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Nuclear Power
Nuclear Power

Learn the present progressive tense

Date: Mar 18 2011

Themes: News

Grammar: Present Progressive Tense


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The huge earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan recently have had many devastating effects for that country and its people. One of the most frightening effects of the disaster has been a nuclear crisis at the Fukushima power plant.

The crisis at Fukushima has made many people wonder about the safety of nuclear power. It is a clean source of energy, and major accidents are rare. But when problems do occur, as rare as they might be, they can cause terrible destruction. Find out if Marni and Mason think nuclear power is worth the risk.


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Marni:  Mason, I am totally freaking out.

Mason:  Do you have Bieber fever?

Marni:  No, this is serious actually, this is quite serious. So, you know about the horrible earthquake in Japan, obviously?

Mason:  Yeah.

Marni:  And no there’s been an explosion at one of the nuclear power plants, and they’re predicting there could be nuclear fallout in Japan, and, you know, the winds carry that contaminated air right over the Pacific, into our lovely area. So, not only is it horrible for the people in that area but it could also have horrible ramifications for everyone, all over the globe!

Mason:  Yeah, it doesn’t sound awesome, but I mean, you know, it’ll probably work out OK.

Marni:  Are you serious? I mean, don’t you think a huge meltdown and evacuations is cause for panic and alarm?

Mason:  I mean, it’s not the best, but, you know…I mean, it’s not like the nuclear power plants of today are like the ones of 40 years ago. They’ve done a few things, they’ve got more security measures. People are better equipped to respond in these scenarios, I’d like to think.

Marni:  I don’t know, I’m pretty freaked out.

Mason:  At this point, we just hope for the best, right?

Marni:  I guess. God, you’re optimistic.


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Marni is worried about nuclear fallout crossing the Pacific Ocean and contaminating the air where she lives. But Mason doesn’t think she should worry. He is optimistic that everything will turn out OK in Japan and the rest of the world.

Marni thinks nuclear power is unsafe. She is worried about the dangers of nuclear power, not only in Japan but throughout the world. But Mason thinks nuclear power plants are much safer today than they used to be. He isn’t as worried as Marni about the dangers of nuclear power.

Do you think nuclear power is safe? Should we stop using nuclear power?



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Russian Federation

The advantages of developing nuclear power are obvious, but it must be used оnly in a safe and peaceful way.

05:37 AM Sep 14 2013 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

.it is right of all countrys

11:15 PM Aug 25 2013 |


Russian Federation

I think we should use nuclear power. During design, construction and using these stations we should pay much attention. Probability of mistake or disaster should be reduced by using high knowledge and equipment. But We should increase a level of natural energy – wind, water, sun and so on.

03:38 PM Oct 31 2011 |

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Yes, we should stop using nuclear power, there are a lot of ecological ways for use energy, like wind mills, water dams, solar panels, etc. The nuclear power dangerous and contaminant too.

05:35 PM Jun 10 2011 |



yes,with proper protection if we can use the neuclear power for producing the energy we may finish the war for gas as well we can safe many lives accross the world


03:52 PM Jun 02 2011 |



hi,i'm mohamed how are .i think you are right ,its a big disaster when the nucliar get explaos 

03:35 PM Apr 25 2011 |

Rachel study


As we all know the situation is out-of-control now…I'm pretty freaking out…

Though we have got more security measures, I still can't help thinking the damage once something out of control would happen,especially in China…I'm not risk seeker.

03:46 AM Apr 13 2011 |



For me nuclear power is absolutely necessarry in improving the quality of life of all creatures in the world. Nevertheless, it's been apparent to all that it has a potentially destructive danger to all creatures. Well…..let me suggest….it's time to think of more safe and friendly alternative way to exchange the use of nuke power. I believe there are many genious people out there…...aren't they? :-)

05:17 AM Mar 25 2011 |




Humans, Humans, Humans,They have huge greed.  As you know, most of power countries such  as France, UK, Rusian, Chine, Japan  and others have  Nuklear Power Plants. All of the people and countries only thinks power. They are only think power and energy. When we will the see this destruction of the nature and world. We are responsible of future childeren. We must be to say "stop" Nuclear Power.  

09:44 AM Mar 23 2011 |



I dont think that nuclear power is safe and neither I dont think we need this kind of energy in our lifes… There are so many researches that looking for others kinds of power sources… Green energy… I would invest in that.

Ive visited Hiroshima Museum once in Japan… It is terrible what can happen with human being when nuclear power get out of control…

02:13 AM Mar 23 2011 |

javier armando


I guess that nuclear power isnt safe as it seems due its devastating effects not only in health but also in enviroment, but we must admit that it is  the major way to get huge amount of energy in this quick developing world.

I dont guess we should stop using this source of energy ,for it would mean to stop the development of our planet , but security measures should be improved taking on account this incidents at forward.

01:52 PM Mar 21 2011 |



I'm really sad for what happened this time in Japan. The tense situation at Fukushima power plants has not been over yet. I think nuclear power is beyond human technology. Of course we need energy, but  I believe we can do without it.

09:54 AM Mar 21 2011 |




 Nuclear power is not save.Because the nuclear explosions are very destuctive.

08:55 AM Mar 21 2011 |




insallah Konul…

11:34 PM Mar 20 2011 |




God save him inseallah…PRAY FOR THEM. It is very horrible situation…I do not say leaking still of the nucleus base..

11:31 PM Mar 20 2011 |




The people are selfish and stupid. All the time, we destroy ourselves and the earth, but we hope always that it will be all right, we have everything under control. The hope is good and it gives us a reason to life, isn`t it? The human is a poison for all creature  and we apologise destruction with belief and hope.

Long life the human! 

05:48 PM Mar 20 2011 |




It's probably true that nuclear power now is much safer than in the past. I just think that people in each country should decide about the possibility of exploit this source of energy. Of course, governments must do everything possible to prevent the risk of disasters.

02:31 PM Mar 20 2011 |



Viet Nam

Maybe I'm kind of coward but I'm really worried about all the disasters we are actually facing. Is the prophecy of 2012 for real? I just hope humans are clever enough to stop in time.

02:06 PM Mar 20 2011 |

Mody Hu

Mody Hu


Mason is right,there is nothing to worry about,if there is really nuclear fallout,we couldn't go anywhere,aren't we?The only thing we can do is be stronger,much stronger….....

11:09 AM Mar 20 2011 |

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