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500 Days of Summer

500 Days of Summer

Date: Sep 02 2009

Themes: Romance

Grammar: Adverbs


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Most romantic comedies begin with a couple meeting, go on to show them falling in love, and end with a wedding. It’s an old formula that some find perfectly adorable and others consider cheesy and unrealistic.

But the new movie 500 Days of Summer isn’t a typical romantic comedy. It begins with a break up, and then goes back in time to show what went wrong in the couple’s relationship. The male lead in the film is a hopeless romantic, but the girl is skeptical about love. She doesn’t think that true love really exists. For her, typical romantic comedies are just fantasies.

Some people think 500 Days of Summer is a realistic look at modern relationships. Find out if Mason and Ella think the movie does a good job of portraying love in the 21st century.


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Ella:  So, 500 Days of Summer, it looks like something you can really connect with now.

Mason:  That movie was basically genetically engineered to be lovable. Right? You take Zooey Deschanel, who’s like weapons-grade cuteness.

Ella:  Yeah, it’s true.

Mason:  And Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who is pretty adored. But he’s also a really serious actor, you know. But you can kind of tell he was just gonna play that likable card.

Ella:  And it talks about, you know, love in the 21st century. How there’s fear of commitment.

Mason:  Right. You know, it’s this typical thing, like guy who’s way sentimental, and he fell in love with someone and then got his heart broken. And he’s kinda trying to figure things out after that. It’s one of the universal tales.

Ella:  I mean, do you think it’s right to be skeptical about love, like the female character that Zooey plays?

Mason:  I’m dead on the inside, so yeah. Generally that’s my first instinct. But there was a time when I was bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.

Ella:  A hopeless romantic?

Mason:  Hopeless. Very, very hopeless. I wrote poetry. You know, I did that. I rolled that way. It’s not a proud moment for me.


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Mason thinks 500 Days of Summer must be likable, since it has such cute stars. Ella thinks the movie looks like something she could relate to. The female character is afraid of commitment and doesn’t want a serious relationship with the male character. She breaks his heart, and he has to try to get over her.

Mason says that he is skeptical about love like Zooey’s character. He jokes that he doesn’t have any feelings anymore. But he used to be more of a romantic.

Are you skeptical about love, or are you a hopeless romantic? How would you describe love in the 21st century? Are people more afraid of commitment than they used to be?



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I think people are usually sceptical not because of their careers but coz of having been hurted before. When you are in love you are always vulnerable and behave like a child. And it is pathetic, that's 100% true.

02:02 PM Sep 08 2009 |





12:39 AM Sep 07 2009 |




I am not skeptical about love.  In the 21st century love is less important than money. Most of people are easy to break their commitment . People are become more and more selfish compared with 20th century. Just only my opinion.

02:09 AM Sep 06 2009 |




09:20 PM Sep 05 2009 |



I am skeptical about love…there are so many divorces in marriage and to be cheated is something common nowadays…

04:08 AM Sep 04 2009 |



I think I would love this movie… I love the skeptical love of the girl…

03:07 AM Sep 04 2009 |



any lesson about romance is easy to understand..

03:04 AM Sep 04 2009 |




haha…Romantic comedy!!!it is my cup of tea!

500 Days of Summer sounds like an interesting and different story!i'll see it!

12:42 AM Sep 03 2009 |




Lately the love has been so selfish to the folks sometimes, some people want so much attention to them and forget the needs of the partner, i mean i believe that first of all i need to be happy with myself and then to make my partner happy so that way i hope to feel happy with him in a relationship. When i love someone im totally hopeless romantic and i am sure its kind of boring to my boyfriend sometimes, he is not as romantic as me.

11:48 PM Sep 02 2009 |




I´m totally dead inside, I´m so skeptical about love and I hardly believe I´ll live a movie love like those that a pretty girl fall in love for a handsome guy. Nowdays, girls are so selective and they´re not caring about having a family and to marry at a church(I´m not generalizing). It´s rare you see a girl who´s so emotive about love and so stuck in her boyfriend.

Maybe, it´s because of a commitment-fobia of our days and it seems to get worse every generation…

But, we´re have lots of odd man out!!


05:17 PM Sep 02 2009 |



boring movies

04:24 PM Sep 02 2009 |



Russian Federation

I’m not skeptical about love, but i’m not a hopefull romantic, not at all. To describe love in the 21st century is easy. Love is love and it doesn’t depend on the centuary if it’s real. But may be nowadays this feeling is not so valuable. Some peoople think that they can live without it and be happy. And I suppose they can. As for the commitment I think that if a couple is in love there is nothing to be affraid.

04:19 PM Sep 02 2009 |




nowadays the people have fear of commitment , why ?? well , depend of the culture , city , PERSON , so on.  there are people who still believe in the LOVE but these people i can count with my fingers of my hand. and also to have a commitment is bcs u have a bunch of money , bcs remember NO BODY LIFE OF LOVE.

MEDAS !!!!!


04:17 PM Sep 02 2009 |




why is  there not true love.  i always think it will come to me, and the only problem is time.

04:15 PM Sep 02 2009 |




I'm a skeptical about love… because i have a bad experiences in my life so.. for that reason a preffer being alone…

 I think its better…



03:12 PM Sep 02 2009 |

Natalia Queiroz


I have to admit a very, very ,very hopless romantic, sometimes i try avoid this, but I can't.


11:54 AM Sep 02 2009 |




It sounds a really touching story!!

11:50 AM Sep 02 2009 |




Wow, love is a permanent subject. I think everyone has or had a hopeless romantic, so did I. But now I think more about commitment.


In this case, environment make difference. The place you live, the culture around you, also your personality, make you different from others. So it's hard to say what the love is in nowadays. Basically in the city I live, I feel people is far more afraid of commitment than before.

06:07 AM Sep 02 2009 |



United States

I am not skeptical about love but a hopeless romantic. When I like a person , I would create alot of romantic atmosphere for that person I like but then I always get hurt in the end. how pathetic.. people would say.. I think in this century when people get older, they don't want to get married at a very young age because of there career and most of the men are fear of commitment when they don't earn a lot of money with their career..

05:15 AM Sep 02 2009 |



nice lession! and nice movie i  have been thank about love for a month, and finaly i realize some couples fall in love is just with love, so when that romatic disappear. it is just to be  left over responsibility or at last who dumped eatch other

03:35 AM Sep 02 2009 |

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