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Getting Old in Hollywood
Getting Old in Hollywood

Zero Conditional

Date: Mar 30 2011

Themes: Celebrity

Grammar: Zero Conditional


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Getting old is bad enough without having to worry about whether or not you’ll lose your job because of a couple of extra wrinkles. But in Hollywood, that’s exactly what can happen.

Actresses in particular have trouble getting roles as they age. Women who were once the stars of everything from dramas to romantic comedies suddenly find that they can only get cast as younger actresses’ mothers.

On the other hand, some stars don’t hit their prime until they become a little more mature. Find out what Marni and Mason think about getting old in Hollywood.


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Marni:  Mason, do you think it’s true what they say, that you can’t get old in Hollywood?

Mason:  I don’t know. I actually think that some of the people, comedians particularly, that I have been following have not had a lot of success until they’re, you know, almost 40 or so. But what were you thinking about?

Marni:  Well I guess I was thinking of, you know, actresses in particular who find it harder to get roles as they age and start getting wrinkles.

Mason:  I mean, I find it’s really about if you start as a young actor or actress, it is very hard to sustain your career. Like think of Haley Joel Osment, the kid from A.I. and The Sixth Sense. I think he’s kinda done. And I think there are other people who don’t find their real success until later in life. There’s an actress I like a lot named Patricia Clarkson...

Marni:  She’s great.

Mason:  ...Who gets a lot of great work and great roles now, but like didn’t really have anything major until she was in her forties or so.

Marni:  So there’s always those kind of exceptions to the rule, and then you have those classic actresses and actors like Meryl Streep and Jack Nicholson who don’t seem to have that problem, I mean they keep getting really interesting roles. So I think it’s all about, you know, the craft and about your talent, I guess.


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Marni thinks it is hard to get old in Hollywood, especially if you’re a woman. But Mason disagrees. He thinks that some actors and actresses’ careers get better as they get older. He says that this is especially true for comedians.

Mason also says that aging in Hollywood is harder for actors and actresses who became famous when they were very young. He mentions one actor who was a star as a child and now has a harder time getting good roles.

There are also some actors who are considered classic and who continue to get good roles despite their age. Marni mentions Meryl Streep and Jack Nicholson. But she thinks they are exceptions to the rule. In general, getting old in Hollywood isn’t easy.

Do you think Hollywood prefers younger actors and actresses? Is it hard to get old in your profession?



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anahid goddess

Iran, Islamic Republic Of

lets face it .Yung whitout experiment or old prefessional

11:45 AM Apr 18 2011 |




I dont think so hollywood stars, getting older, they r immortal, hahaha

05:28 PM Apr 03 2011 |




Have you ever seen a TV programe of Martha Stewart?she is getting old,yet i think she is still beautiful。I'm always  watch  her TV show,not only she is beauty,but her TVshow is also interesting….

09:43 AM Apr 03 2011 |



I can believe a part of it.beautiful faces can help them to get a good role,but it dosen’t means if they are old,they will not get a role anymore.The old always have better Performance skills .

02:30 AM Apr 03 2011 |



I agree with Marni. I think It's hard to get old in Hollywood. Beauty and youth are still  requirements to get good roles. There are exceptions, of couse. But they are a few.

03:49 PM Mar 31 2011 |



Don't like stars stuff!! famous has never ever meant talented or beautiful or whatever!! most of actors and actresses got their first role thanks to connections and business relations! I actually know that Damon Afllek got their roles thanks to Will Hunting that they actually have written and perormed themselves. Concerning age, men've got the advantage when getting aged cuz they generally play quite principal roles! As for instance, Hopkins! whatever, don't like stars anyway! cheeers 


09:30 PM Mar 30 2011 |

1 person likes this

Nicte ha

Nicte ha


Plastic ppl

09:00 PM Mar 30 2011 |




Nah, I've never given that much thought!!!  Tongue out

06:32 PM Mar 30 2011 |



Russian Federation

as for me I choose talented actresses of name over another….

06:04 PM Mar 30 2011 |



Russian Federation

hmmm…I don’t want and I can’t say anything about Hollywood… cuz it’s Hollywood and it’s very far from Russia)))
but I can tell you about my preference..
I think that ages make women wise and wrinkles can’t prejudice the success of actresses if they have a true talent…
but of course cinemotography works according to a social order… Society demands new faces of pretty sexy girls… how it would be awful but it’s so…

05:59 PM Mar 30 2011 |



United States

a woman must sustain her beauty regardless to her prefession)

03:51 PM Mar 30 2011 |




It`s  tough to get old in  tinsel city. Of course there are exceptions , but what sells best is beauty ,sex  appeal so the best roles lands with young  actors.

03:44 PM Mar 30 2011 |




i prefer yonger actor and actress

03:37 PM Mar 30 2011 |



Saudi Arabia

I tionhink hollywood prefers younger actors and actresses,its hard to get old profess,its life.

02:47 PM Mar 30 2011 |




definitely, Hollywood wants youth, but some keep going despite  their wrinkles …

robert redford, harrison ford, richard gere, etc.

in my actual work, caring about the elderly, it´s tough to get old . 

02:31 PM Mar 30 2011 |




The age is very important in Hollyood. In my job, computer's programmation, the importance of age is various. All depends of the continuous learning.

01:47 PM Mar 30 2011 |




Hollywood, I think, cares more about the money and actors or actresses are in lower grade of importance. The main factor they consider is who audiences prefer and of course audiences  appetite differ from movie to movie. Having said that, I don't want to undermine the proficiency of an actor or actress as a major factor to give a cast in a movie. 

In my profession age does not have a significant role and everything depends on the experience and the knowledge.

12:53 PM Mar 30 2011 |


Viet Nam

Nope, It is not hard to get old in my profession. However, if you too old so your health will be weaken . And it will affect your working. 

Anyhow, It is always have something hard and easy even you are young or old in Hollywood.

Only optimistic person is success not decide by the age.

10:09 AM Mar 30 2011 |




It depends on how you attract people in the first place. If people like you only because you're hot, you can't blame them when you get aged and they turn to younger and hotter actresses. The good thing is now the photoshop and makeups almost can do everything, oh don't forget mini procedures too. Just make enough money before you get too old even for these, and hide somewhere forever.

I think it's same to Daniel Radcliffe, it's weird seeing Harry Pott in any modern movies…

Anyway I have to say, we are human beings, we age, live with it.

08:09 AM Mar 30 2011 |

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