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Tegan and Sara

Tegan and Sara

Date: Nov 09 2009

Themes: Family

Grammar: Contractions and Abbreviations


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Some twins share a spooky psychic connection. They’re able to sense what the other is thinking or feeling. With chemistry like that, you can imagine that twins would make good bandmates, as long as they didn’t have any sibling rivalry.

Tegan and Sara are twin sisters from Canada. They’re also a two-woman indie rock band. Find out if Mason and Jason think Tegan and Sara use their twin superpowers for good or evil on their new album, Sainthood.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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Mason:  I was listening to the radio the other day, and I…a new song came on and I was like, “Oh I think that kinda sounds like Tegan and Sara,” ‘cause they have really distinctive voices. And it was, the announcer said afterwards, but I didn’t really pay attention. So now I gotta go seek out, apparently they’ve got a new album coming out.

Jason:  I think they do. I’ve also heard it on the radio, though I’ve never really followed them. They’re Canadian, right? What are they all about?

Mason:  They are, they’re this Canadian…I think they’re twins.

Jason:  Yeah, they’re identical twins. I saw it on TV.

Mason:  I know they’re both really cute, so that’s…I just kinda left it at that. But I discovered them, I’ll take credit for it of course, with their last album, The Con, which was great.

Jason:  Do you feel like their twin-ship affects their performance and songwriting?

Mason:  I can only imagine. I mean, they’re really tight. It’s kinda like a Simon and Garfunkel kind of tightness, where it’s like two people who understand each other so well and can express that musically. So the twin-ship, sisterhood sorta thing has to play a role.

Jason:  Gotcha.


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Mason loved Tegan and Sara’s album The Con. He was excited to hear a new song by them on the radio recently. The twin sisters from Canada have new album out called Sainthood.

Jason wonders if the fact that Tegan and Sara are twins affects their music. Mason says that they seem to understand each other and be really tight as a band. Their sisterhood probably has something to do with that.

Would you like to be in a band with one of your siblings? Do you think twins share a special connection?



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Humm I don't know,it woulb be great,'cause to treat with siblings is easier than to treat with strangers or friends,sometimes…There have many bands with siblings into it,but even so it didn't work ;)

01:59 PM Nov 14 2009 |




I think being twins is great, 'cause they have special connection. But I don't wanna have a twin sister, 'cause I already have two brothers. 

10:10 AM Nov 14 2009 |




I'd like to be in a band with one of my siblings, even though I don't have many, just one brother. Anyway, I am not sure if he'd like to be in a band with me, because I can't carry a tune. I've never thought about twins' special connection or relation, that's why I find it difficult to answer this question.

PS I can't help but wonder what "Sorry, I don't know have the time." means? (it's from the quiz ).

10:50 AM Nov 13 2009 |

s id

Saudi Arabia

God give twins  a special ability to filling every thing .

 if one of them be ill other one filling pain .

 they have every thing same.

and they have also deep understanding


07:39 PM Nov 11 2009 |




Love Tegan & Sara!! :)

04:34 PM Nov 11 2009 |




I'm sure twins have special connection which cannot make the reason clear scientifically.

Because they're identical twins, in other words, they're originally one and separated two.  So twins are lovely accident!

04:17 PM Nov 11 2009 |

glassy heart

Saudi Arabia

I HAVE TWINS FRIENDS  they love and cooporate with each other, its cool to have twin sis

03:01 PM Nov 11 2009 |




i always think twin-ship's amazing

01:24 PM Nov 10 2009 |




actually when something (expeciouly bad things )happan to one of ur family. u can have a feeling before happan ….i  feel something wrong or nervous or upset from my heart …. i thought about that issue before many times cz its true my mum and my sister also have forebode. i think its also belong to someone's sensitive of something…. family just like part of ur body.. how u cannt have a feeling about that….

09:51 AM Nov 10 2009 |




if i had a band with with bros , i would be great !!!

any in the drums , sam in the guitar , tony sings and me mmm , i'll be manager.

saludos !!!

07:42 AM Nov 10 2009 |




tegan and sara.yeah! you guys check them out!

10:54 PM Nov 09 2009 |



twins are unseperable. they can feel things especially when the other is in trouble.

09:52 PM Nov 09 2009 |

Cool English Teacher


Love Tegan & Sara!!! They rockSmile

06:49 PM Nov 09 2009 |




i do think twins have a special connection. I know some and they kind of feel what the other one is feeling, not all the time, but they're closer.

06:24 PM Nov 09 2009 |




It's nice lesson. thank you. now I have same new words for studying

04:25 PM Nov 09 2009 |



Russian Federation

I know some twins and they're so close, it's like they're one person!!!when I was a child I wanted to have a twin sister, but now I don't want somebody to lool like me!!!wanna be unique!

04:19 PM Nov 09 2009 |



 haha ,I am a big fan of Indie  pop and rock ,it's  refreshingly  melodious and  quite often ,kinda blue  .      

03:35 PM Nov 09 2009 |




personally making a band aside,i even don't launch any business with my sibling,to be honest.

01:33 PM Nov 09 2009 |

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