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Learn about Count and Noncount Nouns

Date: Jul 27 2012

Grammar: Count and Noncount Nouns


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The clothes you wear say something about the kind of person you are. But what about the way you furnish your house? Furniture can say a lot about a person, too. Unfortunately, furniture is expensive. What your furniture might be saying about you is, “Please give me some money.”

Luckily for young people trying to furnish their first home, there are some ways to get deals on furniture. You can look for great retro pieces at vintage shops, or you can try IKEA as long as you don’t mind putting your own couch together from a hundred tiny pieces. Hear Amy and Mason talk about how they like to furnish their spaces.


幸运的是,对于尝试装饰自己的首个房子的年轻人而言,可以通过多种方式以优惠的价格获得非常好的家具。你可以在古董商店寻找上好的古董器件,或者只要不介意沙发是由众多小块拼制而成的,你还可以尝试宜家 (Ikea) 家居的产品。听听艾米和梅森谈论他们如何布置他们的空间。


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Mason:  I’m at that weird place where, you know, I bought a house, but I still have largely inherited all of the furniture that I own.

Amy:  Right.

Mason:  So, you know, at some point, I own my space, so I look around and I fantasize about, like, what could it be, what would I want to do with it.

Amy:  I know.

Mason:  Are you in that spot too?

Amy:  Totally. And I have a house that is kind of too big for me, and so we just don’t have enough furniture. And it’s really expensive to buy furniture. That’s the thing, it’s like, you can go to IKEA, I guess, but even at IKEA a lot of the stuff seems kind of out of my price range and it’s not good.

Mason:  No, it’s totally not as cheap as you think it is.

Amy:  I know. It’s hard to furnish a house. But great furniture makes you happy on a regular basis.

Mason:  Oh? Is that like a feng shui kind of thing?

Amy:  Yeah, I mean, I guess it depends on the person, but I’m pretty sensitive to my environment, and so, you know, there are a couple things in my house that, when I look at them, I just feel happy. Like I have this orange chair that’s this vintage chair that, you know, just makes me feel great every time I look at it. And then I have the broken futon that makes me unhappy every time I look at it.


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Mason and Amy both own their houses. But neither of them is satisfied with the furniture they have. Mason has mostly second-hand furniture that got passed on to him by other people. Amy doesn’t have enough furniture to fill her space.

Furniture is expensive, and neither Amy nor Mason knows where to go for chic, affordable furniture. IKEA is a cheaper option than some, but it is often still too expensive for Mason and Amy.

Furniture is important to Amy. She cares about what her space looks like, and having an attractive space puts her in a more positive mood. Broken, unattractive furniture, on the other hand, puts her in a negative mood.

Do you have a favorite piece of furniture in your home? Where do you go to get good deals on furniture?



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Russian Federation

Some furniture in our living room was spoiled by our cat. He was scratching it at nights when nobody could stop him. Then I started to close a door to prevent him  from going there, and he spoiled the door too.

08:16 PM Nov 15 2014 |



Viet Nam

This is a very interesting lesson.

07:32 AM Aug 21 2014 |



Very good lesson. I wish though there was a bit more material/exercises on grammar .

But overall is excellent, great help for teachers as well.

thank you

09:45 AM Mar 28 2013 |



Furniture, in my opinion, is like a piece of art. First of all, someone must appreciate it even before make use of it that’s why furnishing a place is likely to be expensive.

03:53 PM Jul 29 2012 |



Furniture, in my opinion, is like a piece of art. First of all, someone must appreciate it even before make use of it that’s why furnishing a place is likely to be expensive.

03:53 PM Jul 29 2012 |




It’s amazing thank you very much

10:47 AM Jul 29 2012 |



United Kingdom

I don’t know because I don’t have my house yet. but I can imagin how difficult to furnish my first house. I’d have spent a great amount of money to buy the house and My salary is not enough to be able to buy new furniture. I’m likely to buy second handed furniture or DIY products.

07:50 AM Jul 29 2012 |

ma qianqian


i am dreaming of my own house , it is too expensive for me to buy a house.if i have my own house,i think i would think very carefully to funish it, i like living in fresh and comfortable room

07:25 AM Jul 29 2012 |




I always approach to this matter very seriously…and try to buy furniture without looking at a price label, most of all it has to be nice and as it was mantioned, it has to make you happy whenever you look at it at your environment

06:46 AM Jul 29 2012 |



United Arab Emirates

actually the topic is great and i feel bad mood about my furniture because it is old and i am thinking to build a new house so in that time i will tell mason and amy where exactly they can go to buy a good quality and suitable prices

04:47 AM Jul 29 2012 |



I prefer a simple life style, in my mind, if you have all you need at the same time nothing of them can be  deduct, then it’s perfect.

04:37 AM Jul 29 2012 |

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Hi my name is Merabel.can
well be firend here is my email address
(merabelphilip@yah/oo.i/n) I will
be waiting for your email.

04:22 AM Jul 29 2012 |



Hi my name is Merabel.can
well be firend here is my email address
() I will
be waiting for your email.

04:20 AM Jul 29 2012 |

Sami Aswad

Sami Aswad


just like Amy I’m pretty sensitive to my environment ,thanks god I’ve furnished my own room in avery nice way it really makes me happy ,it is my best place :)

11:42 PM Jul 28 2012 |


Serbia and Montenegro

Shiry, feng shui is a book in which you can find useful information about how to decorate and arrande furniture in your house and rooms. It’s kind of guide and talk about where is the right or wrong position for each furniture. It’s really useful..My mother has read that book and re-arrange every room in our house.xD

Btw, my favourite piece of furniture is my chaise in shape of high heels shoes…it’s really comfortable and i enjoy sitting on it.

01:23 PM Jul 28 2012 |




My favorite piece of furniture is my bookshelf that was made of mahogany ,I got it from my grandfather.I think i can’t afford it if i buy it now.

Most of times i went to IKEA .I like the environment here.

12:58 AM Jul 28 2012 |

1 person likes this



At the moment, I don’t have a favorite fourniture in my home. Although I love my bed, not only sleep in it, but I love its style, too. It is  attrative, moreoever my bed comes from IKEA

I’m a dreamer and I agree with Amy, because I love be in an ambiance, the furniture in the room can creates an atmosphere. And then, after a hard day, it is always attractive of relax in positive mood.  

I think, sometimes, decorate our space, it’s express our state of mine.

(Sorry for mistakes :s)

10:00 PM Jul 27 2012 |




I live in asmall village as u know ,& we live in asimplicity way.my house is very simple too,but I love my bedrooms furniture alot.

09:52 PM Jul 27 2012 |



Furniture is a great utility of our life, it makes our house a home. i ll talk about a room of my house, i set it with a different kind of furniture called cane furniture. very nice form of furniture made by the thin and sharp peels of bamboos by molding them in diffrent formations. bamboo truncks are used to form structures of the furniture. i used a window blind again of thin bamboo sticks at a large window in the room. i think this type of furniture has made my room different and very cool and yes close to nature.

08:52 PM Jul 27 2012 |



Saudi Arabia


Nice Lesson , MashaAllah =)

Well, I like my room , I think it’s my favourite piece of furniture .

And it doesn’t matter if it’s so chic , if it’s comfortable with affordable prices then , it’s enough =)

There’s a sentence I didn’t get it enough !

It’s : Is that like a feng shui kind of thing?

I wanna know what does it mean , and when I should say it ?

‘cause I liked it , it sounds Awesome ! Tongue out

If anyone can tell me ! please do .

Thanks ..


07:14 PM Jul 27 2012 |

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