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go with the flow

go with the flow

Date: Nov 04 2010


1. Quote - Listen to the quote and guess what the slang means.

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“Joel and I are not big planners. We just kind of go with the flow with things.”

- TV personality Nicole Richie talking about her relaxed approach to life. (The View)


1. Definition - Study the definition.

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accept a situation, rather than try to change it

2. Use - Learn how the slang is used.

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If you are swimming and you try to swim against the current, you will have to struggle. But if you relax and go with the flow of the water, you’ll have a much easier time.

When you let life take you wherever it wants to go, like a river, you go with the flow. You don’t worry too much about making plans and following them precisely. If a problem comes up, you don’t stress. You just relax and let the problem work itself out on its own.

It’s not too surprising to hear The Simple Life star Nicole Richie say that she and her fiance Joel Madden like to go with the flow. She has a laid back look that suggests that she isn’t uptight. Nicole and Joel are getting married soon, but they aren’t stressing out over wedding plans. They are just taking it easy and going with the flow.

Do you go with the flow, or do you make lots of plans and get stressed if they don’t work out?


1. Examples - Hear some example sentences.

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“I’m tired of arguing with you. Could you please just go with the flow for once in your life?”

“I don’t really like Italian food, but since everyone else wants it, I can go with the flow.

“I’m a go with the flow type of guy. It helps me get along with everyone.”


1. Winners - See who guessed the slang definition correctly.

angie.liu do things casually
by angie.liu
BlueSkies They do whatever they feel like doing, depending on circumstances and there wants and needs at specific times .
by BlueSkies
Mostafa5 accept things as they come
by Mostafa5
to go with the flow means to let the things go without planning
by monacovalentina
Dess to be relaxed and live on not to try to change or control anything.
by Dess
rawdy22 we accept every things will happen with us .
by rawdy22
Manu4 To go along with the situation without planning
by Manu4
sajithbc to not have a particularly strong opinion on something, and thus follow the majority
by sajithbc
to do what other people are doing to be relaxed
by Miss Talant
ravaiano Just let things happens.
by ravaiano
to be taken by course of events, not worry about what we should do (sometimes crucial for survival :)
by bystander :-)

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Certainly I'm a go with the flow type of guy…I deal with the most of thing like that,but sometimes I like to plan too and when my plans don't work out it drives me crasy! :P

11:20 PM Jan 12 2011 |



Syrian Arab Republic

that's what i am doing these days,

i started to hate planning

04:49 PM Nov 18 2010 |



if we dont care nothing (exception our health,our families) we can go with the flow

12:58 PM Nov 10 2010 |



Russian Federation

If I have a plan I prefer to realize it. And if smth goes wrong of cause I don't like it. But even though it's not the reason for me to stop doing what I have planed and go with the flow.   

08:48 PM Nov 06 2010 |




go with the flow when you know where you are going ,do it whene it's clear, but do not do it when it's about the problems, so planning to go with the flow.

04:13 PM Nov 06 2010 |

sayed mohamed


its so enjoyable lesson ,i have benefited from this lesson and from now i will go with the flow . i have never stressed over something or made plans to organize my life >>>>>>.. its easy life

10:00 AM Nov 06 2010 |




...Every choice you make
When you're lost
Every step you take
Has it's cause…It's Gonna Make Sense lyrics Michael Learns To RockThe lyrics above got me think that everything's happening to me, they are the results of what I've done in the past. So Having plans can bring things that you want in the future, but not everything.

02:50 AM Nov 06 2010 |




take it easy

12:08 AM Nov 05 2010 |



Yeah. Good wxpresion, and better to go with the flow, but some times you get angry of something.

We try to go with the flow.

11:28 PM Nov 04 2010 |



Saudi Arabia

I think i'm that type of guy.

actually going with the flow  is great manner with your family , friends ….etc

but at the things you must decide about it is bad way.

09:08 PM Nov 04 2010 |

Mariana Navarrina


This Can be good or not, because in any situations we can't " to go with flow". 

08:05 PM Nov 04 2010 |



so things whithout planing and take it easy

06:10 PM Nov 04 2010 |

bystander :-)


It's so easy to go with the flow when you're happy.

05:16 PM Nov 04 2010 |


Syrian Arab Republic

" to say : no problem to everything you face in your life!!!!


04:04 PM Nov 04 2010 |



Saudi Arabia

try as you can if you could not go with the flow.

02:04 PM Nov 04 2010 |


Viet Nam

to go with the flow is very interesting!!!! It's teenager's hobby :P

12:53 PM Nov 04 2010 |




it would be so negative to go with the flow.

12:27 PM Nov 04 2010 |




"To go with the flow" seems to be a good idea. But we need to take care, because some times it leads us directly to a big waterfall. The effort precedes the success, not only in dictionary.We can't use the points out of the curve as a rule.I prefer to tell that they are living a good moment.

May God bless you all.

12:17 PM Nov 04 2010 |



the 2nd option is  right up my alley =P

12:11 PM Nov 04 2010 |

abou setit

abou setit



12:01 PM Nov 04 2010 |

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