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Comparatives and Superlatives

Date: Nov 12 2010

Themes: Family

Grammar: Comparatives and Superlatives


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Wouldn’t it be cool to have a twin? You could play tricks on your friends and teachers by swapping places with your twin. You and your twin could wear matching outfits, ride a two-person bicycle, date other twins…The possibilities for fun seem almost endless.

There is just something fascinating about twins, especially if they are identical. Typically, twins have an incredibly close bond, since they share so many of the same experiences, starting before they’re even born. Some twins are even said to have a psychic connection.

Dale and Jeff have both known twins. Find out what kind of a bond they shared.



1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Dale:  Hey Jeff, do you know any twins at all?

Jeff:  Yeah, a couple good friends of mine from way back are twins. They’re not identical. They’re fraternal twins.

Dale:  Did they have that twin connection back in the day? They say that most twins can actually kind of communicate with each other by using their mind.

Jeff:  I don’t know about that. They’re both weird, but that could just be from coming from the same parents.

Dale:  Do they have a bond that’s kind of different from all the other siblings that you’ve seen?

Jeff:  I guess, I mean they shared the same experiences growing up at the same time. They’re pretty different actually, I don’t know, compared to other twins, like identical twins.

Dale:  Do you know any identical twins at all?

Jeff:  I do actually, yeah.

Dale:  And what do you think about them?

Jeff:  They definitely have a closer bond. They’re sisters, so maybe that’s a factor, too. But…

Dale:  Would you like to have a twin? Would you want to be a twin?

Jeff:  Well, it’d be nice to have somebody to share the same emotions with, maybe kind of as a form of support.

Dale:  Someone who looks just like you.

Jeff:  We could play some tricks on people.


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Both Jeff and Dale have known people who were twins. Jeff had good friends growing up who were fraternal, or non-identical, twins. He also knows some identical twin sisters. He says that the identical sisters were closer than the fraternal twin brothers, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that identical twins are always closer than fraternal twins.

Dale is curious about twins that share an intense bond. Some twins are even said to have a psychic connection. They not only look alike, they can also read each other’s thoughts and finish each other’s sentences.

Do you know any twins? Do they share an extra-close bond? Would you like to have a twin yourself?



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my father is a twin and his fraternal twin has had fraternal twins too!he told me, as it has been told to him-some people in my coutry, especially in my village believe that- that when born, twins have “four eyes”, two visible and the two others invisible; the latter allow them to communicate psychically until they reach a certain age of their childhood where it disappears. after that they still have a close bond, but not as strong as the beginning, since naivety and purity are gone i think..
me, i’d like to have twins, but identical ones. first of all because it’s one delivery for two babies :-), and finally matching clothes,tricks on friends and so on..

09:22 AM Sep 17 2013 |




i’ve just imagine having twins baby, will be a great thing maybe,, attempted me 2 be multitask mom. all day will be too busy with 2 baby,, oh,,god. i can’t imagine.. hope,, having a little daughter with a long-straight-black hair like her mom,, in my word is “unyu-unyu”,, will be more a life i think. ;-)

02:04 PM Mar 06 2013 |




i have seen a funny movie called <New York Minute>, it is telling the twin sisters.

i grow up with my twin sister. and we were going to school together from kindergarten to high school and at the same class. so my teachers can’t distinguish us :P   but now we are in the different university. 

and i think i am not alone growing up with my twin sister. so i hope i will also have a twin children, which is interesting! :P

02:17 PM Jan 25 2013 |



I’m twins myself

05:36 PM Dec 23 2012 |



I don’t know twins but I’ve read on books / internet the same things written above. So I imagine it could be funny to have a twin to exchange role and to confuse other persons; sometimes I remember some american comedy on tv that talks about funny stories tailored by twins: for example the classic story of oral test in classroom where one of the twins decide to take the place of the other one because he / she has studied muck more of the brother / sister and stuff like that. But I consider valid also theGobsmacker’s point of view: sometimes it could be annoying to have 24/7 a special bond with someone, always present with you, don’t you think so ?

