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recharge one's batteries

recharge one's batteries

Date: Mar 04 2010

Themes: Work


1. Quote - Listen to the quote and guess what the slang means.

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“It’s definitely time to recharge my batteries. I need to just live life, to be inspired by things again.”

- Singer and actress Beyoncé Knowles on taking a break from her crazy schedule. (USA Today)


1. Definition - Study the definition.

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relax or take a break to regain energy

2. Use - Learn how the slang is used.

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If anyone deserves a break, it’s Beyoncé. In the last couple of years, she has starred in movies, sung for President Obama at his inaugural ball, and received 10 Grammy nominations for her album I Am… Sasha Fierce. After all the hard work she’s been doing, it’s understandable that she would want to take some time off to relax and recharge her batteries. That’s why she recently announced that she is going take a six-month break before returning to the studio to complete her next album.

Beyoncé is lucky. She’s has enough money that she can recharge her batteries any way she wants. She might decide to soak up some sun on her yacht with her hubby Jay Z. Or the pair could just hang out at home in New York. Maybe Beyoncé would prefer to recharge her batteries by visiting a new city or spending time at a spa.

One thing is for sure: Beyoncé’s break won’t be permanent. She seems to be the kind of person who has a lot of energy and is always involved in a million different projects. Once she has finished recharging her batteries, you can expect her to get back to her music with fresh inspiration and enthusiasm.

What is your favorite way to recharge your batteries?


1. Examples - Hear some example sentences.

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“Watching a movie at home is a good way to recharge your batteries after a busy week.”

“Work has been really hectic lately. I need to take a vacation and recharge my batteries.”

“Mike likes to recharge his batteries with some beers and a football game.”


1. Winners - See who guessed the slang definition correctly.

02steffen It is when you just relax, and get energy back in the body? :D
by 02steffen
alfiya Its a time to have some rest..
by alfiya
Sezai to collect energy again
by Sezai
To take a rest...
by jean___michel
to recharge the batteries means to have a pause from the usual stress to rest
by monacovalentina
Moji_987 It means she needs to take a rest orrelax in order to get her energy and strength back again.
by Moji_987
take a break form activities that are tiring
by GlacialBaiser
nour_2 it means "get back my energy".
by nour_2
azaotl It's time to relax ... and take some kind of vacation from your main occupation...
by azaotl
huemar Take refreshment and gather energy to be productive again.
by huemar
gitzuL recharge my batteries is similar with having a break time to get refreshed before starting back the routines.. it could be a relaxing full-rest or just doing what we like neither with boundaries nor pressure.. :)
by gitzuL

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United Kingdom

The above article is best for who want to be benefited by the perks of digital technology I need to  that’s why she recently announced that she is going take a six-month break before returning to the studio to complete her next album.pay a minute checking out additional or understanding additional. Dissertations UK

08:11 AM Oct 09 2015 |



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09:07 AM Aug 22 2015 |

green masum


To Collect energy from opposite

10:12 AM Aug 05 2012 |




Hummm I love it hehe I usually to recharge my battereies doing simple things like wacthing tv or a movie…listening to music…dating…travelling by car…or simply lying on my bed hehe

01:24 PM Apr 03 2010 |




in order to recharge my batteries i workout every morning before to go the work. and the weekens i spend the time with my barbie doing little things jejeje

12:31 AM Mar 11 2010 |

Mebal Lee

Mebal Lee


if translated into chinese, "recharge one's batteries" means sorb new knowledge or strengthen your job knowledge.

02:12 AM Mar 10 2010 |



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09:16 AM Mar 09 2010 |




Ican understand that Beyonce hAs to recharge her batteries

11:34 PM Mar 06 2010 |

Shinichi Lover


I have already end recharge my batteries before two weeks ago :(

I am stadying now ..

02:22 PM Mar 06 2010 |

free to write


I have been charging my batteries for long time. I have been a stay home mom for long time. Now I look forward to use my stored power to build something satisfying and challenging.

09:35 AM Mar 06 2010 |



Nowadays I need to recharge my batteries.I m thinking of going somewhere has seaside and fresh air to recharge my batteries at the weekwnd .That will make me feel better again :)

06:37 PM Mar 05 2010 |




When I'm feeling gloomy and weak because of problem in my life, I used to recharge my batteries by hanging out with my closest friends. I definitely forgot my problems when I am with them, they inspired me and make me strong to stand firmly with my problems. They are really my true friends.

Beyonce is such a great singer and performer in the world of hollywood. I extremely admire her, she's very energetic and alive when she performed. Her single ladies song won in grammy, she deserved it.

12:41 PM Mar 05 2010 |



I like the color of her skin.<3

I have already recharged my batteries during my winter holidays. :)

12:37 PM Mar 05 2010 |



United States

I love Beyonce

12:56 AM Mar 05 2010 |



very beautiful picture

12:07 AM Mar 05 2010 |



I really got bored with hard work.So,I'd like to recharge my battries.

09:06 PM Mar 04 2010 |

*butterfly wings*

Saudi Arabia

Hanging out with friends is a good way to recharge my batteries

08:28 PM Mar 04 2010 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Iranians don't need to recharge their batteries , we have nuclear engine !!!

looooool  !!!   Cool

08:10 PM Mar 04 2010 |



I dont think she can recharge her batteries with her money, anyway

07:47 PM Mar 04 2010 |




recharge  (recharges 3rd person present) (recharging present participle) (recharged past tense & past participle )1  verb If you recharge a battery, you put an electrical charge back into the battery by connecting it to a machine that draws power from another source of electricity such as the mains. 
He is using your mains electricity to recharge his car battery.  V n 2 If you recharge your batteries, you take a break from activities which are tiring or difficult in order to relax and feel better when you return to these activities. 
recharge one's batteries    phrase V inflects 
He wanted to recharge his batteries and come back feeling fresh and positive.  

06:59 PM Mar 04 2010 |

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