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The Smurfs
The Smurfs

Learn Adjectives

Date: Sep 09 2011

Themes: Family

Grammar: Adjectives


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Hidden deep in a forest is a family of tiny blue people three apples high called the Smurfs. They live in mushrooms and like to sing. Most Americans learned about them in very popular cartoon show in the ‘80s, but Smurfs first appeared in a Belgian comic in the ‘50s.

Recently, a small group of Smurfs accidentally traveled to New York. This is the subject of a new 3D movie. The group of Smurfs is actually quite diverse. There’s a Scottish Smurf, a Mexican Smurf, and Smurfette, the only female Smurf, who is played by Katy Perry. The Smurfs visit a young family who comes to learn how much like the Smurfs’ village our world really is.

Listen to Jason and Amy talk about how a movie this fun only comes along once in a blue moon.

在森林深处隐藏着一个蓝色小矮人之家,他们只有三个苹果那么高,他们被叫做蓝精灵。他们住在蘑菇做成的屋子里并且喜欢唱歌。多数美国人在上世纪 80 年代非常著名的卡通节目里认识了他们,但是蓝精灵第一次露面是在上世纪 50 年代的比利时连环画中。
最近,一小群蓝精灵突然来到了纽约——这是这部新版 3D 电影的主题。实际上,这群蓝精灵各不相同。他们是苏格兰蓝精灵、墨西哥蓝精灵和由凯蒂·佩里 (Katy Perry) 扮演的唯一一位女性角色蓝妹妹。蓝精灵们造访了一个年轻家庭,这个家庭是来研究在我们的世界有多少个这样的蓝精灵乡村的。


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Jason:  One of my favorite actors is finally in a full-length movie.

Amy:  Which one?

Jason:  Neil Patrick Harris.

Amy:  Yeah. He’s great.

Jason:  I love him in How I Met Your Mother.

Amy:  He’s so funny.

Jason:  Oh, man. He makes that show, he really does. He did a cameo in Harold & Kumar, but…

Amy:  Right. He was funny in that, too.

Jason:  But it was great to finally see him in a leading role...

Amy:  In The Smurfs!

Jason:  Yeah, surrounded by little blue creatures.

Amy:  Oh my gosh, how cute are the Smurfs? I loved them as a kid and I’m pretty delighted by the fact that they’ve made this new movie about them.

Jason:  Yeah, they look so good too. I mean they just look so cuddly and real. You just want them to arrive at your house as well, you know?

Amy:  Totally. I love just how sort of whimsical the whole idea is. But is there like an edge to the movie? I haven’t seen it.

Jason:  A little bit of an edge. You can’t have Neil Patrick Harris and not have that, but it’s definitely a kids’ movie. My favorite thing is that the word “smurf” can kind of mean anything and that’s the source of a lot of humor. It’s a verb. It’s a noun. You can just put it in, like, “I smurfed this lesson!” It can just mean anything at any time.

Amy:  That’s fun. It is kind of a fun word. So much about the Smurfs is just silly and fun.


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Jason loved The Smurfs because it stars one of his favorite actors, Neil Patrick Harris. He plays one of the few characters in the film who is not a Smurf, and it’s his first major role in a movie since Starship Troopers in 1997!

Amy likes Neil Patrick Harris too and grew up watching the Smurfs on TV. She asks Jason if the movie has an edge. She wants to know if there is anything cool and exciting for adults to enjoy in the movie.

The word “smurf” is Jason’s favorite part. It can be used in place of almost any other word. Smurf it out!

Did you like the Smurfs as a kid? What is the most magical thing that has ever happened to you?



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Neil Patrick Harris is one of my favourite actors too. He was totally AWESOME in How I Met Your Mother. 

07:18 AM May 30 2015 |




OMG It is great film!

03:30 PM Oct 18 2011 |



I love The Smurfs much but I think, its film version was bad. 

08:11 PM Oct 16 2011 |




No magical things?? OMG, life IS a magic..

04:11 PM Oct 16 2011 |

bob sponge


I like smurfs they were really cute

08:15 AM Sep 26 2011 |



Russian Federation

i love smurfsTongue out

04:24 PM Sep 12 2011 |




yes, i love old cartoons. These cartoons nowadays are bad i think. Kids won’t learn so much from them and it’s a shame. 

01:17 PM Sep 12 2011 |



Saudi Arabia

Of course I used to watch them very often, they were very exciting .in general , I think there are many differences between the old cartoons and nowadays or modern cartoons even if there is a astonishing progress in terms of characters , production and direction but I still prefer the old ones I don’t now maybe because they remind me of the childhood .

11:41 PM Sep 11 2011 |



The Smurfs, I really loved them as a kid,they are really different from other cartoon characters I used to see.They also make me remeber the blue  sweet jelly my mom always make for me.

08:56 PM Sep 11 2011 |




ohhhhh…........ so sweet. well said

07:06 PM Sep 11 2011 |




um… we always like cartoons as kids and even now I love them. The Smurfs , they look so pretty blue and beautiful and imaginary [ I love it ].

I also love small things or I can say ’’tiny things’’ and they are so cute. When I was a kid, my big wish was to be tiny and fit into my dolls house and to have everything tiny and now look at those blue angels…. ohhhh. MEMORIES…!!

07:02 PM Sep 11 2011 |



how it work?

04:54 PM Sep 11 2011 |



When I was a child, I also watched the Smurfs. At the end of every part of the cartoon, a man said if you will be a good kid, one day you can see the Smurfs. This sound affected me so much.

02:38 PM Sep 11 2011 |

i love life

Palestinian Territory, Occupied

for me i like to watch any moves to makes me happy when i was achild i was to prefere it but now i guess the time is not suitable we become youngers

11:12 AM Sep 11 2011 |




I liked the Smurfs when I was young,but now I’m not wild about it anymore.

I did enjoy watching Teletubbies.And now I still love it.Oh,In the Night Garden is also great,isn’t it?Go and watch this program with your children and you’ll have fun!

04:03 AM Sep 11 2011 |




I liked the smurfs when I was a child  and still like them 

07:22 PM Sep 10 2011 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Always the “SMURF” animation is interesting and memorable

07:07 PM Sep 10 2011 |

Remo evol


When i was child i loved watching the smurfs but now i don’t

11:01 AM Sep 10 2011 |



United States

Amy,jason anddd ME: Laughing


05:41 AM Sep 10 2011 |



Syrian Arab Republic

i watched the 3D film smurfs ,but i like the cartoon series more than the film,i dont think that something magical happened to me,but i hope in futureWink

10:56 PM Sep 09 2011 |

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