who has same aim as me for friendship:) cos it will be great to learn and exchange the knowledge of each people’s culture who comes from different country.
So, lets make it work together

06:01 PM Nov 16 2011 |




Hi everyone, i am from Argentina, i live in the capital city(Buenos Aires) to many ,resembles pretty much Europe . argentina is a large and beautiful  country with many places to visit, mainly  Patagonia , the glaciers in the southern part  and the Iguazu falls  in the province of Misiones  and in the border of Brazil. ( has recently been declared  new   seven wonders of  nature.) 

09:05 PM Nov 15 2011 |



Hello everyone. I’m  from the Ukraine. It is the nice country in the middle of europe, and I very love it!

I want to learn English  better, so I’m looking for a new friends) Smile

08:36 PM Nov 15 2011 |



Hello everyone, i’m from China:) as many people know, China is a wonderful country with a long history. & i wanna know other wonderful countries. BTW,i wanna know someone who r from Thailand.

12:07 AM Nov 15 2011 |




Hi, i’m from Lithuania :) it’s a small, but very nice country :)

09:52 AM Nov 08 2011 |

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Hubei province in China

02:34 PM Oct 27 2011 |




Hello guys , I hope u r good

I’m from IRAQ , its my country & home , I love it …

03:02 PM Oct 26 2011 |

2 people like this



Hi,buddies,i m from chengdu city ,southe west of china,i m a network engineer,i have been 7 years as a engineer,i love my job, i like push myself and i like use my ability,so i like challenge in my work and my life,i like travel and like reading book which is making me aware something of my life or work,i like travel to some new place which i have never go to,but unfortunately,i have never go aborad,so i m really a poor guy,i will going to germany sometime soon whit my business trip,i don’t know anyone have heard one kind of deliceous food from sichuan which name is hot pot,you know , i like eating hot pot very much ,5 or 10 people sitting around the table and eating together

02:03 PM Sep 25 2011 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

hello every body, I’m from Iran I wanaa to make permanent friends male or female no different all over the world, I also like watching dance, listening music, sports like tennis and swimming, stamps and money collection, photography and so on. I’m an english teacher in my town, i like to read long mail but to write small because I don’t know what must I write exactly about? plz ask me more till I know what about I write, ok!

Best wishes to you

07:41 AM Sep 24 2011 |



Saudi Arabia

hello e im fromsaudi arabia I’m new here and i search friends all over the world



12:07 AM Sep 24 2011 |

lina aldasuqie


hello every one ,iam from jordan and it is the first time for me ,in english baby .and i want to improve my english  as much as i can


11:47 PM Sep 23 2011 |

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Hi there…I’m from Indonesia…
well, some people know Bali more than Indonesia. But Bali is part of Indonesia.

I, myself, live in Jakarta, it’s the capital city of Indonesia…

This is my first comment to englishbaby.com…
same with other, i want to learn english more, emphasizing it…

greet to all…Smile

03:04 PM Aug 26 2011 |





02:57 PM Aug 26 2011 |

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