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Ready for an Emergency
Ready for an Emergency

Modal Verbs

Date: Jun 10 2011

Themes: News

Grammar: Modal Verbs


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Between the record-breaking earthquake and threat of nuclear meltdown in Japan, and the tornadoes and floods that have been wreaking havoc across the US, it’s starting to feel like a disaster can, and will, strike at any moment.

We all hope that we won’t have to face an emergency like a major earthquake, flood, hurricane, or fire. But many people feel that it’s better to be safe than sorry. That’s why they’re storing things like food, water, and gasoline. They’re also making plans about where to go and how to reach their families in case a disaster makes it impossible for them to get home. Find out if Dale and Ella are prepared for an emergency.


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Ella:  Are you ready if an emergency were to occur, if some type of disaster were to happen? ‘Cause I am.

Dale:  I am, too.

Ella:  Are you? Good.

Dale:  Absolutely. After the tsunami, after the tornadoes, we know to go to one spot. That’s our number one preparation.

Ella:  I mean, do you think there’s ever a point of people being too prepared, or too paranoid? Or just like, constantly concerned? I mean, I always have a first aid kit or something in my car, but…

Dale:  So fill me in, how can somebody be over-prepared?

Ella:  I don’t know, have you seen people like stockpile gallons and gallons of food and gasoline for this possible disaster that’s gonna happen, though we don’t know when it’s gonna strike?

Dale:  They’re telling us that we should prepare for three days, and that’s minimal.

Ella:  I mean, what’s realistic? What do you got planned in case of a disaster?

Dale:  Just three days worth of stuff, some food, first aid kit. And an evacuation plan, basically going to a central location where your family can all meet. Things do happen. So in my mind, it’s better safe than sorry.


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Ella asks Dale if he is prepared for an emergency. He says that his family’s top priority was coming up with a place where they would all meet in case they became separated during a disaster. He thinks the most important thing is for them to all be together.

Dale also has enough food and water stored to last for three days. He thinks that this is the minimum that people should do. But Ella thinks it’s possible to go overboard with emergency preparations. She says that some people are too paranoid about the possibility of a disaster.

Is your family prepared for an emergency? What do you think people should do to prepare for a possible disaster?



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No, we are not ready for such emergecy…:( 

But, I would like to thank you for sharing such topics which makes us aware about such problems…..keep going..!! I took a lesson from this topic that I have to ready for such emergencies…. after all it’s better to safe than sorry.

Thanks again!! 

01:59 PM Jul 06 2012 |





I think that it is very hard to happen in my country(Brazil), because we never felt a big earthquake, and the hurricane that passed near our land bring some problems, but not a big problems.

But we have some flooding in determinated areas.

Well it’s hard! everywhere has their problems!!

11:15 AM Jun 15 2011 |




I think we should have all emergency supplies  during the disaster. I mean we must to be ready for all types of nature  accidents, catastrophes.

01:00 PM Jun 13 2011 |




Portugal was never striked by a disaster and I hope it never happens… Because I think we are not prepared for it… We have some stock of supplies like food, but just because we are not everyday going to the shop… I think in case of disaster people should have always supplies of food and I agrre with a place (safety place) to be together with our family… I can’t imagine how it’s like “I don’t know if my family is alive”... This scare me!!

12:33 PM Jun 13 2011 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

while shits happen, just let it happen.

09:26 AM Jun 13 2011 |

1 person likes this




disasters that are from god pray to him for save from such disastres

08:29 AM Jun 13 2011 |



I like you!

01:57 AM Jun 13 2011 |



I  like you!

01:54 AM Jun 13 2011 |



In Mongolia, there is snow disaster in winter time because it`s very cold and there is also flood during summer if there wasn`t much rain and all on a sudden there was gallons of rain. We don`t know when and what type of disaster strike my town, so especially after this tsunami in Japan and tornados in US, we all are aware now that have have to prepare in some certain way. It`s better safe than sorry.

11:52 PM Jun 12 2011 |




I am not ready for an emergency, but I think that in a disaster it is better keep  calm,  it is not advisable to leave to running. also it is good stay in a sure place in house or apartment.

11:35 PM Jun 12 2011 |

Big Dream

Big Dream

Russian Federation

I’m agree with Kae11. I don’t give a damn about that shit. I’m always trying to think positive. I never think about something like that. If I’m destined to die because of earthquake then I will, anyway.

06:19 PM Jun 12 2011 |



No, what must prepare.. ?

Be blessed everyone :)

02:48 PM Jun 12 2011 |




I agree with afufu. Disaster will be happen without ur expection, and u cannot prepare enough for it. And the big one, no matter what u prepare, it’s just useless

And I think the best way is have a good time now, treasure today, don’t have any regret till tomorrow.

02:02 PM Jun 12 2011 |



I am not prepared for an emergency. I believe that a disaster could happen any moment, but I don’t think we should be paranoid. Because a famous saying is that: if it’s a big disaster, you can not run away; if it’s a small disaster, you don’t need to run.

06:06 AM Jun 12 2011 |



Don’t forget to save the animal!

02:54 AM Jun 12 2011 |



I’m not prepared for disasters. It’s difficult to happen disasters here where I live. In order to prepare for a possible disaster I think people should store water and non perishable food and they should have a first aid kit.

09:49 PM Jun 11 2011 |



Saudi Arabia

they need keep necessary things.

09:30 PM Jun 11 2011 |




Disaster preparation is really necessary//store some urgent needs//being aware of evacuation plan where all members of family should meet each other//in this way you can be winner//

07:40 PM Jun 11 2011 |

kane charles


i do not wanna see the 2012 will be the truth, and if it comes, we will die all. but we could deal with some little emergency…

06:35 AM Jun 11 2011 |



Saudi Arabia

i wish all place in the world are safe :)

06:03 AM Jun 11 2011 |

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