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Dance Music
Dance Music

Learn how to use the passive voice.

Date: Dec 06 2010

Themes: Music, Party

Grammar: Passive Voice


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There are a few different things that can make or break a party, but one of the most important elements is the music. So, when you want people to dance, what is the best kind of music to play? Is it music with a great beat that makes even the shiest people at the party bob their heads and tap their toes? Is it the top 40 songs everyone can recognize and sing along to? Or is it classic songs with well-known dance moves, like “Thriller”? Find out what kind of music makes Dale and Jeff bust a move.


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Dale:  Alright, Jeff, do you like to dance?

Jeff:  Yeah, it takes a few drinks sometimes, but…

Dale:  And if you do dance what kind of like… do you use dance moves or do you just have like whatever you feel like doing?

Jeff:  I guess it’s a mix of both, half serious, half joking.

Dale:  What kind of music do you listen to, to dance to?

Jeff:  I guess all kinds, but…I don’t know, a lot of it’s like club music, 4/4 beat, what people generally think of as dance music. I don’t know, sometimes soul.

Dale:  Usually when you have a good beat sometimes, that’s when people start to dance more?

Jeff:  I’d say the beat’s the main thing. But you know, sometimes it’s kind of the reverse, like people wanna do certain moves and certain songs have certain moves.

Dale:  Like “Thriller”?

Jeff:  Yeah, there you go. I’m trying to think of other ones. Well, “The Macarena.” It’s pretty old, but you know, that’s kind of an example.

Dale:  That’s the one that’s still played in certain clubs and people still go crazy for it.

Jeff:  Oh yeah.


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Jeff likes to dance, although he sometimes likes to have a drink or two to loosen him up first. He’ll dance to any kind of music as long as it has a good beat, but he especially likes dancing to soul.

Some people always do the same moves when they dance. They might use flashy moves, or basic moves that feel comfortable. Jeff likes to do a combination of serious and goofy moves. He doesn’t like to take himself too seriously on the dance floor.

What kind of music makes you want to dance? Do you have any special moves?



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Libyan Arab Jamahiriya

th dance is beautiful thing ,it’s give me alot of energy &make me happy.. i love do this alone in my room ..what ever the words ” in dance i love a music that have ,alot of moves ♥

07:36 PM Sep 29 2013 |




I hardly ever listen to dance music,although it has power to blow my friends’ mind,I can still not get the same feeling with them:( Maybe it’s because I’m a pop punk lover.

04:46 AM Jan 20 2013 |

Love off

Love off

Iran, Islamic Republic Of

when i go to the party i can’t stoped  i just dance and dance with all the musics,in all times after my dance i’m very very happy.

06:03 AM Oct 16 2012 |




electro and house music of course make me bust a move automatically ..lol may be rock sometimes 

04:14 PM Mar 26 2012 |



when i am dancing, i like fun and not to take it too seriouslyLaughing

10:17 PM Oct 15 2011 |




Well, here in Argentina a good party has to have reggaeton, cumbia, cuarteto (similar to merengue), I can’t resist dancing to this music!!

06:54 PM Jun 22 2011 |




I like salsa and latin dance…Nice to see them dance well.. Once my friend teach me basic salsa dance and when he asked me to do turn around moves, I got dizzy… then I have to stop for a while lol  . 

05:34 PM May 22 2011 |




I really love dancing…Formely I really like to dance like “dance steps in”,here in Brazil in 80’s in the clubs it was usually dancing pop rock,funk and house…Today I love dancing in couple…Rythm like brazilian samba,Forró,Zouk and a little salsa…Here we called this form of dancing “ballroon dancing” ;)

See in my profile some videos about this dancings :)

12:05 PM May 13 2011 |



Serbia and Montenegro

I love the pop music, it turns me on…. As for the moves on the dance floor, i use my arms a lot, and the lower part of the body not so much…. :)

02:30 PM Apr 22 2011 |

Allen moon


i like dancing, and recentlly, i am learning dance.such as Rain and so on.

07:14 AM Dec 13 2010 |




I love dancing! Cool

08:15 PM Dec 07 2010 |



I like merengue and hip hop


04:49 AM Dec 07 2010 |

quick to pardon


I didn't understand, how can I use passive voice

09:19 PM Dec 06 2010 |




I like soft country type musics …

06:19 PM Dec 06 2010 |



I love electro, dance, house!!! Reggaeton (a music genre I don´t like at all because it sounds always the same) makes people get crazy!!!

I really thinks that what makes a party great is not the music or the place but the people. You can be in a fashion disco in an amazing place, but if people is not in the mood, for sure the party will be a major disaster!!

 I miss the nightlife!!!

04:52 PM Dec 06 2010 |



Viet Nam

I think the atmosphere is most of an element to make someone bust a move. music is like a complementary factor though. 

I like to follow the majority when it comes to dancing as actually i have no special dance move. :)

03:11 PM Dec 06 2010 |



I don't know how to dance. Actually, I've never danced.

Music with beat is alway good. It makes you want to move, It makes you happy and positive. When you are in a party, of course, music with beat is what you want. When you are alone, maybe you would like some music which is slow and gentle.

03:02 PM Dec 06 2010 |

Nicte ha

Nicte ha


Last year, it was easy to found this song in many clubs, those r called here "antros":

"Pásame la botella" (give me a drink)



02:58 PM Dec 06 2010 |



Saudi Arabia

i have not kind of moves but good music let me dance

02:18 PM Dec 06 2010 |




If you are between friend and the athmosphere is cool then you can dance for almost every kind of music.

I usually use simple moves on the dance floor.  

12:46 PM Dec 06 2010 |

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