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Make Up One's Mind

Make Up One's Mind English, baby! Video Lesson

Date: Aug 31 2010

Themes: Romance

Grammar: You're vs. Your


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Making a wise choice sometimes takes time. Thinking carefully about something can help you make the right decision. But eventually, you have to make up your mind.

When you make up your mind, you make a decision and stick to it. Someone might not like your decision and might ask you to change your mind. But you would have to tell them, “I’m sorry, my mind is made up.”

Ella has been on the fence for a long time about whether she should date Mason or not. Well, Mason is tired of waiting. He has decided to force Ella to make up her mind.

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Mason:  Excuse me, Ella? Could you join me in the conference room in a minute for an important meeting? Thank you.

Ella:  Okay.

Mason:  Well, Ella, I think you know why you’re here. It’s…I think it’s about time you made up your mind.

Ella:  About what? I mean, there’s no pending decisions?

Mason:  Well, I think you need to decide that we should be together. I mean…

Ella:  Whoa…

Mason:  It’s been kind of hanging out there, and I think I’ve made my intentions pretty clear what with the fact that I paid your student loans, and…I did that elderly modeling show for the elderly and, you know, I…you know, I massaged your cat for you, and…I feel like I’ve shown that I’m worthy. But yet you haven’t really given me a clear decision, so… You know, I even made friends with Jeff briefly, just so…

Jeff:  Hey! Hey, there she is! Ready to go to this beach party?

Mason:  Business meeting!

Jeff:  I’m sorry. Did I interrupt something?

Mason:  Official business is what you’ve interrupted and Ella, I think you are, you know, compelled, if not legally obligated to stay and finish this important conversation.

Jeff:  What’s this all about, Ella?

Ella:  Ahem, I’m kind of seeing Jeff.

Mason:  Is this… wait… you’re…

Jeff:  Yeah, we’re seeing each other, guy! You didn’t know?

Mason:  Is this true?

Ella:  Gotta go.


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Mason asks Ella to join him in the conference room. The other people in the office look surprised because Mason is the janitor—he doesn’t normally call meetings.

Once he and and Ella sit down, Mason says he wants her to make up her mind and finally decide to be with him. He explains that he has done her a lot of favors and waited a long time for her to decide and that he thinks it’s time she made up her mind.

Suddenly, Jeff arrives and interrupts the meeting. He is taking Ella to a beach party and wants to leave. Mason asks her to stay and finish the discussion. Then Ella tells him that she has already made up her mind. She has started dating Jeff.

Mason is surprised, but before he can learn more, Ella grabs Jeff’s hand and leaves. It seems that her mind is made up.

Do you think Mason should try to change Ella’s mind? Is there anything in your life that you need to make up your mind about?



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Interesting! Help us with pronunciation which one I think  it is the hardest part in the learning process of a language.

 English baby keep it up!

03:14 PM Aug 31 2010 |



Hong Kong


02:52 PM Aug 31 2010 |

karolina trzeciak



01:59 PM Aug 31 2010 |




to pilihuangjian:

very funny indeed. seeing sb 看上某人.

01:09 PM Aug 31 2010 |




perfect sentence Rebel Lee . you know, i like your sentence very much. come on!

01:07 PM Aug 31 2010 |




unfortunately i am not yet getting the meaning of "expr". does it mean phrase?who can give me a hand? thank you very much.

12:50 PM Aug 31 2010 |




I feel shamed about the idea that Mason want to change Ella's mind. Love one person ,do everyting you can do for her, you should not care whether it's worth to do . 

12:47 PM Aug 31 2010 |




i think that Mason shouldn't try to make Ella change her mind. because her mind was made up. i feel  there were too much things need we to make up. like what career, life styling, kid's education, parents's health, and so on.

12:42 PM Aug 31 2010 |




I’m always on the fence,it’s hard to make up my mind.but finally,there must be a decision whether it’s right or wrong.

12:37 PM Aug 31 2010 |

Amar pandey


I think, Mason should not persuade her to change her mind. It would be a kind of imposing oneself on another. and that is nod good for a relationship.

All he can do is just make her realize that he loves her and tha's all. Rest of the thing take care itself.

12:30 PM Aug 31 2010 |

rebel lee

rebel lee


Mason seems to be a good guy, but Ella doesn't. So, I don't think Mason should try to change Ella's mind, she doesn't worth it. There are lots of thing in our lives need us to make up our minds. For example, we have to decide which school to go, what kind of job do we want, and all other things.

12:23 PM Aug 31 2010 |



Sometiimes I make up my mind need fast, and some  times it needs to consider it, and I think once I make up my mind, I will change it accroding to my situation. But in the most of the cases, I will not change my mind until something big has happened!Cool

10:56 AM Aug 31 2010 |



Abosolutely, You’re breaking my heart!

10:49 AM Aug 31 2010 |



South Korea

We should make up our mind at everytime. 

at everymoment in our life , choice is laid before us. 


06:59 AM Aug 31 2010 |



Laughing XD

 A funny phrase.

"seeing sb."

I think I couldn't guess what it means from  it literally meaning。

05:52 AM Aug 31 2010 |



United States

No. I will not change anything in my life.

04:31 AM Aug 31 2010 |

Mint Zhao

Mint Zhao


poor Mason you are really a sweet guy, you deserve a better one.make up your mind start a fresh step^^

 by the way,this show is pretty funnySmile

03:16 AM Aug 31 2010 |



Mason shouldn't do anything to change her mind, cause he deserves to get someone else who falls into him, poor Mason. I've made up my mind of something and I'm glad I did it, hope it would make the rest of my life happy! :)

01:15 AM Aug 31 2010 |




Mason, I hope you'll find someone better for a good relationship. In this case, I can say: you deserve someone who deserves you.
And about Ella, someday she will say about you: What I did? I lost this guy!
Good luck, man.

12:53 AM Aug 31 2010 |




if i were masons' shoes , i would accept it as normal hoping to have one more pretty than ahaah lol :D ,, 

always that kind of people are betraying G…...... traitors ohhh heart ahaha 

 Mason dear, do not trust any one then lol hahah ^^ 

Mason just go to any sites to have many how deserves you , dating online


u better make up your mind leaving her as no thing happened to you  , it's no thing to keep them inside you ..

 mason it depends on money , ahah it's not about how much u care of haah 

the more u have $$$$ the more u love G G G G and +




12:35 AM Aug 31 2010 |

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