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Brainstorm English, baby! Video Lesson

Date: Aug 25 2009

Themes: Soap Opera, Work

Grammar: Present Perfect Progressive


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How things can change. It wasn’t too long ago that Devan’s friends were holding meetings because they were worried about her. Now, after getting last week’s surprise inheritance, Devan is the one calling the meeting.

Devan has brought all of her friends together to share ideas for the company she wants to start. When people get together and pull new ideas out of the air, it’s called a brainstorm. Devan’s friends are pretty creative. See what they come up with!

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Devan:  So I’m glad you guys could all make it down here. I have some really exciting news.

Dale:  What’s the news?

Marni:  Yeah. We can’t wait.

Devan:  Me and Jason are getting married. Just kidding!

Mason:  Whoa!

Dale:  Ah!

Devan:  No, no, no. Um…Much more exciting than that. I just inherited two hundred thousand dollars.

Mason:  What?

Marni:  Oh my God!

Dale:  Two hundred thousand?

Devan:  Some aunt that I didn’t even know I had.

Dale:  Is that just…Just straight two hundred thousand dollars?

Devan:  Two hundred thousand dollars.

Marni:  Wow.

Devan:  Me and Jason have been discussing it, and while I thought we should go on a shopping spree and then travel the world…

Marni:  Yeah.

Dale:  You’re gonna buy us all gifts, right? Like cars?

Devan:  Well…

Dale:  I want a boat.

Devan:  He talked some sense into me and said that we should start a business.

Marni:  Oh.

Dale:  OK.

Devan:  I would love…

Marni:  That’s responsible.

Devan:  And I was thinking that you guys could all come work for the business.

Marni:  Hmm.

Mason:  I’m not doin’ anything.

Marni:  Yeah.

Dale:  I’m about to quit my job and you quit already.

Devan:  But what kind of business should we start? That’s what we’re trying to figure out.

Mason:  Hmm.

Ella:  Dinosaur figurines!

Devan:  What?

Jason:  There’s these really cool balloons with holes in them. They’re like a donut shape. We could sell those.

Marni:  What?

Mason:  We should herd alpacas. That’s sustainable. ‘Cause they keep growin’ hair…

Dale:  Yeah.

Mason:  ...after you cut it off.

Marni:  Do you know anything about herding alpacas? I mean, land?

Mason:  I…

Dale:  We could knit.

Devan:  Look, this is not what I was thinking.

Jason:  I speak English though, right? So we could start a site where people learn American English.

Devan:  Yeah right.

Dale:  That won’t work.

Marni:  Yeah. Who cares about that?

Mason:  Lead balloon right there.

Devan:  Marni, please. I know you have a good idea.

Marni:  Well…You know, what about a site where you could actually meet people. Like a dating site for…Say an exchange student comes over here and they want to find an American boyfriend or girlfriend.

Dale:  Hmm.

Mason:  There’s a market for that.

Marni:  Yeah.

Jason:  We could call it, “American Dream Boat.” ‘Cause you’re trying to find your dream boat.

Dale:  Dot com!

Jason:  Yeah, yeah.

Dale:  Americandreamboat.com.

Devan:  I like the sound of that.

Mason:  Someone Google that. Is that a thing? Check that. We gotta get on that now.

Dale:  We gotta get on that.

Jason:  Alright, let’s check it out.

Marni:  I like it.

Dale:  Let’s do that.


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When Devan tells the group that she inherited a fortune, at first they expect her to spend the money on fun and crazy stuff. But when she explains that she’s going to start a business and wants them to be a part of it, they get serious.

Everyone has an idea, from Ella’s dinosaur figurines to Mason’s alpacas. But none of those sound like very good business ideas to Devan. They’re just so random. Finally, Marni suggests a dating site for people from other countries who are in the US and want to date an American.

Bingo! Everyone likes Marni’s idea and runs off to see if a business like that already exists. Do you have a great idea for a business? Do some brainstorming in the forum below and maybe you can meet your future business partners on Ebaby!



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it’s great to start a small business in a young age.. that have much time 

11:57 PM Feb 04 2013 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

in my opinion there just is onething , travelling around word and enjoy life.

07:10 PM Jun 16 2012 |




Yes,  practically  speaking,  we  cant  live  without  money.

12:59 AM Sep 22 2011 |



Actually,the mathod with brainstrom use for many situation that need to gather some ideas from many people,expecial in business company,every week monday morning,every colleagues attend the conference to discuss some new plan and share self point of view,i think some website also same as brainstorm ,like BBS ,forum

12:32 PM Sep 21 2011 |




I  love  the  idea  about  the  site  who  help  people  learn  how  to  speak  english.

11:55 PM Sep 20 2011 |

1 person likes this




Actually,the business is a difficult to do. I have many ideas to do it, But I can’t to do, somereason and someone is not support my ideas. I’m tried to go on.

06:47 AM Jun 26 2011 |



I think there are a lot website whish nearly the same thing. The better thing is to help some people around the world also animals.

08:26 AM Aug 20 2010 |




it's nice. I used the website too much on past. But Last 2 or more years I haven't done anything. So, what do you offer me to improve our talent again. We must be better under the all condition with each passing days. Not for own us. We have to behave like this for those who are around us. We have huge responsibilty…

Let's starting to business….. 

10:57 AM Jun 24 2010 |



Russian Federation

Hm…It's quite widespread servise, especially in the states. 

04:16 PM Mar 15 2010 |




Yeah! It's great idea about dream boat!

02:05 PM Dec 15 2009 |




I Support the marni`s idea,it`s sound great.some exchange student want to married with the american.because it`s a easy way to be a american.

08:53 AM Sep 28 2009 |



you r all rih mn.i’m a poor man.

06:53 AM Sep 16 2009 |




Great idea! Support, it is thought there are so many people in this world can make progress together!

03:11 PM Sep 15 2009 |



why?I didn’t think so.

03:29 AM Sep 15 2009 |




03:27 AM Sep 15 2009 |

mahmoud alali


If i have a lot money i would like to travail around the world.And pursue case the people (poor)ultimately we will rid of poverty

06:12 PM Sep 06 2009 |




 you're not the one then why does my soul feel glad today? If you are not mine would I have the strength to stand at all I never know what the future brings But I know you are here with me now don't u know…that is u !!!! ma friends ") I hope you are the one I share my life with 'Cause I miss you, it takes my breath away ;")

07:12 AM Sep 06 2009 |

this my life


ooo beatiful very very good because quiz same:):):):):):

07:33 PM Sep 04 2009 |

this my life


I think it is not good idea

04:19 PM Sep 03 2009 |




I think it´s not a good idea. There are to many websits which do nearly the same with much more money in the background. 200000 is to much money for a so risky bussines idea. I think it´s the best to invest it on the stock exchange untill i will have a better ideaCool.

07:51 PM Sep 02 2009 |

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