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Date: Aug 20 2008

Themes: Hobbies


1. Learn Vocabulary - Learn some new vocabulary before you start the lesson.

2. Read and Prepare - Read the introduction and prepare to hear the audio.

How much do we really know about our parents? For the most part, we rely on what they tell us about their lives before we were born. But, of course, they want their children to think of them in a particular way, so they might tell things slightly differently than they happened.

But nothing beats thinking your father died when you were an infant and discovering that he was actually a professional killer who was alive until just recently. Yeah, imagine that. That’s what happens in Wanted. The character has to decide if he will follow in his father’s footsteps or if he will continue with his boring life. What would you do?

Mason’s less worried about that question, and more worried about if one of his favorite comics has been made into a good movie or not. Listen in.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Mason:  I’ve been having a lot of friends tell me they went to go see Wanted and that it was really fun…

Marni:  Yeah!

Mason:  ...and I believe them, but I kind of am protesting the movie personally.

Marni:  Why?

Mason:  Well, you know it was based on a comic book series…

Marni:  Right.

Mason:  ...that I read and really enjoyed and the movie made some departures.

Marni:  OK. Yeah. Well, that’s always the case though, right? I mean, there are some exceptions, perhaps, but usually if you have a favorite book or comic, the movie’s going to disappoint you.

Mason:  Yeah. Exactly. It’s like, so, I’m not saying they did a bad thing. They didn’t, like, commit any sort of sins by making the movie, it’s just kind of like, I’m excluding myself from it.

Marni:  I see. OK. I’m very intrigued by it. Perhaps it’s the actors. I’m an Angelina Jolie fan and I do love James McAvoy.

Mason:  It seems very tailor-made for the two of them, you know.

Marni:  Well it is an interesting mix, like, I never would have thought, “Oh, James McAvoy as this studly assassin.”

Mason:  You know, he’s a really versatile guy. He was in this Children of Doom miniseries the Sci Fi Channel did that he had kind of some more action-y moments.

Marni:  OK, so check out James McAvoy...So Wanted...not gonna see it, huh?

Mason:  I won’t endorse it. That’s where I think I’m going with that.

Marni:  Yeah? To me it’s interesting. Being an outsider, I look at the trailers and whatnot and think, “OK, it could be a very stereotypical movie.” I’m never usually one for the big action…

Mason:  They’re reeling you in, though.

Marni:  Yeah, they’re reeling me in. And perhaps it’s the actors, but I think that whole elite group of assassins, vengeance, that whole thing…I don’t know. I’m into it.



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Mason doesn’t want to see Wanted because he loves the comic it’s based on, and he worries it will be disappointing for him. Marni agrees that when you already know and really like a story and it gets made into a movie, you usually don’t like the movie.

But she thinks Wanted sounds really good. It has actors in it who she likes and she thinks the idea of a secret organizations of assassins is cool.

Has something you already liked ever been made into a movie? Did you like the movie or not?



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La Princesse de la vie


well, I like WANTED.. and yeah, once I read the novel Jane Eyre, I liked it.. then I knew it was made into a movie, so I decided to watch the movie.. I can’t say the movie is bad, it was good.. I think if I had watched it before reading the novel, I’d have loved it more, but novels are always more interesting and full of more vital actions…

08:34 AM Aug 09 2012 |



Saudi Arabia

i dont like some movies that has nothing to do with reality ..

07:56 AM Mar 23 2012 |

Jenny sun


I think movie is just a movie,it is sometimes a bit exaggerated,it’s diffrent from life ,but maybe it comes from life,anyway, i like Angelina Jolie very much. 

07:40 AM Jul 14 2011 |



yes , this situation happened with me, i had read the book "Angels&Demons" by Den Brown and really liked it but after that I watched the film with the same name , it really disappointed me, what make me cringe is that when after reading a book you watch a film and see that the producer or somebody doesn't think like you , doesn't imagine this plot like you . it's like, you know, i imagine that love heart is sth BIG and SILVER and ROUND , but somebody paint it like <3 and it is RED , shhhh, and then i begin thinking that it is damn or awful or silly . :)

do you understand me ?:) 

10:43 AM Mar 05 2010 |

1 person likes this




yes so do ı.ı really like her


04:10 PM Jan 29 2010 |



I like Angelina the movie is not the best :D

07:34 PM Sep 09 2009 |



Wanted was cool. Also Angelina Jolie. I saw it only with my boyfriendin the whole cinemax. It was great. But the story was really strange and sometimes really cruel.

05:36 PM Feb 24 2009 |




I like to movie, and like Angelina.

04:20 AM Sep 04 2008 |




i am a huge fan of Angie, I am busy right now but will find time to watch this movie.

07:12 PM Aug 26 2008 |



yeah yeah you are evey good

10:39 AM Aug 26 2008 |



yeah yeah you are evey good

10:39 AM Aug 26 2008 |




I caught this flim another day,i like all of the casts in this movie.it's a departure for Morgen who used to get an active role in any film but he is subtilty in this move.what a pity is the guy is gotten use of killing his father by his boss.anyway,it's a cool….

06:31 AM Aug 26 2008 |



Anyway, I think it's not close enouth to real life. Perhaps it's because of the differernts between cultures of countries

03:17 AM Aug 25 2008 |




I will still like the movies and try to find out the difference .haha that's fun.

04:23 PM Aug 24 2008 |



Czech Republic

I love Harry Potter books..Im really into them..When HP movies appeared, I wasnt dissapointed at all! The movies are as cool as books!

07:10 PM Aug 23 2008 |




Reading will take time . Watching the movie will give me added "punch " from the effects fo sight and sound …..

05:28 AM Aug 23 2008 |




well this movie sounds good and iam going to see this movie.Cool

06:54 PM Aug 21 2008 |




This movie seems  to be intresting i ll watch it as soon as i can  but remember guys not alwyas movies are based on books ex;A walk to remember  movie is a bit different from the book so it's always better to read the book first then to watch the movie so you will see differences between them !

05:50 PM Aug 21 2008 |




i prefer movies than reading books,coz they make the story  more exciting,bout "wanted" i watched the trailer 'n it seems to b a very nice movie

10:10 AM Aug 21 2008 |




i don't like the movie

but l love juile

09:29 AM Aug 21 2008 |

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