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break the ice

break the ice

Date: May 01 2008

Themes: Family, Pop Culture


1. Quote - Listen to the quote and guess what the slang means.

“But it’s funny. It breaks the ice. It makes everyone smile. If it takes embarrassing me to make everyone happy I’ll take it.”

- Singer and actress Miley Cyrus on her father making fun of her in front of people she works with. (Media Village)


1. Definition - Study the definition.

start a conversation with a stranger; find a comfortable way to approach someone

2. Use - Learn how the slang is used.

Miley Cyrus stars as the title character in the show Hannah Montana and her father, country singer Billy Ray Cyrus, also plays her father in the show.

He’s a fun guy, so when they’re hanging on the set, he likes to tell the other actors and crew funny stories about Miley from when she was a kid.

After he tells the stories, a strange thing happens. Miley is better friends with everyone because the ice is broken. Everyone on the set knows something personal about her and they’ve seen her embarrassed, so now they feel closer to her.

When you meet someone new, there’s usually a bit of a barrier between you. You need something to break the ice and once it’s broken, you can get to know each other. It can be a personal detail like it is for Miley or a joke, or the discovery that you have something in common.


1. Examples - Hear some example sentences.

“The hardest part about a first date is breaking the ice.”

“Why don’t you ask her what she thinks about the election to break the ice?”


1. Winners - See who guessed the slang definition correctly.

Michellita to make people who have never met feel more comfortable and relaxed with each other.
by Michellita
saman1346 to change the atmosphere from bad to a good one
by saman1346
feel more relax and get to know each other
by kaushalyats
othello1 start a conversation in a party
by othello1
195854255 Make things well again.Change the cold feeling
by 195854255
octopusio It's kind of approaching people's attention and creating a friendly environment
by octopusio
capt.Ali to break the silence which was ruled the atmosphere or to change the hard atmospher to the friendly one.
by capt.Ali
medunia to make people feel more friendly and willing to talk to each other
by medunia
Amir_Pink breaking the silence by starting a conversation
by Amir_Pink
Gerri to break the ice = to make the occasion or the moment more easy-going and relaxed so that the initial stiffness of formality is put aside.
by Gerri
I suppose it means it brings happiness & laughter even for those who are so serious. Is it right?
by bbc_princess
Bob Ishida Here 'the ice' means awkward atmosphere. Nobody wants to talk. Then 'Break the ice' is something that changes the atomosphere. By breaking the ice, poeple involved become easy. I suppose I hit the correct answer.
by Bob Ishida
I think it means build motions between people who don't know each other very well
by rosemary_89
Kakrah I think when one says it breaks the ice it means it takes away worries from people so they put on smiling faces. Peoples cold outlook chages to be warm.
by Kakrah
alogigi something u do to break tension to make some new situation more comfy
by alogigi
李小梅 I think it means you break out the embarrassing situation and make people feel much free.
by 李小梅
SAEID starting conversation in formal situation for ex:nobody enjoy in a party until host breaks the ice
Pavlionka to relieve shyness, unease; to make people feel more unofficial, informal
by Pavlionka
tracyyue72 something or someone breaks embarrassing to make the situation better.
by tracyyue72
evazeng some one speak in an occasion when everyone keeps silence to make big time
by evazeng
Lucy1206 "break the ice" means to alleviate an embarrassing aura and relax somebody in order to maintain a talk or something.
by Lucy1206
Whiteangel it paved the way after aperiod of silence. it makes everyone laugh.
by Whiteangel
Elin Cha "break the ice" means alleviate the awkward atmosphere , makes everybody relaxe and nature.
by Elin Cha
dofkele15 it makes people to feel better after difficulties or problems with friends in company
by dofkele15
Janes break down a tircky situation or bring something back to life .
by Janes
Sweet_Liza To get over initial shyness when meeting someone and starting a conversation
by Sweet_Liza

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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

To start talking with new people in a new place.


09:27 AM Sep 06 2010 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

After about 2 hours she broke the ice and asked my name

10:36 AM May 12 2010 |




in almost every languages we can find this expression. :D

07:57 PM May 07 2008 |



Got it,if u want friendship with anyone with good relationship,at first, u have to break this ice.kinda great trick

07:52 PM May 07 2008 |




“breaking ice” sounds like a easy word, but practically some times it appears very hard

03:12 PM May 07 2008 |



Dominican Republic

eah like Unbreakable_girl said, Smiling is a good way to break the ice…I used that very often hehehe…

09:11 PM May 05 2008 |



smiling is something very easy to breaking the ice…can use with every kind of people

08:59 PM May 05 2008 |


Viet Nam

break the ice help us to enjoy the life,

01:40 PM May 05 2008 |




Thank you all. your messages had broken the ice of my heart about “break the ice”, I understand it well now.

06:42 AM May 04 2008 |



ok.. i would like to have to many friends around the world, can i?

03:37 AM May 02 2008 |



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02:31 PM May 01 2008 |



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09:57 AM May 01 2008 |

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