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takes the cake

takes the cake English, baby! Video Lesson

Date: Jan 13 2011


1. Quote - Listen to the quote and guess what the slang means.

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“It’s the best joke I’ve ever heard. It takes the cake.”

- Ella after hearing Beren tell a joke.

2. Video - Watch the video before learning the definition.


1. Definition - Study the definition.

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is the best, most extreme

2. Use - Learn how the slang is used.

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What could be more fun than a dance competition? Winning a cake in a dance competition! That would take the cake.

Back in the 1800s in the southern part of the US, there used to be dance competitions called cakewalks. The winners got to take home a big cake! When someone gave a good performance, people watching would say, “Oh wow, that takes the cake. They will win for sure.”

Now, you don’t have to be dancing to take the cake. You just have to do something well or be the best at something. If your friends tell you that your singing voice takes the cake, it means that it’s the best they’ve ever heard. If they tell you your new dress takes the cake it means they think it’s really cool.

As you can see, usually when something takes the cake, it doesn’t involve any actual cake. When Jason overhears Ella say that Beren’s joke takes the cake he decides to go out and take a cake for himself. He steals one from a store, but when he brings it back, his friends aren’t impressed. In fact, as the police look for Jason, his friends say that of all the dumb things he’s done, this one takes the cake.
Have you seen or done something lately that just takes the cake? Do you think Beren’s joke is funny? What joke do you think takes the cake?


1. Examples - Hear some example sentences.

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“I’ve seen a lot of good movies, but that one takes the cake.”

“Wow, that song takes the cake. It’s definitely the best song by this band.”

“I thought Tokyo would be a fun city, but this takes the cake. I am never leaving.”


1. Winners - See who guessed the slang definition correctly.

Karo1109 To be the best or very superior to other things.
by Karo1109
Gaby313 it's outstanding.
by Gaby313
AĐA If someone great, or the best :)
by AĐA
it is the best thing in other words it attracts everyone so much
by woodpeacker
ranks number 1
by Bitten by an Arab bug
jerryjeff Better than the average ones, cannot be surpassed or equalized.in this case extremely hilarious.
by jerryjeff

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what are they doing?

01:27 PM Nov 16 2013 |



nice one englishe baby .

01:33 AM Jul 27 2013 |



nice one englishe baby .

01:33 AM Jul 27 2013 |



Syrian Arab Republic

nice slang thanks english baby

09:49 AM May 05 2013 |

Tik Lai

Tik Lai


Ha! I think this video takes the cake!^^

01:54 PM Jan 05 2012 |

Khine Shein


This lesson takes the cake.

01:48 PM Sep 30 2011 |




through my hard work ,i believe i will take the cake a short time later.

10:19 PM Jul 31 2011 |

Natalia 1979


the best

11:14 AM Mar 13 2011 |

1 person likes this


United Arab Emirates

the best thing seen or heard ever !! :)

07:42 PM Feb 27 2011 |

nasrin jojo

Iran, Islamic Republic Of

i enjoyed of this story..it is very interesting:-)

08:39 AM Feb 01 2011 |



I`d say taking the cake means the best thing among others. It could be something what we`ve heard or seen. Something really outstanding¡.

11:32 PM Jan 17 2011 |


United States

i really enjoyed this story.

09:49 AM Jan 15 2011 |



Viet Nam

It's a strongest person.They have a wonderful capacity which anybody can't beat them…or a strongest thing which is in top…

03:53 PM Jan 13 2011 |


Dominican Republic

this one take the cake definitely. very hilarious I really enjoyed it

03:45 PM Jan 13 2011 |



some thing over imagination.

01:48 PM Jan 13 2011 |

charming princess

Saudi Arabia

that was hilarious . It takes the cake ! loooooool

09:45 AM Jan 13 2011 |



Saudi Arabia

Really Jason deserve to takes the cake,that so hilarious

08:42 AM Jan 13 2011 |



Lately I did an importation of goods from China, it takes the cake.

Yes I think Boren's joke is funny, 'cause they changed the meaning of that phrase, anyway he takes the cake althoug it was stolen.



04:37 AM Jan 13 2011 |




04:28 AM Jan 13 2011 |

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