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Online Dating
Online Dating

Used To Do vs. Be Used To

Date: Jun 21 2011

Themes: Romance, Tech

Grammar: Used to Do vs Be Used to


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We’d all love to find our soul mate. But where should we start looking?

More and more people these days have been turning to the Internet for help in their search for true love. Online dating sites like Match.com allow you to create a profile and view others’ profiles (for a fee). If you see someone who’s picture and description you like, you can ask them for a chat, and eventually, a date.

In the past, couples who met online were embarrassed to admit that was how they met, because Internet dating was seen as a last resort for people searching for love. But as Jason and Amy discuss, online dating is becoming more and more popular.


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Jason:  Did you know that one in five relationships begin online these days, apparently?

Amy:  Well that doesn’t really surprise me. I mean, I know a lot of people who have tried online dating sites.

Jason:  I am always so surprised at how many people I know that have them.

Amy:  Really? It seems like that’s the number one way people meet each other these days.

Jason:  What? Really?

Amy:  Yeah, well who has time to try to just randomly meet somebody? I mean, the dating world is pretty…you know, a pretty tough place to be. Who has time for all that?

Jason:  I guess so. Did people have time for it before? Is it like we’re busier now so we need dating sites?

Amy:  I don’t know, I mean, so many things that we used to do one way we do online now. It’s just like more of our lives are kind of moving online, and I think it’s also an easy way to find people who have things in common with you.

Jason:  Isn’t there kind of a taboo about it though? Like I know some people who I know who have met online come up with a cover story, you know, and a lie about how they actually met, because they don’t want to tell people.

Amy:  It’s true. I mean, the thing is it’s just really not an exciting story. It’s so much better to be able to say, “Oh, you know, we were both scuba diving, and we saw each other across a coral reef.”

Jason:  Right! Exactly.


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Jason says that 20% of all new relationships these days begin online. More and more people are meeting their boyfriend or girlfriend through internet dating sites.

Amy isn’t surprised to hear this. She knows a lot of people who have met online, and she thinks it is a great way to meet people. She says it’s hard to meet people in other ways. Also, much of our lives occurs online. So it’s natural that the dating world would move online as well.

But Jason thinks that internet dating is still taboo. He says most people think it’s not a cool way to meet. He even knows people who met online and lie about where they met because they’re embarrassed!

Have you ever tried Internet dating? Do you think it’s a good way to meet people? Is online dating taboo in your country?



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yes,maybe online dating,but it will go in two totally different ways.one ,maybe ppl can get to know each other,cuz some ppl can only try to be theirself in mind and online,maybe someone online can get closed to her/his soul in a way.This is the better way,then they can meet in real life and maybe commitment ,and have relationship .Happing ending.

The other,maybe ppl online just want some fun, u maybe become a lier or to be lied.

so,with great wish and meet friends,i think its better ,and dating?take or turn it into real better:)

06:48 AM Dec 09 2013 |



Everything nowadays has become virtual ! I wonder if ppl in the future will be able to marry virtually and have virtual kids,,,and virtual life while just sitting at home behind a screen…well I’ve seen that in some mvies like THE MATRIX and AVATAR ,,who knows !!

10:31 PM May 17 2013 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

In my point of view it is an issue that has been created because of personal shortage.The main shortage is self-confidence.a person who is confident is gallant enough to verbalize her or his feeling to someone in real world.But imagine that a person is into that issue.Be careful as this world is visual,Friendships and Dates are visual too and You can not find Efficient Truth here.

11:37 AM May 29 2012 |




How to grow Friendship?
Pick a good Heart,
Plant in a pot of Trust,
Water with good Thoughts,
Add some emotions and Faith
Remove the misunderstand and Nourish

06:29 PM Apr 11 2012 |

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It’s dangerous though, because you don’t see a person who you’re talking too and if you see, how do you 100% sure  that this is exatly that person. Every cheat is possible. In real life, when  you talk face to face, can see the expression of the face, can feel the aura, the vibes and still some disappointment happen, let alone over the Internet, when a person can write one thing and totally mean a different one—you don’t see him/her visually.

Internet is good though that it gives more oppotunity with less cost of time and money to find people with common interests. 

12:47 PM Mar 29 2012 |

Irene Forever


Internet datings are a normal thing nowadays because people replaced their efforts to the Internet. We don’t have much time to be outside our homes and for searching for our love. So I think it’s absolutely fine to find love  via the I-net.

