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The Zoo
The Zoo

English Adjectives

Date: Jul 08 2011

Themes: Pets

Grammar: Adjectives


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Most people will never see a lemur or hippopotamus in the wild. But anyone can see exotic animals like these at a zoo.

Zoos have all sorts of animals you can go and see. But these animals are often in cages. Some people think it’s wrong to keep these animals in captivity. But others think it’s important for people to see animals, and some zoos have very nice environments for the animals that live there.

Amy recently went to a zoo. Listen to her discuss it with Marni.



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Amy:  I just went to the zoo this weekend, Marni.

Marni:  Really?

Amy:  What, you don’t like the zoo?

Marni:  Ugh.

Amy:  Don’t you like exotic animals and getting to see things you ordinarily wouldn’t get to see, because they usually only exist in the wild?

Marni:  I appreciate exotic animals in natural habitats. The zoo, it just seems so cruel. I mean you’re just there on display. And I just don’t know, I want to see them in their natural habitat in the wild, not domesticated in captivity.

Amy:  OK, but I think at the zoo, for one thing, you can have a much more personal experience with the animals. And also there are some animals who wouldn’t survive if, you know, if their species wasn’t kept alive in zoos. I mean, animals that have been hunted or poached. The zoo is the only way to keep them going.

Marni:  Well, you know, I know that some zoos do do a good job. I just, I feel like I’ve been to the zoo too many times where they’re not kept up well, and the animals are just depressed and they’re exhibiting behaviors that are not natural to them. It just can be really depressing. So I know it’s a good opportunity for some people to go and see animals that they wouldn’t normally get to see, and I believe that it’s educational, so I like that aspect. But ultimately, it’s hard for me not to find them depressing.

Amy:  I understand.


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Amy recently went to the zoo. She enjoys seeing all the exotic animals and getting to be close to them. But Marni thinks the zoo is depressing. She feels bad for all the animals who are being held in captivity instead of enjoying the freedom of their natural habitat.

Amy disagrees with Marni. She thinks that zoos aren’t depressing, because in some cases they help keep endangered species going. Some animals that are hunted in the wild find protection in zoos. Marni admits that zoos can be educational, but they still make her feel sad.

Do you like visiting the zoo, or do you think it’s depressing to see animals in captivity? What is your favorite zoo animal?



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i love zoo because i like rabbits,horses,fishs,etc… i love animalsLaughing

09:52 AM Oct 06 2012 |




if the poach would not kill animal, the world would be beautiful.

the animal was so cute. im so appreciate to the zoo that it likes natural habitat.

10:34 AM May 09 2012 |




i was a kid wen i first saw animal in zoo … and i was so happy to see them ….

the animal which i was supprise to see was hippopotamus …......i just think i was so suprise to see it ….what a wide mouth …. and we were feeding him ….

what a experience it was …..................still feels lets be kid and want my parents to take me to zoo again …...but i feel bad to see animals in zoo . its like restricting their freedom …..........

04:32 PM Feb 22 2012 |




if i want to go to zoo …i watch my self in mirror ….and 

then i feel happy …..lets not waste time on 

zoo ….... hahhahhh 

04:28 PM Feb 22 2012 |

Tristan Mokhsva


Zoo, a place where my parents took me, is the funniest place. For me, this world will be nothing without it. Why? Because we don’t have to round the world to see exotic animals,,,just go to the zoo. Hehehe…

08:21 AM Aug 11 2011 |



Viet Nam

<Haha, the word ’’ The Zoo’’ remind me about nickname of my class in junior school ^^>

Well, in my opinion, Zoos protects animal from being hunting and extincting. But I prefer open zoo. Because it’s near about natural habitats, the animal can be grow up more naturally

03:29 AM Aug 11 2011 |



i would like to see zoo because there many animal.i can see all the animals easily there. But i think it’s very depressing because there all the animal are in captivity.
But, it’s also the save place for animal.

03:13 AM Aug 11 2011 |

Rosana Elias


Well, I think zoos are like prisons although, the animals are treated well there. A zoo staff is composed by vets and biologists whose work is to take care of them. So, it’s not that deppresing. I think a circus , for example , is cruller than a zoo.

11:54 PM Aug 10 2011 |



I think that the zoo is a goog place. It is the only one place we can see exotic animals and to be near them. People cannot stay near those animals in the wild because they are very dangerous. However, animals have right to live freely in their favourite place the wild.

05:22 PM Jul 26 2011 |



Saudi Arabia

I don’t like visiting the zoo, ok I see exotic animals but I didn’t get any benefit 

they are in cages, I can’t touch them or even see them happy, i hate seeing the animal walking in small place and ppl come and throw their foods ,, 

i really wish there is nothing named zoo ..

and instead of it .. make videos for each kind of these animals in the wild instead of making them sad to make us happy !


10:44 PM Jul 19 2011 |




lets we say, how many zoo we have around the world, I don’t know exactly, but let guess 10000, if we keep one monkey in any zoo, it would be 10000 monkeys its so simple,

that is why I am asking, let animals free. 


06:20 PM Jul 18 2011 |




Zoos are good way of giving people an opportunity to see exotic animals that we cannot see anywhere but in the wild. It is also a good place to keep those endangered species that are about to disappear. On the other side, I hate seeing animals being jailed. I mean in zoos they aren’t free and don’t have enough space to walk, it’s different compare to natural habitat.

12:56 PM Jul 14 2011 |



In my opinion, the zoo is a good way to save animals from hunting and and also a good way to see some exotic animals that you cannot see everyday, everywhere, everytime. But consequently some of them are living in inappropriate cages which are small or dirty.

I like the zoo, but I also like to see happy animals!

06:42 AM Jul 12 2011 |


Viet Nam

Human is thinking as they are master of the earth. They can decide the life of animals.

I belive, animals also have right to live in this planet. Human no right to poach animals and plants they are killing themself.

Weak up, and live friendly with animals, share with them.

04:04 AM Jul 12 2011 |




zoo is just acceptable, but for circus, oh it kills me

02:46 AM Jul 12 2011 |




Yes, I do . I think the  zoo is  a good way to protect them from the extenction but at the same time It limits thier freedom in a cages so the can’t live as the wild animals :) my favorite zoo is the lions and tigers  :) 

07:18 PM Jul 11 2011 |




the last time that I visited the zoo, I saw just few animals because they were sleeping and we can’t wake them. huahuahahaha

too bad!!!! but I also think that is a depressing place, I would like to see them in a safari, because there I will see them free and happy, I don’t know, maybe the zoo animals feel happy too, because they are famous, everyone like to go there to see them!!!

12:36 PM Jul 11 2011 |



United Arab Emirates

yes I like to visit the zoo because I see alot of animals that I don’t see it before but sometime I feel depressed when I see the staff who responsiable for the zoo they didn’t treat the animals  well and give them enough food .

10:39 PM Jul 10 2011 |



I love zoos. You can close experience with are exotic animals. I think in the zoo, animals are well treaties.  

08:00 PM Jul 10 2011 |



I agree that zoo keep many endanger species exist and away from hunting.

07:32 PM Jul 10 2011 |

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