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renaissance man

renaissance man

Date: Sep 01 2011

Themes: Hobbies


1. Quote - Listen to the quote and guess what the slang means.

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“He’s a really good time. He’s a real renaissance man and a great teammate.”

- Actress Emma Stone talking about Ryan Gosling, her co-star in the new film Crazy, Stupid, Love. (Us Weekly)

—女演员艾玛·斯通 (Emma Stone) 谈论她在新片《疯狂愚蠢的爱》(Crazy, Stupid, Love) 中的搭档瑞恩·高斯林 (Ryan Gosling)。(《美国周刊》)


1. Definition - Study the definition.

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someone with many talents, interests and abilities

2. Use - Learn how the slang is used.

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The actor Ryan Gosling isn’t known for dressing up like someone from the 16th century. So why does Emma Stone, his co-star in the new movie Crazy, Stupid, Love, describe him as a renaissance man?

The expression renaissance man describes a person with many different interests and abilities. He may not be an expert at all of the things he is interested in, but he knows a little about many things and loves to study and explore. A renaissance man is usually especially interested in subjects like art, history, and literature. He reads a lot and can have conversations about many different subjects.

Renaissance means “rebirth.” In the history of Western culture, the Renaissance was a time of renewed interest in classical art and literature. It was also a time when much new knowledge was developed and artistic achievements were made. There are many famous writers, painters, and thinkers from the Renaissance era.

One of the most famous painters of the Renaissance is Leonardo da Vinci. He is known as a renaissance man because he was not only a painter, but also a scientist and engineer. He was talented in many different areas.

So it is a big compliment when Emma Stone calls Ryan Gosling a renaissance man. So far he’s only famous for being an actor, but who knows, maybe one day he’ll be known as a Leonardo da Vinci of the 21st century.
Do you know anyone who is a renaissance man? What are your talents and interests?


1. Examples - Hear some example sentences.

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“Dan is a total renaissance man. He paints, writes poetry, plays tennis and studies history in his spare time.”

“I would like to be a renaissance man. I just don’t have the time!”

“Cathy would like to meet a renaissance man with whom she could have lots of fascinating conversations.”


1. Winners - See who guessed the slang definition correctly.

Ahshan a man who can do many kinds of things,a man who has a lot of skills .
by Ahshan
Bojana someone who is skilled in many disciplines, both art and science
by Bojana
I think a man of any period who has a broad range of intellectual interests
by Elena Tricheva
smilymu I think its mean outstandingly versatile, well-rounded person.or someone who is good at everything ..
by smilymu
someone who is very knowledgeable; jack of all trades
by Bitten by an Arab bug
Talia Do A person with many talents or interests, especially in the humanities.
by Talia Do
 julito accomplished in the area of art an science
by julito

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ok..i understand it ^^

04:37 AM Mar 05 2012 |




Someone very intelligent and with a lot of skills.

But I have to say that I would like hear things as reinaissance woman.


08:04 PM Sep 02 2011 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

thanks.i have been learn more things here.

02:02 PM Sep 02 2011 |




Thank you Semiliranda, I will have a look. :)

03:44 AM Sep 02 2011 |



Yes, I know someone who is a renaissance man: me! :) I’m a writer, a poet, a musician, a singer and a photographer. I’m also an astrologer and a tarot-reader. I love history – especially medieval history – history of art, philosophy, theology, psicology and sacred sciences, just like Leonardo. I speak English, French, Spanish, German, Latin and Italian, which is my native language. So I guess you’re standing in front of a living myth! lol

07:35 PM Sep 01 2011 |




I  know a renaissance lady who lives some where in some nice place …but not a renaissence man…

02:59 PM Sep 01 2011 |



Saudi Arabia

In response to the aforementioned question,, I hope to be a renaissance man coz I spare no effort to make something new and creative   .  I have some talents so I m interested in music and arts in addition I work as a journalist ,, I can ply some musical instruments , writing stories and reports , a lot of interests in cultural field . Consequently, I think ill be a renaissance man a well-known one I guess.  

01:46 PM Sep 01 2011 |





01:26 PM Sep 01 2011 |


Russian Federation

Hi Yini! If you are interested in Baroque music, I would dare to recommend you Dutch Internet radio station “Baroque around the calock”. I like it.

12:28 PM Sep 01 2011 |



i am indian 

12:26 PM Sep 01 2011 |



hai i am fine  how are you?

 i am to many many with you

12:25 PM Sep 01 2011 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

a man who has many talents in all area, especially in the science, education, culture.

11:37 AM Sep 01 2011 |




Oh, I am interested in many traditional or classcial culture, include renaissance, Baroque and Rococo :) I like costume and songs of that period very much, the favorite song OF them which I like is [Lucia Di Lammermoor]

04:01 AM Sep 01 2011 |

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