Still we should be careful in order not to get into a trap which can spoil our life for long. Words sound so beautifully and impress our mind strongly.

If we need serious relations, love should be tested by reality and time.

11:06 AM Mar 29 2012 |




Online dating seems common in most societies and has been well accepted in many. There is nothing wrong about online dating as long as both parties mutually agree and with no destructive agenda against each other. Several people meet their soulmate via online dating and live happily together, according to them. However, that does not apply to every case, otherwise we would not hear about sexual assualt or murder cases happened to online daters after their meetings in real life.  So, there is no 100 percent guarantee that online dating is good and safe. You can have fun with online chatting but you must be more careful if you decide to go further. It’s your one life, no one can best remind you but yourself. 

11:55 PM Oct 09 2011 |

La Princesse de la vie


well , in Egypt i think it’s not popular or common at all to make online dating

for me , i’ve got many friends on the internet , even we don’t see each other , but we are talking together and almost trusting each other.

but i don’t think that it’s a good way to meet your life partner on the internet, i think to let it happens accidently and real in our outside world away from the internet would be better.

05:40 AM Oct 08 2011 |

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I know at least 2 couples who met on line, in some social network and got married. 

I think ppl are more relaxed while communicating in the Internet, in real life they are shy.

But many ppl pretend to be somebody else who they are not. For example they have internet dates cuz they are not allowed to have them in  real life, they have reasons for that, but it’s not fair. 

09:00 PM Aug 09 2011 |




i used to think…online dating…for real ?!! sceptical…..
but somehow ,some way i joined the club…oh well …its fun…and i’m in love lol

nothing wrong with that….just enjoy it 

02:35 PM Aug 04 2011 |



I tried Internet dating before. I think it’s a good way to make friends with different people. I actually meet my husband because of facebook. I don’t think online dating is taboo in my country.

12:32 AM Jun 28 2011 |




Online dating is easier than “normal” dating since it leaves out alot of the normal factors such as face to face talk that causes many people to get confused or embaressed but online its usually faceless or webcam which isint really the same.I think online dating might get more popular in the future but i guess i wouldnt depend on it either way.

11:14 PM Jun 27 2011 |




Online Dating is juz one from many other ways 2 find your soul mate.

01:35 PM Jun 27 2011 |

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El Salvador

i certainly agree that online dating has become one of the most useful ways to find your soul mate! but you gotta be careful actually cos there are a lot of cover stories out there! I mean if somebody treats you out, you must make sure that place is not a lonely one and most important… watch your way!  Wink

05:30 PM Jun 25 2011 |



Palestinian Territory, Occupied

Hello for all  I’m very happy for this site 

03:14 PM Jun 25 2011 |




There are good and bad people both on the Internet and in the real world, I think. Anyway, when making friends, we all need to be very careful. One of my co-workers met her foreign husband on the Internet. They have been married for more than four years and happily. I don’t think online dating is taboo here in Taiwan because we have heard more and more about it through our relatives and news. But personally, I still find it a little bit embarrassing to tell my friends how my boyfriend and I met. It really sounds less exciting.Smile

05:05 PM Jun 24 2011 |

1 person likes this


Viet Nam

Well, yes now day online dating become more and more popular. It is not taboo for dating online in my country.So it will be surpirsed if online dating is not common in the USA. In the begining the online couples may come with the cover story. But when they decide to know each other they will tell them the true. So don’t worry abut the cover story at least in my opinion.Internet help me alot to find my soul mate.

04:02 AM Jun 24 2011 |

1 person likes this




Aha! Yes. I have been dating with friend from internet, We’re learn each other life use time around 4 year before to decide marriage. It’s a good way to meet people to find true love. Because Today in life have busy always least time to find love. But the internet has support for this.

10:25 AM Jun 23 2011 |

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Personally I don’t believe this is the best way to meet a real love, I think this is just for fun, but who knows, nothing is impossible…

06:23 PM Jun 22 2011 |



yes,i think online dating is a taboo in egypt. if some people resort to this way,they can hardly take it seriously or continue this relationship because of the the internal conflict going on deep inside them concerning the oriental customs & traditions which condemn this way. and if they finally do this,they don’t tell the people around them the truth about the way they met due to the societal and social restrictions that refuse this way.

10:44 PM Jun 21 2011 |

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