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Arcade Fire

Arcade Fire

Date: Jan 17 2011

Themes: Alternative, Music

Grammar: Adjectives


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The indie band Arcade Fire doesn’t do anything small. It has seven members and almost all of them play more than one instrument, ranging from the piano to the hurdy-gurdy. Their live shows are dramatic productions that can feel more like a theater or circus act than a concert. And their reputation is anything but small, too. All three of their albums, including their latest record, The Suburbs, have been nominated for Grammy Awards. Find out why Arcade Fire is one of Marni’s favorite bands.


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Marni:  So, I saw a super awesome concert recently, Arcade Fire.

Devan:  How was that? I heard they put on an amazing live show.

Marni:  They do put on an amazing live show. I have to say, I’ve seen them several times, and they just…they have brought the stage show to its ultimate. It’s sort of like a combination of theater and music. They have so much energy and are constantly switching instruments. They just…I don’t know, there’s something very unique about them.

Devan:  They have a lot of members, right?

Marni:  They do have a lot of members. And I think pretty much all but Win, the main guy, switches off instruments constantly. It’s impressive.

Devan:  And they’re…I’ve heard a lot of critical acclaim for their new album. No surprise, I feel like every album they put out is very popular and makes a bunch of top ten lists.

Marni:  Yeah, I think they’re on the cover of Spin magazine as what kind of indie band is this, because they’re so successful. But I have to say, what really struck me is how humble they were. They kept talking about how much they appreciated people coming out to their shows, and how they know there’s so many bands to go see. I think they just have a lot of integrity.


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Marni recently went to an Arcade Fire concert. She says the band puts on an amazing live show. Seeing them perform is almost like going to the theater. Marni is especially impressed by how many instruments the band members play. Nearly all the musicians switched instruments throughout the show.

Devan says that Arcade Fire has gotten a lot of critical acclaim, not only for their new album The Suburbs but for previous albums as well. Some reviewers have even questioned if they can still be called an “indie” band, since they are so popular and successful.

What is your favorite band to see live? What do you think makes a great live show?



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I really adore Iron Maden and here in Brazil,more specific in Brasilia (capital of Brazil) they did a big show here for 3 times and I went in all of it…

I remenber when I don’t knew them and I went in my first show in Rock n Rio 1 (1985) and by coincidence I was in them show,It was pretty awesome!

So In 2001 they was in Rock n Rio 3 in the same place and couse I was there! hehe

11:25 PM Feb 16 2012 |


El Salvador

some people is mad at this band cos some guys think that justin bieber should have won the grammy award…. what do ya think!!! i thought that bieber would be awarded jejjejej but only  critics would know why he didnt…. I have never heard of such a band until yesterday in the grammy awards !!!

10:01 PM Feb 15 2011 |



Arcade Fire is my latest favourite musical discovery. Their last album, The Suburbs, is one of its kind.I specially love " Modern man, Rococo and The Suburbs. They're my favourite song of the album. 

02:21 PM Jan 25 2011 |

jerry bourne


i don't know anything of them!

03:40 PM Jan 17 2011 |




A live show would be great if the band derive pleasure from the its own music

11:40 AM Jan 17 2011 |




Probably the "matchbox 20", "RHCP" or "linkin park"...

A great live show needs people on the stage and off the stage keep in sync…

Arcade Fire might be realy sucessful in live show, but I prefer less switching instruments show more music, after all it's not talent show.

05:22 AM Jan 17 2011 |

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