01:04 PM Aug 14 2012 |

La Princesse de la vie


My friend has two identical twin of girls.. they are really cute.. Once I call on the home phone, I don’t know who of them speaks to me..Innocent

I think yeah, they share some mutual thoughts and deeds..

I like to have twin.. That’s really fun.. Laughing

09:07 PM Aug 13 2012 |




I love the twins kaulitz of tokio hotel band, everytime I see the interviews, there are things that they say and do at the same time, i love that, they always claim to know what is thinking the other at the time in which it thinks, I would like to have a twin, that would be great, we might to have each other forever.

08:11 PM Jun 15 2012 |

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Saudi Arabia

There is two kinds of twins 1- similar 2- non similar .

08:29 PM Jun 07 2012 |



I know quite a few twins but I never thought they shared a particularly close bond. However I know triplets and if you want to be friends with one of them you have to take on the other two as well. They depend on eachother. I wouldn’t mind having a twin. There would always be someone to share my secrets with and I would never be alone. Then again, I guess having a twin can be quite annoying sometimes for example when people constantly mistake you for the same person. Plus it’s bad to depend on other people and it would be difficult to distance myself from my twin.

07:47 PM May 11 2012 |




Yeah I’ve a cousin sister who has twins…
They really are amazing…
I enjoy alot being with them…
I say to her that I’d also love to have twins…

03:31 AM May 11 2012 |

it's me Riza


A twin baby is so cute and funny. Most twin baby wear the same clothe and attribute, but in different colour. It is so difficult to distinguish them.
My Father is twin. I was often wrong to know them.

The funniest story at that time. My Young sister were crying and run to my father’s twin and hold him while saying Cry Dad.. I want to buy Ice cream. and at the same time my father come in to the living room, and he laughed my young sister. My sister stopped crying and she was very shy. 

In my recent life I dont want to have twin baby . I am affraid I can not give full attention and affection. But, If GOD gives me Twin baby , I will be happy too, because I ‘m sure GOD Always Gives me the best in my life.

what about you ? would you like to have a twin baby ??? 

08:59 AM Feb 19 2012 |



Saudi Arabia

i have twin niece,they are so cute when they are get to gather,playing,fighting,actually,i love them most when they’re planning to their birthday,always they do activity togather,hopefully,i wish to got twins .

02:12 PM Jan 18 2012 |




Thx. that is very nice of you as usual…

07:56 PM Oct 02 2011 |




when I stay with them I kiss and bite them for the whole world ,may allah give you grand children soon ;}

07:34 PM Oct 02 2011 |




May ALLAH safe your twins Mrs. Zainabou they look like angelsKiss

kiss them for us:))))

11:31 AM Oct 02 2011 |



I ‘d like have a twins,but i haven’t ,i fond a more strange suitation like that more and more twins in nowadays,you know some twins by mecical means,so for now get twins earier than before,that’s why we have met many twins,you know if you want to get twins ,you need to pay the double to feed them,go to school,buy two houses and so on.  

11:35 AM Sep 27 2011 |




It’s amazing to have a twins around ,my grand daughters Ella and Mia {9month}are so cute ,identical but very different in caracter :}one of them is very active ,curious and moving all the time ,that’s why she is smaller than her sister who is so lazy ,she eats,smile and sleep :}}I donno if it is nice to have a sister or a borother twin for me I prefere to be unique :}}

07:19 PM Sep 26 2011 |

Old Yeller

Old Yeller

United Arab Emirates

i’d like to have it will be intresting thing to have someone like you

11:34 AM Jun 01 2011 |




I know friends who are twins and they develop special ways of communicating or invent their own words. They have the same hobbies or phobias, in other case have suffered the same sicknesses or accidents in the same point in their lives.

Parents of twins put the same clothes since they are children. But who they are adults looking for loking differents.

I would like have a twin  and experiments the differents situations or coincidences do happen all the time

04:02 AM May 26 2011 |




I'd like to have a twin.But my mother may not think so.hehe.  Today is Mother's day,best wishes to all mothers!!

10:10 AM May 08 2011 |

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