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Make Up One's Mind

Make Up One's Mind English, baby! Video Lesson

Date: Aug 31 2010

Themes: Romance

Grammar: You're vs. Your


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Making a wise choice sometimes takes time. Thinking carefully about something can help you make the right decision. But eventually, you have to make up your mind.

When you make up your mind, you make a decision and stick to it. Someone might not like your decision and might ask you to change your mind. But you would have to tell them, “I’m sorry, my mind is made up.”

Ella has been on the fence for a long time about whether she should date Mason or not. Well, Mason is tired of waiting. He has decided to force Ella to make up her mind.

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Mason:  Excuse me, Ella? Could you join me in the conference room in a minute for an important meeting? Thank you.

Ella:  Okay.

Mason:  Well, Ella, I think you know why you’re here. It’s…I think it’s about time you made up your mind.

Ella:  About what? I mean, there’s no pending decisions?

Mason:  Well, I think you need to decide that we should be together. I mean…

Ella:  Whoa…

Mason:  It’s been kind of hanging out there, and I think I’ve made my intentions pretty clear what with the fact that I paid your student loans, and…I did that elderly modeling show for the elderly and, you know, I…you know, I massaged your cat for you, and…I feel like I’ve shown that I’m worthy. But yet you haven’t really given me a clear decision, so… You know, I even made friends with Jeff briefly, just so…

Jeff:  Hey! Hey, there she is! Ready to go to this beach party?

Mason:  Business meeting!

Jeff:  I’m sorry. Did I interrupt something?

Mason:  Official business is what you’ve interrupted and Ella, I think you are, you know, compelled, if not legally obligated to stay and finish this important conversation.

Jeff:  What’s this all about, Ella?

Ella:  Ahem, I’m kind of seeing Jeff.

Mason:  Is this… wait… you’re…

Jeff:  Yeah, we’re seeing each other, guy! You didn’t know?

Mason:  Is this true?

Ella:  Gotta go.


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Mason asks Ella to join him in the conference room. The other people in the office look surprised because Mason is the janitor—he doesn’t normally call meetings.

Once he and and Ella sit down, Mason says he wants her to make up her mind and finally decide to be with him. He explains that he has done her a lot of favors and waited a long time for her to decide and that he thinks it’s time she made up her mind.

Suddenly, Jeff arrives and interrupts the meeting. He is taking Ella to a beach party and wants to leave. Mason asks her to stay and finish the discussion. Then Ella tells him that she has already made up her mind. She has started dating Jeff.

Mason is surprised, but before he can learn more, Ella grabs Jeff’s hand and leaves. It seems that her mind is made up.

Do you think Mason should try to change Ella’s mind? Is there anything in your life that you need to make up your mind about?



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poor mason,i dont think mason need to change ella'mind ,and seems that she has made up her mind,and it is time to search the new relationship with someone for mason….

07:11 AM Oct 15 2010 |

Lee Yong Chan


I think Mason's behavior was too late.

Even though ella likes Mason,his expression of his mind is vague,she can't make up her mind.

01:59 PM Sep 30 2010 |



hi,how are you?

10:25 PM Sep 27 2010 |



Viet Nam

With my personality, I'll stop thinking about something that doesn't belong to me. I always have some pending decisions because things keep coming up and it's not always easy to make up my mind. But once setting foot on doing something, I'm kind of assertive and stick to that decision till the end.

01:58 AM Sep 26 2010 |




I feel so sorry for Mason. He better not try to change her mind, Ella made up her mind already. He better find someone else who desrves his love. As for myself, there were bunch of things that happened in the past that I need to make up my mind, like when my friends asked me to come with them overnight somewhere else – I said yes right away without asking mom first and then when I asked her she said no but I already made up my mind to come with them :)

02:45 PM Sep 21 2010 |




Funny :)) hehe

12:18 PM Sep 17 2010 |




 Mind has being made,it's  a done deal,you should really let GO.

08:42 AM Sep 10 2010 |




Seems Ella made her decision very clear…hehe,Mason just need to get over it..yup,he will be fine soon..

06:23 AM Sep 06 2010 |

Tariq Awwad


I don't think Mason should try to change Ella's mind, If he do that he is …....

02:45 PM Sep 04 2010 |




Well, actually I think it will be very difficult for Mason to change Ella's mind, as she looks quite sure about her choice! ...As for me, I'm often on the fence when I need to make important decsions, but finally I make up my mind and stick to it!!!

08:46 AM Sep 04 2010 |



Russian Federation

Of cause he should and first of all he should get rid of his red hat. Yes. I think this can be the reason why Ella is not with Mason! She just doesn't like his hat and may be instead of that she likes Jeff's hat. Who knows? One sure thing from the previous lessons Ella likes hats. So Mason just change it!Laughing

As for me I made up my mind to learn english to the degree I can frequently read, listen and speak on this language.


05:27 PM Sep 02 2010 |



Lao People's Democratic Republic

oh! what!.look it be as daed animals

02:52 AM Sep 02 2010 |



i agree with you mohan, mason should date another girl and he shouldn t try to change ella's mind he has not to force her to be with him

11:54 PM Sep 01 2010 |




i think ..mason should find another girl…

11:20 PM Sep 01 2010 |



A doll bird,a brilliant monkey.and a joking life.

01:38 PM Sep 01 2010 |



It seems obvious that Ella mind is made up and there is nothing else Mason can do to change it. Doing favour for a woman is not the only way to win a pretty woman heart. In my opion, i think Mason was trying to buy Ella love with his favors and doesn't work like that.

08:51 PM Aug 31 2010 |




Putz! that kidding with Mason! Ella was pretty dishonest with Mason…She made him waiting for a decision and nothing! come on Ella,poor Mason :P

I have nothing to decide or pending in my life…I'm pretty fast when I have to decide for something :)

07:56 PM Aug 31 2010 |

Snazz De

Snazz De

United Kingdom

ha ha ha hahaha


07:36 PM Aug 31 2010 |




poor mason !!!

04:11 PM Aug 31 2010 |



Saudi Arabia

many things in our lives need from us to

make up our mind in wisely way, I fell  bad for Mason because

he didn't relized  that she in to some one else

03:18 PM Aug 31 2010 |

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