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chick magnet

chick magnet

Date: Aug 20 2009


1. Quote - Listen to the quote and guess what the slang means.

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“I thought this car was going to be a great chick magnet.”

- Comedian Tracy Morgan talking about his new Lamborghini. (US Weekly)


1. Definition - Study the definition.

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very attractive to women, gets lots of women

2. Use - Learn how the slang is used.

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Some men just seem to have secret powers when it comes to women. They never have trouble finding dates or getting women to notice them. These lucky guys are sometimes called chick magnets. Like a magnet, they pull women to them with an invisible force.

Anything that is attractive to women or helps men get women can also be called a chick magnet. Some stereotypical chick magnets are cute things like puppies and babies, and expensive things like flashy cars and designer clothes. Tracy Morgan hopes his new Italian sports car will be a chick magnet.

Tracy Morgan is an actor and comedian. He’s known for making people laugh, not for being sexy and handsome. But many women say that one of the qualities they look for in a man is a good sense of humor. So maybe Tracy doesn’t need the Lamborghini. He might be a chick magnet without it.

What do you think are the best chick magnets?


1. Examples - Hear some example sentences.

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“David is lucky he got a girlfriend. He’s not exactly a chick magnet.”

“He isn’t very cute, but his dog is a chick magnet.”

“My buddies and I are chick magnets. When we go out, girls fall all over us.”


1. Winners - See who guessed the slang definition correctly.

zeus2006 draw attention,attract smb.'s attention, be of interest.
by zeus2006Super Member!
VOLTS This expression refers to a car or an object which attracts and impresses the women.
by VOLTSSuper Member!
sofree This is something that attracts girls like a magnet attracts metal.
by sofree
chomo u can get many girls by that!
by chomo
JEMAR1 A chick magnet is sth. that attracts women.
something that will attracts women to the guy
by ellinatoxic
lalobrown if sth is chick magnet is sth that attract women
by lalobrown
Something that attract girls
by nandomelllo
uria something be attracted.
by uria
Lolita_23 attract girls, women
by Lolita_23
It means that his car was going to attract the girls.Otherwise girls would be crazy about his car and as a result would be crazy about him!
by Despotis Evelyn
Gellerke things, that like women
by Gellerke
Aneet it will be an instrument to "catch" hot girls
by Aneet
ILya Haha,I think i guessed-it's mean that boy is hoping his car is attractive for girl
by ILya
Reddogrog A object or thing that has the ability to attract super sexy girls to want to be with a male.
by Reddogrog

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I also am Personal Trainer and we are considered chick magnet ;)

11:58 PM Aug 26 2009 |




I like this hehe…We Physical Education Professionals are chick magnet for nature…First we are on top,in the other words,in evidence and people take us as a "model"...Moreover if we have a good shape ;) But I know that isn't all,the set should be good,for instance,personality,intelligence,education,habilities and etc :)

11:53 PM Aug 26 2009 |



It´s verry coll, but i can´t listen!!

06:26 PM Aug 26 2009 |

agnaldo brites


This slang is too easy!

That means attract a girl. Chick – beautiful girl. Magnet – it's clear.

So, girls, I am a chick magnet myself!!!!!!!!!! 

11:01 AM Aug 25 2009 |



I thought, when your cars or your luxury homes are chick magnets, you might be find a materialist girl ( like madonna LOL)

But if you nice and cool with your perform and girls are look after you..I think it's a blessed chick magnet..and you are so lucky… 

12:24 AM Aug 25 2009 |




12:21 AM Aug 25 2009 |



Saudi Arabia

smart brain , big heart , good salary , beautiful car


11:09 PM Aug 24 2009 |



I think that the best chik magnets are, quality chothes, good accesories like a necklace, bracelet, etc and a good salary or good job.

06:14 PM Aug 23 2009 |




here in the Philippines we call it "pogi points". Pogi points are materials that will attract women. like fancy cars, deginer clothings, cool gadgets. etc.

02:45 PM Aug 22 2009 |



Russian Federation

Ha-ha. And what ladies think about men magnet. In other words what makes woman attractive to men.

05:54 AM Aug 22 2009 |




 I know someone who's name is Usama and he is soooooooo thinking that he is a chick magnet while he is just customer magnet…. loool

03:32 AM Aug 22 2009 |




cool car and babe.

Hi watch your wheel


05:33 AM Aug 21 2009 |




I do agree, d material things may have affect on teens only

03:09 AM Aug 21 2009 |




To me the guy being like romantic, showing good sense of humor and inteligence its enough for to be a good chick magnet. but to the world actually what it really matters is to show material things cars, brand`s clothes and power.

11:17 PM Aug 20 2009 |

Guada. A.H.


Good looks's definitely on top of my list of chick magnets!!! Cool

07:15 PM Aug 20 2009 |



Russian Federation

Good cars, money, popularity, power, handsome appearance, intresting personality, etc.

06:32 PM Aug 20 2009 |

Cool English Teacher


The eyes of a guy are always chick magnets for me ;-) I let myself fall so easily… That's lame….lolololololSmile

04:05 PM Aug 20 2009 |



I think the best chick magnets are sense of humor and friendliness.

03:47 PM Aug 20 2009 |




yes ….that is a good opinion , the material thing expire..

03:37 PM Aug 20 2009 |

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