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How to Use Modal Verbs

Date: Nov 02 2011

Grammar: Modal Verbs


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Ryan Gosling seems to be the new It guy. He’s been in a ton of movies lately (most recently, Crazy Stupid Love), and they’ve all been getting rave reviews. It probably doesn’t hurt that he’s nice to look at.

Even Mason has fallen for Gosling. He recently saw Gosling’s newest movie, Drive, about a Hollywood stunt man who leads a secret life as a criminal. Hear Mason and Marni talk about the movie, and about their own alter egos.

瑞恩·高斯林 (Ryan Gosling) 看来是当红新人。但他最近参与了大量影片的拍摄(最新影片是《疯狂愚蠢的爱》),而它们全部获得大力肯定。他长得好看可能也不是坏事。


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Mason:  I just saw this really interesting movie called Drive.

Marni:  Oh, does it star Ryan Gosling?

Mason:  Yeah. So first of all, he’s great. You can watch him in anything. But this was a really weird film, and kind of something different for him. So he plays this driver who doesn’t have a name, he’s just…in the whole film, he’s just The Driver.

Marni:  The Driver. OK.

Mason:  And he’s a mechanic, and he does some stunt driving for Hollywood, but he’s also, like, you can hire him to be your getaway driver.

Marni:  Oh.

Mason:  But, you know, it raises some interesting questions about, like, is this guy a good guy or a bad guy? He moonlights doing this one thing, and he tries to be a respectable person doing this other thing.

Marni:  So he has a sort of dual nature, he has an alter ego.

Mason:  He’s got a secret life.

Marni:  Secret life, OK.

Mason:  He’s kinda like Batman, but without the cape.

Marni:  So have you ever had a secret life?

Mason:  In my 20s I felt like I was moonlighting plenty. I’d party hard at night and then go to work in the morning. But I certainly wasn’t doing anything overtly illegal.

Marni:  That is good.


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Drive is a new movie starring Ryan Gosling. It is about a Hollywood stunt man who leads a secret life as a getaway car driver. He tries to be a good person, but he moonlights as a criminal.

Mason saw Drive and found it very interesting. He thinks Ryan Gosling is a good actor. He also enjoyed the premise about a guy with a secret, criminal life who is trying to be a better person.

Marni asks Mason if he has ever had a secret life. Mason says he felt like he had a secret life when he was a little bit younger. He would stay out partying all night, and then have to act like a respectable professional at work the next day. But he’s never had a secret life as a criminal.

Have you ever had a secret life? Do you like to drive?



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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

ow i watched the DRIVE  movie. Ryan is aslo a handsome nd good actor i have seen his movies like  DRIVE NOTE BOok.BEYOND THE PINES and ….

04:53 PM Jun 30 2014 |




07:29 AM Jan 24 2012 |


United States

it sounds like a good movie. I look forward to watch it

10:11 PM Dec 18 2011 |

1 person likes this



I’m an easy person.

i don’t have any secret. My life is an open book,

when i was younger i had some affairs and my dad could’nt to know about it. then i believe that at least for my dad i had a secret life (lol)

01:07 PM Nov 07 2011 |



I have never seen the movie ’ drive’ but seems like good . but turn the first question; yes ı have a secret life; my family,  my univercity life like a respectable but out of these life I do that what I want to do and nobody knows this other life; I think I’m the professional lifer .))

05:43 PM Nov 06 2011 |



Russian Federation

I guess I have. Some parts of my life are secret for some other people. But nothing criminal))

02:53 PM Nov 06 2011 |

kinjal gadhavi


i like driving during rain….......

02:53 PM Nov 06 2011 |

1 person likes this

La Princesse de la vie


secret life !

I never had a secret life and I don’t think I like to have .

to have a dual character is not good at all .. you make people not to trust you .

but it won’t be bad if the two sides were brightWink

 for driving , actually i don’t know driving , but of course I like to learn .. but to use it for my own life , not to be the getaway driver  , like that actor Smile

10:37 AM Nov 06 2011 |




ha~Tongue out

01:13 AM Nov 06 2011 |




I bet everyone has a skeleton in the closet, so have I and yeah…I like to drive.

02:29 PM Nov 04 2011 |



I always open to everyone for some reason.. Don’t talk about drive please… I don’t have a car.. (T.T)

01:15 PM Nov 03 2011 |

Maria del Alba


I’ve never had a secret life but I sometimes think I have an alter ego because I often change my mood and I am easily influenced by the circumstances.

10:25 AM Nov 03 2011 |


United States



09:51 AM Nov 03 2011 |


United States

have you ever love somebody? if somebody love you love him but the girl is  different thing if the girl love you love her and make with her friendship and married her

09:49 AM Nov 03 2011 |

1 person likes this


United States

ok so you want a drive    licence     you can have i you dont scared from the car or the rideCool

09:40 AM Nov 03 2011 |

1 person likes this


United States

hi i love america and when i will be i big man i will travel to america and i will live on there and i will married too but there is one problem i cant speak english very much!! but if somebody help me and teaches me i will learn english please any one help me to learn english.Cry

09:21 AM Nov 03 2011 |

1 person likes this

i love life

Palestinian Territory, Occupied

 we have always a secret life but not in all thing some sides

a good question to all how we can distinguish special life about normal life

 i dont know what this topic means for us i really dont find a useful words

i prefer secret life more than any thing i appreciate of the tranquility

some time i spend a lot of the time alone if i want to see my friends i am talking to them rarely i go to out my home

i dont know what others like secret life or normal life

11:27 PM Nov 02 2011 |

1 person likes this




Have you ever had a secret life???

Good question a person can ask.. though rare those who will answer you back because it is a secret. so, it’s always hidden.

11:04 PM Nov 02 2011 |




I’ve seen it and i’ve liked it. :))) Tihs isn’t the best movie ever, but kinda cool. And I really like R. G. (not just because of his appearance) he is a great actor.

09:12 PM Nov 02 2011 |




I haven’t seen this movie and I don’t know who’s Ryan :P To be honest he’s not my type of guy so I’m not goin to watch the movie ;] I prefer horrors or thrillers :] I have no driver license so I don’t know how is to drive a car ;] but it must be fun! Secret life? I always talk too much so it wouldn’t be possible for me to have a secret life ;]


08:53 PM Nov 02 2011 |

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